Young Justice 3: Fitting In

The newly formed Team is eager waiting for their new mission, only to find that they are given none. Instead, they are told to get to know each other better by Red Tornado.

YJ 3 (1)

What? Surprised that I reviewed an old show that I completely left it hanging? Well I’m bored, and while I still got to get TMNT done and weekly Super Hero Time reviews, I figured I’d do this as well. This show is worth to review episode by episode. And I still hope for season 3 even though it’s extremely wishful thinking now.

The episode opens with Robin, Aqualad & Kid Flash trying to persuade their buddy Speedy to join the Team. Speedy now has ditched the ‘apprentice’ status and now works alone, trying to be a superhero of his own, signified by him ditching the hat. He actually looks cooler that way.

To be honest, Speedy’s appearance in this episode is absolutely necessary. This shows that there’s a continuation between episodes, because 3rd episodes usually starts fresh into its own plot, put simply alienating itself from the 2-parter premiere. Anyways he declines to join the Team, mocking that it’s just a children’s thing and another way for the League to keep their sidekicks in control. Speedy here basically represents the teen rebel.

YJ 3 (2)

The next day, the group met their ‘babysitter’, Red Tornado. It’s weird yet understandable why the League puts Red Tornado as the den mother. Weird because he’s a robot, but understandable because he is a robot and he has no problems in keeping them in control and plus, he doesn’t have an alter ego or personal life. Most Leaguers have their own private times and so does the Team, but Red Tornado’s job here is to take care of Mount Justice & Superboy & Miss Martian, who’s living there.

Speaking of Miss Martian, this episode is actually focused on her, although it doesn’t really show it. She’s the ‘foreigner’ of the Team, and of course she had troubles in understanding her teammates or rather, Earth’s customs. This is because she freely communicates through telepathy, which angered Superboy. But he’s not a jerk, he actually feels sorry that he scolded her.

Regardless, Miss Martian, going by the name Megan because her real name is M’gann M’orzz, introduced the Team to the BioShip, which would absolutely come in handy. The ship itself is really cool, as it is completely mind controlled and organic, meaning that it can actually take any forms it wanted, although in the show it only has 2 modes.

Oh, and since they introduced each other’s identity, we get to learn that Aqualad’s name is Kaldur’ahm, simply called Kaldur, and Kid Flash is Wally West. I gotta be honest, when I first watched this, I was surprised on why they make Wally as Kid Flash. At the time I didn’t really know about the comics, as I only followed DCAU and the movies. So I am surprised that Flash is actually Barry Allen. And while they don’t reveal it here due to Batman forbidding him to reveal his identity, Robin is Dick Grayson.

YJ 3 (3)

While taking a ride in the BioShip, Red Tornado informs the Team that there’s a situation at Happy Harbor, Mount Justice’s ‘neighbour’. Arriving there the Team encounters Mister Twister, who looks like an advanced Red Tornado. The main problem here is that the Team is ‘naked’, as they didn’t have their gears for battle, which puts them at disadvantage.

The first fight here clearly shows that the Team still needs to work on their teamwork. More precisely Miss Martian is the one that’s having a hard time working with the Team due to her inexperience as a hero.

I just love at seeing the Team fight while wearing their civilian clothes, as it reminded me of Power Rangers when they fought out of suit.

YJ 3 (4)

Megan thinks that Mister Twister is actually Red Tornado in disguise. Me, at that time being a casual DC fan, originally believed this because Red Tornado is a C class superhero and Mister Twister actually appeared for the first time in animated form here. Anyways Mister Twister is not Red Tornado, and that caused the team to nearly die when they lowered their guards and talked to him.

The Team blames Miss Martian and heads off to deal with Mister Twister by themselves. Miss Martian decides to ask Red Tornado for help, but has another idea. However, when she finally asked the team to follow her lead, Red Tornado steps in to take care of Mister Twister.

YJ 3 (5)

Surprise! It’s actually part of Megan’s plan all along! I loved that she disguised herself as Red Tornado and Wally acts as the tornadoes while the other three heroes beat Mister Twister to a pulp after he lowered his guards.

After they dismembered the machine, it’s revealed that someone’s piloting the machine, only to have Megan kill him. YEAH. She just killed a person. Well turns out that the pilot itself is an android, and the real ones are monitoring the Team. While everybody knows who they are, I’m just gonna keep it aside because it will be expanded in the later episodes. Anyways I just loved the Team’s reaction when Megan ‘killed’ the pilot.

YJ 3 (6)

In the end, Red Tornado is impressed that the Team is building their teamwork, and the Team themselves thanked Miss Martian for being the hero. And to top it off, Superboy apologized to her, although he is absolutely shy in saying that.

Overall, a great episode because it centred on how the Team is building up their effectiveness as a team, and I’m glad that they didn’t actually need to work on their teamwork during official missions, because that would cause a lot of trouble, and certainly pisses Batman off. You don’t like it when Batman’s pissed.


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