The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits Review

We’re back with The Legend of Korra this time hitting the second book of the quadrilogy, titled Spirits. This time Korra has to train her spiritual skills, as she cannot become a real Avatar if she hadn’t mastered it. However her uncle decides to train her, and at the same time caused a civil war between the Northern Water Tribe and the Southern Water Tribe.


At first I was bored by the second season mostly because it took place far away from Republic City, which I forgot to mention in the previous series is that I absolutely loved the use of technology in the series. What got me into the show is that the technology looks futuristic, but yet still antique. It makes me fell in love with the 1920s and they managed to use that era without incorporating noir elements, since 1920 are usually popular with noir genre. And it also makes me want to see if there’s a sequel after Korra, I want it to set in 1980s.

Moving back into the topic, this season deals with Korra acting extremely rebellious towards almost everyone. Just when things starts to get good on her life (obtained Airbending, reached Avatar State and dates Mako), she ruined it by ditching Tenzin in favor of her uncle Unalaq, berates Mako for not supporting her opinion and the worst of all ditched her father in favor of her uncle, again.

But I’m glad that she makes up with her father before the revelation of her uncle being evil, but in the process she breaks up with Mako. Mako in turn gets a job as a policeman, and after his breakup with Korra he accidentally hits on Asami again. At this rate every fanboy is jealous with Mako. As well as fangirls being jealous on Korra and Asami.


Asami and Bolin meanwhile meets Varrick who helped them achieve success, Asami taking over Future Industries managed to prevent bankruptcy and as for Bolin, he gets to be the world’s first movie actor, thanks to Varrick introducing the concept of movies. While I at first was disappointed with the lack of technology in the first half, they immediately get me back with one of my most favorite thing in the world: movies. It’s just brilliant that they make movies and even touched on the pyrotechnics.

However it was revealed that Varrick is actually a secondary antagonist but surprisingly he is more of an anti villain because he opposes Unalaq and all of his villainous actions are so that the public turns against Unalaq.

Republic City dismisses its council and instead introduce their first president. I liked that this president is a random guy that we’ve never seen before in season 1, and he is more of a neutral force because he doesn’t side with Korra and not even Unalaq. It’s great to have a neutral character because they can be antagonistic-but-not-threatening towards our heroes and plus it gives off the impression that not everybody sides with the protagonist.


The series also focuses on Tenzin, who spends half of the season taking a vacation at the Air Temple alongside his families including his brother Bumi and sister Kya. They also revealed more backstory about Aang after the Hundred Year War, particularly his new family with Katara. Turns out that Aang, even though he is a good father, favors Tenzin more than his other children.

This is mostly because Tenzin highly resembles Aang the most and on top of that he is the first Airbender to be born for over a century, so you’ll understand why the extra attention. Ultimately this affects Tenzin as well ,as he feels like he is his father’s shadow and worries about not being able to live up Aang’s legacy.


The middle of the series involves Korra losing her memory and connects with her previous incarnation, and we get to see a mini arc where we are introduced to Wan, the very first Avatar. The whole concept of Wan’s universe is extremely exciting, the art style was in homage to ancient china and feudal Japan’s art, and the best of all Wan himself. It’s really awesome that they made Wan into a guy who’s always messed up but has a good heart, as it shows that even the most unlikely can become true heroes.

Towards the season finale Unalaq becomes the Dark Avatar and Korra battles her by essentially becoming Ultraman. Yes, I’m not kidding. They even have energy blasts, minus the arm pose or otherwise it would be unoriginal. But before that Unalaq has dealt a lot of damage to Korra to the point that her link to her previous incarnations have broken, preventing them from assisting her and worst of all she might very well be the last Avatar. I have only gotten to season 3, so I don’t know if Korra managed to restore the link or not. But I do hope so because I want to see that 1980s setting that I dreamed of. Hopefully they’ll do it.


Overall the second season bores me a little by its first half but even that was way better than what we got on TV nowadays. And the buildup of Korra’s epic battle with Unalaq is really awesome, not to mention they utilized the other characters by giving them specific roles as to not make them useless the whole time.

And with that I again rates Book 2: Spirits Deserves and Award. Tune in to Book 3, as I will review it episodically.


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