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Tiger & Bunny the Beginning Review

For this month I’ve been tasked by Herotaku Animation Department to review two american animated movies and two anime movies. I already did one with Batman: Assault on Arkham and as for anime, I’m not really THAT big of an anime fan, but I still watch it. In particular one of the best animes I’ve watched is Tiger & Bunny, a superhero show with a really cool twist: They are heroes who worked for a TV show and has product placements all over their suits. That part was the one that got me into watching this show and boy it was totally worth it.

After the series ended, they released two movies which I will review both. The first on is called ‘Beginning’,which is not a prequel but rather a retelling of the first two episodes of the series. So, was this movie worth it? Check it out. Continue reading Tiger & Bunny the Beginning Review