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Young Justice 5: Daddy Issues

NOTE: I wrote this a long time ago, but never got the chance of publishing it. Regardless, here it is and I will try my best to finish the series.

Superboy tries to bond with Superman, only to be rejected by the latter. While dealing with that, the Team has to do an escort mission. Can Superboy set his issues aside so that the mission can go well? Continue reading Young Justice 5: Daddy Issues


Young Justice S01E01: Today is the Day

Heroes and their- Don't call them sidekicks!
Heroes and their- Don’t call them sidekicks!

3 years later and I’m reviewin’ the first episode. And it’s just weeks after the show hit its season finale, so I’ve decided to review it anyways. You know how I love this series so much, and hopefully even though it’s ended for now, I hope that Teen Titans Go! sucked ass and cause DC to renew this series for a season 3. Well, moving on to the review!

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