Young Justice 5: Daddy Issues

NOTE: I wrote this a long time ago, but never got the chance of publishing it. Regardless, here it is and I will try my best to finish the series.

Superboy tries to bond with Superman, only to be rejected by the latter. While dealing with that, the Team has to do an escort mission. Can Superboy set his issues aside so that the mission can go well?

YJ 5 (1)

The first thing I had in mind when this episode started is what is Superboy doing in Metropolis? He was there alone, and apparently used the the Zeta tubes to teleport, but what was he doing there? Maybe trying to get Superman’s attention?

Speaking of Superman, I actually quite liked his design here. They way they portrayed him as being muscular is really realistic as in, not cartoonish style of muscular. Also, I know that Nolan North is Nolan North, but I have to praise him for doing a good job in voicing Superman. Not only that, he managed to create a barrier between Superman & Superboy, and the two really sounded different. Superman’s more of an easy-going but a disciplined boy scout, while Superboy is a short-tempered teenager.

I love the interaction between the two Kryptonians. Superboy may be angry and unsociable, but when he talked to Superman, he used a different tone and it really looks like he’s begging Superman to teach him about being Superman. As for Superman, while it’s clear that he’s disgusted at looking at his clone, at least he maintained a calm demeanor. When the situation calls, Superman quickly leaves because he’s so uncomfortable with Superboy. However, Bruce Wayne watches them from afar, and decided to talk to Superman about Superboy.

YJ 5 (2)

At Mount Justice, the Team are introduced to another of their teacher: Black Canary who will teach them hand-to-hand combat. It’s actually great that they’re utilizing Canary here since she’s one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the DC Universe, and having her as a recurring role expands her popularity. That being said Superboy thinks that the idea of having a combat instructor is stupid, because Aqualad & Robin already know how to fight, and Superboy is obviously strong that he didn’t need to rely on tactics, just smash shit up with his strength. The only ones who really needed training are Miss Martian and Kid Flash, although the latter has his own fighting style which is ramming and somersaulting opponents.

But, even if you are strong or have your own style, it’s always good to learn different forms of fighting. That’s why Batman is Batman. Besides, if would it be cool to see and guy with superhuman strength utilizing martial arts? It shows that the user is somewhat humble and not rely blindly on his greatest asset. Still, Superboy declines training, although Canary thinks he’s just not ready.

Batman gave the team a new mission involving a bunch of convoys that one of them has parts of Amazo, who is the MoTW. Now, I really, really like Batman’s plan here. Just when sending superheroes to guard the convoy wasn’t enough, he had to use three other convoys and four of them will be split to two different ways so that the enemy won’t know which convoy has Amazo! It was a truly brilliant plan.

YJ 5 (3)

However, Professor Ivo knew this was coming, as he sends his MONQIs to hijack both convoys. Time for some action scenes. There’s not much to say but since this is one of the few of my reviews that are animated, I would like to say I love the animation of this show, especially the action sequences. The frame rate is quick and smooth, it really looks satisfying. Well, apparently these are the same studio that animated Avatar: The Last Airbender so yeah.

Superboy, who’s obviously angrier than usual because of Superman, gets even angrier since his opponents are robotic monkeys. This is the first time Superboy says his famous line “I hate monkeys!”. And since he’s pretty much activated his rage mode, he went after those MONQIs after they stole Amazo’s parts.

YJ 5 (4)

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne meets up with Clark Kent to discuss about Superboy, in which the latter is seriously uncomfortable about. While it was short, I do love their interaction. I gotta admit, watching these two reminded me of Tai and Matt from Digimon 02. Heck, Young Justice itself actually reminds me of Digimon 02, with DCAU’s Justice League being Digimon 01!

Superboy meets Ivo, where he reactivated Amazo. Amazo is one of the League’s worst enemies, since he can copy every powers and abilities of the League. While copying Superman’s power is enough, I really appreciated that Amazo used other Leaguers’ powers as well, showing that just because Superman is the strongest doesn’t mean the others are useless. In fact if it were that way, Justice League wouldn’t have existed.

YJ 5 (5)

Robin and Kid Flash catch up with Superboy since Amazo was fighting him on Gotham Academy, Robin’s school. Even with their aid, Amazo proves to be a tough foe. Well, he did gave the Leaguers a hard time, even bruising Canary earlier, so what could three mere teenagers do? Simple, just because they’re kids, don’t think them acting like one.

During the fight, Robin noticed that somebody shot an arrow to Amazo. Superboy, knowing that his brute strength will not do anything, decides to change tactics by attacking Ivo instead. Since Amazo responds to Ivo’s orders, an endangered Ivo ordered Amazo to protect Ivo. Robin throws a batarang at him, which he easily evades by turning intangible. But before he can change back, Superboy punches him. As he becomes tangible again, Superboy’s fist is lodged in his head. It promptly explodes. I liked this change of tactics, and it shows that Superboy is starting to learn.

YJ 5 (6)

With Amazo destroyed and Ivo apprehended, Batman congratulates the Team. But, Robin is not happy. He showed the arrow earlier, and thinks that the League are following them, and shows that the League still don’t trusts them as a Team. But, again, Green Arrow showed that his arrow and the other arrow is not of the same design. What could this mean? Could it be that it was Speedy who was aiding the Team? Regardless, Superboy, having learnt his lesson, asks Canary to teach him more.

Overall, I do like this episode, but not because of the character focus on Superboy, but rather they showed us more of the League, particularly Superman. I really look forward to what his relationship with Superboy will evolve to. And sorry for posting this late. But with Super MegaForce is out on hiatus, I will be resuming TMNT reviews then when it hits hiatus as well, I will focus on finishing Young Justice.


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