Young Justice 4: Choosing the Leader

During their first official covert mission, Batman asks the team to pick the leader on their own. His protege, Robin is pretty confident that he will be the leader of the Team. However, that may be a problem.

YJ 4 (1)

The best thing about this episode  is how well they did the whole covert ops thing. It’s a great idea of having the Team having a stealth variation of their suit, although only Miss Martian, Aqualad and Kid Flash uses them, because Robin is a stealth master and Superboy wears black. And on top of that, I love well coordinated the Team works. Why not, seeing them developing teamwork in the previous episode and the time between that and this episode is 4 days, so it is possible that the Team worked on coordinating their positions and such.

And that’s another thing why I love this show to death. The timestamps. It really helps maintain the continuity between the episodes and honestly, I love seeing what time and/or date the episode takes place.

The episode opens with the Cult of the Kobra hosting a cage match to test their new power, the Kobra-Venom. Their opponent is Bane, who uses Venom. Seeing how Kobra-Venom has ‘Kobra’ added to its namesake, it’s obvious that Bane is overpowered. Yeah, Bane is overpowered. More on Bane himself, I actually liked how he only has one hose that houses the Venom, unlike in the comics where he has multiple hoses. And for a weird reason he looked smarter that way which is more fitting because Bane is smart and strong.

YJ 4 (2)

The Team was tasked to go and monitor Santa Prisca to see if it’s anything strange. Being a covert mission, the Team can only observe and report and strictly avoid anything that’s related to action. But hey, this is a superhero show, it would be weird for them to only observe and report.

The main protagonist for the episode is Robin, and this episode deals with him trying to be the leader and it’s not easy. The main problem is that he didn’t act like a leader at all. This is because a leader was supposed to give commands to his teammates and Robin didn’t do that. And because of his lack of commands, Kid Flash decided to go on his own and unfortunately was caught between the skirmish of Bane & Kobra.

Bane offers them an alliance, and you know how an alliance between hero & villain will turn up right? Bane betrays the Team by having them fight the Kobra Cult by themselves while he escapes. To be honest I don’t get why they formed an alliance with him in the first place. I mean the Team, especially Robin, would’ve known Bane and yet they allied with him for the sake of stopping the Kobra. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the Team decided to stop the Kobra from delivering the Kobra-Venom to its buyer.

YJ 4 (3)

And the buyer is Sportsmaster. His name, as it suggest, is a master of sports. I gotta admit I laughed when I first heard his name. What kind of a supervillain who’s motif is sports? He is a side-villain in this episode, which means that we will see more of him in the future and hopefully get the sense of why he is named ‘Sportsmaster’.

As for the Team, they managed to escape and this is where they decided to pick the leader. Seeing as how Robin is the one that screw things up, it’s obvious that the Team won’t pick him. Kid Flash is too easygoing, Superboy is a loner and Miss Martian is inexperienced, leaving only one man: Aqualad.

The decision of making Aqualad the leader of the Team is pure genius. Granted, Robin is the natural choice, but Batman is already the leader of the Justice League, so having Robin becoming the leader is too biased. Besides this makes the Aquaman family more famous.

Aqualad himself accepted the title, but it is temporary, because he sees Robin as the ideal leader of the Team, it’s just that Robin lacked experience. More about Robin, the reason why he didn’t give commands to his teammates is that when working with Batman, Robin is able to move on his own without orders from Batman. It’s more of like they are coordinated mentally not orally.

YJ 4 (4)

With Aqualad’s leadership, the Team managed to stop the Kobra Cult from delivering the Kobra-Venom. But before that they stopped Bane, EASILY. Seriously the great Bane falls into the hands of teenagers. Shame on you Bane, shame on you.

When they cornered Kobra, the self-proclaimed god chickens out and retreats. Wow, Kobra is a very confident guy, and yet he’s scared on mere teenagers? Shame on you.

With the whole mission is a ‘success’ Robin admits that the Team will do fine with Aqualad’s leadership. And for him, the best part about Aqualad being the leader is that Aqualad himself has to answer for the skirmish that happened on the mission!

YJ 4 (5)

However Batman scorns everyone, but in the end he commends a good job to the Team, because every mission won’t go according to plan, and how the Team reacts when the situation changes is what counts. I just love Batman’s  role as the general in this series.

Meanwhile, Sportsmaster informs about the Team to his masters (no pun intended), which is revealed to be a group called the Light. Wow, just hearing the name I already knew that these people have twisted minds and they think that they are the good guys. Which is good, because this is not your typical evil doers.


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