The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 1: A New Era

Welcome to the first part of my episodic reviews of The Legend of Korra. I’ve reviewed the first two books as a whole, well two wholes. And now we’re getting ahead towards Book 3, this time focusing on the fact that the Avatar world is now inhabited by both humans and spirits, and also there’s been strange happenings that random people manifested Airbending powers. Could this be a sign that the Air Nomads will be reborn?

Korra 1 (1)

I am so glad to pick up this series. Even though I got lots of stuff to do with other reviews and I will begin a new semester in a week but I’m still doing it. Hopefully I can post reviews every day.

Anyways back to the review, the third book takes place 2 or more weeks after Korra’s Ultraman battle with Unalaq/Vaatu. And this time she seems to be a little bit more mature, seeing as how she has accepted her duties as the person who keeps everything in balance. Unfortunately that does not bode well with the citizens of Republic City, since the Spirits have ‘invaded’ it and making their own homes on their whim, causing vines to appear. No, not that Vine.

This causes stress towards the President and I really like on how Korra was acting rude towards him. It’s not the rude kind where she’s cocky but rather she’s rude towards him because she’s stressed with her public image. Meanwhile Bumi reveals that he gained Airbending powers, which shocked the whole family. First it was speculated that it might be because he spent a lot of time being in the Spirit World and I originally though it’s because he’s Aang’s son, he just manifested it because it was always in his blood.

Korra 1 (2)

However Mako also receives word about a random guy manifesting airbending out of nowhere, which Mako didn’t believe at first because there are only five Airbenders in the world, including Korra. Also Mako have been sleeping in his office and has been avoiding Korra ever since their breakup, it’s understandable especially since he’s facing two people who were happen to date him at one point.

The episode also shows Korra hanging out with Asami together privately which is really appreciated, since the two have very little private interactions before. And I’m glad that they have a healthy relationship, at first I thought they were going to be a bit of rivalry but they are pretty fine, I guess it’s because they’re both mature. Props for maturity, you don’t see a lot of that nowadays.

Korra 1 (3)

Tenzin meanwhile is emotionally overwhelmed by the news of the new Airbenders, and the fact that the Air Nation is going to be rebuild. It’s really nice to see his emotion. Knowing that your kind has a chance to be rebuild and you will be the one who help them, it’s really great.

However for Korra, things are not so great. She had an idea of how to get rid of the vines, only to fail. Also she can’t contact the past Avatars anymore. This is worrying because they can’t makeher the last Avatar, we wanted to see more, we wanted to see if there’s a modern day sequel even though this is futuristic enough. I just wanted to see them using Internet 😛

Korra 1 (4)

Korra later received news that the Airbender earlier was stranded on the city’s bridge, although it looks like he wanted to commit suicide but because this is a kids show they can’t just say that. Anyway I really liked the way Korra handled things. Instead of using Airbending to force that man to get off the bridge she decides to be a bro and talked to that guy about how bummed life has become but he has to give it a chance so that it may be better.

That man agreed and Korra introduces him to Tenzin, who welcome him as the new Airbender. Korra also decides that she won’t do anything about the Spirits, the City has to figure out how to properly live alongside the Spirits. Sadly for Korra she is banished from Republic City by the President, which she didn’t regret because she’s made her mind that she wants to travel the world and search for new Airbenders. Both Korra and Tenzin are excited to see what kind of Airbenders will they meet.

Korra 1 (5)

Which quickly shows us that not all people received Airbending are good people, because apparently a criminal named Zaheer has also developed Airbending. And he’s been locked up in a one man prison just like Magneto. Who is he and why is he evil anyway? Guess we will find out.

Overall the first episode clearly shows what Book Three is about: Change. It’s because the world is changing now that Spirits are living in the world and there’s also the birth of new Airbenders. And it looks like it’s different than the previous two books which means it’s gonna be great. I can’t wait to see what this book has to offer.


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