Young Justice 2: Formation of the Team

Superman meets his clonyah~
Superman meets his clonyah~

Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash’s investigation towards Cadmus went horribly, as the were captured by the newly awaken Superboy! Now the young heroes not only have to save their asses, but also convince Superboy to free himself and become a hero just like Superman.

YJ 2 (1)YJ 2 (2)YJ 2 (3)YJ 2 (4)

Being the continuation of the previous episode, there’s not really much that I can say about this episode, since it’s mostly an action-packed episode. First things first, Desmond contacts mysterious figures to report them about the three young heroes’ breach into Cadmus, and they ordered Desmond to initiate Project Sidekick, basically the evil clones of our heroes.

Meanwhile, Superboy watches over our captive heroes. Because the previous episode introduced him at the end, it’s only natural if he’s the focus of the episode. Well, the first part mainly focuses on Superboy, while the latter half focuses on the entire team’s escape.

Moving on to Superboy, we learn that the reason he was created is to replace Superman should Superman ever be killed, or to destroy Superman should he gone rogue, as well as he was force fed of any knowledge on Earth, meaning that he knows everything like Wikipedia.. While Robin is silently releasing his cuffs and Kid Flash babbling all over, I love how Aqualad remained calm and gave a pep talk to Superboy. It is here that we know Superboy idolizes his source material, as Aqualad would use Superman’s name to make Superboy help them, and hey, it worked!

YJ 2 (5)YJ 2 (6)YJ 2 (7)YJ 2 (8)

During their escape, the heroes are cornered with the Genomorphs. It is here that we learned two things about Superboy, first is that he is one hell of a short-tempered guy, even more than Raphael in TMNT did. That’s surprising, considering that he’s a clone and such. It could maybe mean that he was forced grown in 16 weeks, so his emotion is unbalanced.

Another thing is that unlike Superman, Superboy lacked the powers of flight and heat vision. This mirrors the early Superboy in comics, where he only has extraordinary physical abilities but later grown to have Superman’s signature abilities as well. While I’m a DC noob, this foreshadows us that Superboy’s lack of full Kryptonian powers will be explained further throughout the series (and it did). At first, I thought that if he’s created to defeat Superman, how can he do that since Superman is far superior than him due to Superboy’s lack of full power? Well, the answer is that Superboy will never kill Superman.

During the escape Superboy heard someone communicates with him telepathically, and I jokingly thought that it was Professor X 😛 But it turns out to be Dubbilex, pronounced ‘Double X’. Dubbilex reveals that he was the one who set everything in motion, from burning the Cadmus building into aiding Superboy in his liberation, as he wanted Superboy to be free so that he will become a symbol of Genomorph’s freedom. Also, it was Dubbilex’s actions that indirectly form the team of young heroes.

YJ 2 (9)YJ 2 (10)YJ 2 (11)YJ 2 (12)

Desmond however, fearing that his superiors will get his head for the failure, takes the Blockbuster formula and transforms into well, blockbuster. Being a DC noob, when I first heard of the name of Blockbuster, I thought that his powers is to shoot popcorns and anything that’s related to cinema. But after seeing this episode, I know what exactly it means. It’s not blockbuster as in cinemas, it’s block buster, meaning that he can bust blocks. Because he can bust blocks, it would be unnatural if his powers are not super strength and invulnerability.

The fight with Blockbuster is actually pretty good. Even though the team hasn’t even officially formed and in future episodes there will be a teamup problem, they handled it pretty well thanks to Robin, who basically takes charge and orders the others to do the dirty work. Aqualad and Superboy acts as the muscle men, while Kid Flash uses his speed to crash the pillars, effectively taking the whole building down with Blockbuster. Funny thing is that Superboy said earlier that he doesn’t take orders, yet he followed one. Well, the episode demands it so what the hell.

YJ 2 (13)YJ 2 (14)YJ 2 (15)YJ 2 (16)

After the fight, Superboy finally gets to see the outside for the very first time, that is until Superman, and the whole Justice League arrived. Cadmus’ collapse attracts the League’s attention, and Batman even wanted to investigate Cadmus earlier. But the League’s most shocking revelation is that they found Superman’s clone, albeit younger! I just like the confrontation between Superboy and Superman, particularly when Superboy smiled at him but Superman grinned, only for Superboy to grin as well, due to his short tempered attitude.

After the other Leaguers takes Blockbuster, Superman confronts Superboy again, and it’s very clear that he’s not comfortable with having a clone, judging by how he wanted to finish the conversation quick and left. Batman on the other hand, is quite displeased with the three young heroes, so does Aquaman and Flash. However, in the act of teen rebellion, Aqualad insists that he and the others will do what they’ve done again.

I just liked how the four of them voiced their opinions about joining the Justice League and work as a team, even for Superboy. Because of the power of teenage rebellion, Batman finally agreed to let the young heroes be a part of Justice League, starting with having Mount Justice as their base.

YJ 2 (17)YJ 2 (18)YJ 2 (19)YJ 2 (20)

Why Mount Justice and not Watchtower as their base? This is because the young heroes are a part of the League’s expansion team, a.k.a the unofficial part of Justice League, but they still worked under the League. Huh, Justice League’s a jerk. Anyways, the young team are assigned as a covert team. This is due to they need to take out the bad guys successfully and silently due to Batman’s ways, but since the Justice League are celebrities, having them to carry out a covert mission would be dangerous, as well as chances of failing the battle against evil.

Thus this is why a covert team is needed, as they need the less popular heroes to do the secret work. The Team started with 5 members, but because the there are only four juvenile heroes, the 5th member is revealed to be Martian Manhunter’s niece, Miss Martian. The rest of the team quickly greets their new member, with Miss M starting to take an interest on Superboy, and Superboy smiled for the second time! I smell teen love…….

Meanwhile, Guardian takes charge of the new Cadmus, and because Guardian is a good guy, Cadmus will now be clean, no longer an evil group. But Desmond’s superior has something in mind………

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