Kamen Rider Gaim 38: BREAKING BAD, BITCH!!!

Why Breaking Bad? Because watching this episode just made me realized that Mitsuzane ‘Mitch’ Kureshima is essentially the Walter White of the series! Why? Find out.

Gaim 38 (1)

You know despite calling him a psychopath and he really hits the fan further in this episode, I actually sympathized Mitch. Even going so far as considering him as my favorite character of the show. Why? Because he is so relatable and he is the most realistic character in probably the whole Kamen Rider series. Why people mostly want him to die, there’s a little part of me to see if he could redeem himself. Because you know, I’m going to touch on sensitive things here and sorry if it was offending, but this is how psychopathic murderers are born. I would love to talk more about that but you’ll get the idea.

Anyways as of how Mitch is essentially Japanese Walter White? Well you can see there’s a bunch of similarities between him and Heisenberg. I’ll probably do an article about it but the general idea is that both is an example of how a good man, likeable but not actually liked by many, they were both kinda unpopular within the people around them, and then turns into bad people and actually making them the main antagonist.

Mitch however goes into a complete breakdown after killing his brother, whom as of this writing we do not know if he survived at all. Mitch starts to hallucinate Takatora mocking him, which explains the reason why he breaks down is because he keeps having these voices that condemn him. This is so relatable especially considering how painful it is to hear those voices and you can’t stop it. And Redyue (whom I found out that he actually voiced Fire Emblem in Tiger & Bunny as well as Edward Kenway in Japanese version of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag!! I know because I’ve played it with Japanese voices) finds it delightful seeing Mitch went crazy.

Gaim 38 (2)

While that happens Prof. Ryoma returns after a temporary absence, and as if things weren’t bad enough the allied Riders have to deal with the man who practically ruined their lives. And it’s great to see the Duke suit again, I really missed the design.

But sadly we don’t get to see Duke VS Baron because Ryoma actually proposes that he can help the Riders enter Ygdrasill tower and save the kidnapped civilians, including Kota’s sister. Of course, the Riders are extremely hesitating to trust him including Minato herself.

Gaim 38 (3)

Back to Mitch we get to see more of the Femshinmus relationship with each other. Redyue learns that it was Rosyuo who caused the birth of Kiwami Arms and it sacrifices a lot of Overlords, all for the sake of seeing if humanity can bring a change. Redyue is outraged because Rosyuo was tempted by a snake to make him give that Lockseed to a human.

That snake is none other than Sagara. Interesting considering that Sagara can also morph into a snake. I’m still wondering who or what exactly is Sagara? Because he doesn’t seem to be an Overlord yet he’s somehow a part of them.

Back to Gaim the Riders still hesitate to accept Ryoma’s plan because they knew to well Ryoma will backstab them again. Heck, it’s obvious that he’s using them to get something that he wanted, just using the hostage matter to bait the Riders into helping him. And Kota, being the well-known naive guy, thinks that they should work with Ryoma. We all know that the first person who will object his suggestion would be Kaito, but surprisingly Kaito is on Kota’s side this time! This is mostly because he’s not afraid of Ryoma and I believe he thinks that the Riders will outnumber Ryoma even if he chose to betray them.

Gaim 38 (4)

We were then taken to a scene where Kota, Kaito and Mai are hanging out. It’s interesting to see those three hanging out together, especially because they are clearly missing Mitch. Kaito still berates on Kota for still thinking about Mitch. Man, Kaito is just like that kind of friend who would give the same advice when you were heartbroken by a girl: Forget it and move on. Also Kaito’s wounds are getting worse

Mai and Kaito both asked what is Kota’s dream of the future, considering that he’s extremely selfless and what he did is basically for others but not him. Man, Kota seems to be turning more and more into Eiji huh?

The next day Mai and Peko went to pick some supplies a la zombie apocalypse style, only to be encountered by Mitch. Now I just love Mitch’s expression during the scene. He looks calm and happy when he’s talking to Mai but then when he talks to Peko, he’s angry and monstrous. This is the true definition of a psychopath.

Gaim 38 (5)

Mai agrees to go with Mitch only because Peko is getting hurt and Kota went after them, And this is the first time where Kota and Mitch battled each other, this time fully realizing each other as enemies. Even Kota tried to get Mitch to open to his senses by giving him a beating.

However, turns out that Mitch is no longer the Mitch we knew. For some reason he’s able to not only defeat Jimber Lemon Arms, But also giving the unbeatable Kachidoki Arms a hard time. Even he’s able to hold off against Gaim Kiwami Arms and Baron Lemon Energy Arms. Zangetsu Shin truly reaches a whole new level, and it clearly shows that Mitch has surpassed his brother. Hallucinations of Takatora keeps appearing, until Zangetsu Shin proclaims that no one, NO ONE can stop him now. And of course, Redyue is delighted to see that Mitch is beyond broken. He’s insanely strong. Literally.

Gaim 38 (6)

Gaim and Baron are forced to retreat, with Kaito telling Kota that Mitch has now crossed the line. What does this mean? The only way to stop him is to kill him. And Kota has to accept that no matter what.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this episode especially because of Mitch’s characterization. I didn’t realize that the kind boy back then would be the most evil guy in the world. And yet I still sympathize him. And I truly appreciate him because if Zangetsu is the Ouja of Gaim, then Mitch is Walter White of Kamen Rider series as a whole.


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