Young Justice S01E01: Today is the Day

Heroes and their- Don't call them sidekicks!
Heroes and their- Don’t call them sidekicks!

3 years later and I’m reviewin’ the first episode. And it’s just weeks after the show hit its season finale, so I’ve decided to review it anyways. You know how I love this series so much, and hopefully even though it’s ended for now, I hope that Teen Titans Go! sucked ass and cause DC to renew this series for a season 3. Well, moving on to the review!

YJ 1 (1)YJ 1 (2)YJ 1 (3)YJ 1 (4)

The episode opens with four ice-themed DC Villains attacking each of their respective city, and the young heroes with their mentors are sent to deal with them rather quickly, because today’s the day. What’s wrong with the day? Is it special?

These introduction shows the personalities of our young heroes. Robin is basically a superhero kid who loves to toy his enemies around, Speedy is the impatient and no-nonsense archer, Aqualad is loyal to his King and surprisingly a very calm guy, while Kid Flash isn’t so calm as he tends to get impatient with his mentor Flash because the latter keeps chatting with everyone, and they’re always late. Turns out that the day they were talking about is the day they were supposed to be welcomed to the Hall of Justice, and gets appointed as a member of the Justice League.

First off, I wanted to praise the voice cast of this series, this is because the voice cast are one of the reasons I watched this series. We’ll start with the Young Justice. Jesse McCartney is really good at voicing Robin, as his voice shows how young the character is. Crispin Freeman did a good job on Speedy, and I think his voice are better than the ones I heard from the Digimon series. And I didn’t expect that the calm Aqualad are voiced by Khary Payton, the guy who voiced Cyborg in Teen Titans. It’s nice to see how well he portray two different characters that’s well known to each of their respective series. As for Kid Flash, I only watched Jason Spisak’s performance as Tai in Digimon Movie 4, and he really sounded different from Tai.

I have to admit, one problem that I have with Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is that the design were rather cartoony, and the fact that the characters uses the old costume doesn’t really fit in well (I would prefer the Ultimate versions instead of classic). But here, the character designs were meant to look realistic like Ben 10 Alien Force series, and the classic costumes really blends well with the art design. Of course, Batman and Robin’s costume were updated to modern-looking, to signify that their suits are high-tech, while the Flashes are just spandex.

YJ 1 (5)YJ 1 (6)YJ 1 (7)YJ 1 (8)

When the heroes and their proteges assembled at the Hall of Justice, Speedy reveals that this isn’t actually the League’s real headquarters, as theirs are the Watchtower, an orbiting satellite in space, and the fact that the League hides this from them shows that they are treating the young heroes as sidekicks. This shows us another of Speedy’s personality. He’s a very hot-blooded guy and tends to be disrespectful. Because of this, he ditched the name Speedy and left the heroes.

Before the League could explain, Superman interrupts them about a burning in a Cadmus building, and Batman says they should investigate it as well. However, Zatara comes in and reports about some villain planning to blot out the sun, causing full League response. Because Cadmus only had a small fire, the local authorities have it covered. But for these young heroes, after the League forces them to stay, they decided to investigate Cadmus, in hopes to impress the Justice League. Well, they are teenagers right? Even the formal guy like Aqualad would do something stupid because he’s young.

When they arrived, they clearly showed NO teamwork as neither of them have any experience working as a team. They usually worked as a duo with their mentor. And since the team’s comprised of sidekicks, there’s no leader, forcing them to act on their own. However, Aqualad decides to take charge, and surprisingly the others followed. The power of formality. After some hacking (In which Robin’s caricatures reminds me of Teen Titans), they discovered that the Cadmus is not a two-story building, but rather a 52-story building, with the rest 50 being underground! Not only that, they discovered that the building houses monsters!

YJ 1 (9)YJ 1 (10)YJ 1 (11)YJ 1 (12)

Meanwhile, a scientist named Desmond is mixing a chemical called Project Blockbuster, only to be interrupted by Guardian, who informed him of security breach. Desmond however did not trust that, and in order to keep Guardian in check, he uses a G-Gnome to put Guardian under control. Back to the teens, they discovered more Genomorphs and realized that Cadmus has its own electrical supply because of the Genomorphs! I gotta admit, I loved that Robin’s right glove has a computer, as well as an USB wire and port. Not to mention that the computer is purely holographic!

Before they could investigate more, Guardian arrived and questions the trio. Aqualad realized that Guardian is a hero, but why would he work in Project Cadmus? This is because the G-Gnome on his shoulder, as it’s been controlling him per Desmond’s orders. And because of the mind control, Guardian orders the offensive Genomorphs to attack the trios.

They managed to escape however, but instead of escaping Cadmus, they went further inside Cadmus! This is because they stumbled upon something interesting called Project Kr. It is then Aqualad proposes to contact the Justice League, but since they went deep enough, they should postpone it first.

YJ 1 (13)YJ 1 (14)YJ 1 (15)YJ 1 (16)

It is then the trio decided to contact the League, when they discovered that Project Kr is actually a teenage clone of Superman called Superboy! Through Robin’s computer, they gain information that Superboy is only 16 week old, and he was force fed information through three G-Gnomes. However, Desmond uses his own G-Gnome to order Superboy’s G-Gnome to wake him up, and attack the trio.

The action scenes of the episode is pretty great for an animated series. First off, they were fast-paced action, although I do have my nitpicks. Because this is a cartoon, meaning that it’s a kids show, there are some action scenes that are too violent for the kids, and they had to make that usual getting beaten up and using white flashes to show it.

As Superboy is a clone of Superman, he easily defeated Kid Flash and Robin, particularly Robin because he doesn’t have superpowers. Only Aqualad with his physique and powers were able to hold Superboy, even to the point of winning, but Superboy’s brute force allows him to retaliate, and puts Aqualad’s fate with the rest.


YJ 1 (17)YJ 1 (18)YJ 1 (19)YJ 1 (20)

When Desmond finally entered, all of the young heroes are defeated, and he commends a job well done to Superboy……….

Overall, a great start. A really great start. Sure, if you wanted to watch the episode, you have to watch the 2nd one as well, as this is a two-parter, and you know how two-parters are important, and this episode did a good job at making us wanting to watch the 2nd episode quickly.


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