Kyoryuger Brave 15: DoGold’s Plan

Do teh robot~
Do teh robot~

It’s a Nossan focused episode again! But this time it’s not about his oyaji gags or his insecurities as an old man, but rather about his friend that’s developing a robot of his dreams, which DoGold takes interest in. Can Nossan be a hero and save his friend’s invention?Kyoryu 15 (1) Like the previous two episodes, this one is a filler so it’s okay if you skip it. The episode is a little weaker than the previous two, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. Another thing about this episode is that it seriously reminds me of Go-Busters, particularly Blue Buster because the episode deals with robotic engineering and Blue Buster loves engineering.

One thing that I noticed about this episode is why Nossan gave up his old job. In Brave 8 we learn that he’s a businessman and it bugged me why he gave up his job when he can fund Yuko’s family better than his current job, it’s because Nossan’s brother-in-law’s job is actually a family owned-company, so he decided to take over so that the company won’t die, honoring his brother-in-law’s death.

This episode also establishes the rivalry between DoGold and KyoryuGold. We knew that they were enemies for centuries, but this episode proves that DoGold will be KyoryuGold’s main challenge. As a result, expect DoGold to fall into the hands of KyoryuGold. Much to my disappointment, their first fight in centuries is short because of DoGold’s limitations of having a Cambrima body.

Kyoryu 15 (2) As for the plot that reminds me of Go-Busters, it’s about Nossan’s high school friend who became an engineer an invent a robot. But the problem is the cost is too high to complete the robot, and as a result his friend Nakazato gets angry. But here’s the catch, whenever he gets angry, the robot will be activated and goes on a rampage! Hulk + Ultron?

The real reason behind these shenanigans is none other than DoGold himself. The question is why he wanted a robot to siphon Nakazato’s anger? We’ll get through that but first I wanted to note that Nossan’s sister Yuko now is pretty much aware about who the ZyuDen Sentai is and because of this, Nossan takes Utchii to help him to make sure Yuko doesn’t suspect anything! It’s neat that she met Utchii and how Utchii tries to hide his speech patterns, and it’s only a matter of time before she knows the ZyuDen Sentai.

Kyoryu 15 (3) The first fight of the episode is okay, and the only thing worth mentioning is the debut of Beast Battery #21 Archenolon. What’s interesting is the effect caused by the Battery: it curses a certain area with hypergravity and everyone will be unable to move, even the heroes! And apparently the move is too ‘Brave’, as KyoryuRed said. But I liked how they used Nossan to this Beast Battery’s advantage, as he is the strongest member of the group, he can use his strength to move quickly compared to others.

Once he got out of the Archenolon zone, Nossan confronts DoGold and Nakazato, who begins the final installation to complete his robot. Turns out that when the robot is complete, it will become the strongest and toughest robot ever, which is all part of DoGold’s plan to find a new host. Turns out that the Cambrima hosts are limiting his abilities, which is why he seeks to find a  stronger host so he can match Utsusemimaru.

While Luckyuro pwns him, Nossan tries to convince Nakazato that he forgot his true dream: the reason why he became an engineer is to create a robot that helps people, not destroy. Thus, Nakazato realized his mistakes and forces shutdown the program, rendering the robot inside DoGold to be useless. Congratulations Nossan, you just stopped the Terminator’s judgement day.

Kyoryu 15 (4) With the robot acting like a real robot inside DoGold’s body, DoGold walks like a robot. I just love how KyoryuRed laughed at him while doing the robot walk, it just looks so random! Anyways the fight scene this time is cool, we get to see each of the Kyoryugers’ having their own screen time. But the main attraction is KyoryuBlue using the GaburiCalibur and Stego Shield, becoming much like a sword and shield warrior. It’s really cool. Oh, and this is the first time where they didn’t finish the enemy off with the Brave Finishers.

As for the MegaZord fights, since the MoTW is just a Cambrima, I’m glad that they didn’t go all the way and use Raiden KyoRyuZin. Instead they finished him using the ZyuDenKen. But what made the Zord fight scene is worth it is because first the angles are good in this episode, so I have no problem with the angles and second, the incorporated the Ankydon and PteraGordon, becoming PteraidenOh-Ankydon. He can’t be Macho because of the lack of Dricera.

As for PteraidenOh-Ankydon, it’s weird. Mostly because of the right shoulder pads. Other than that, the functionality is good, as PteraidenOh loves to spin around in his attacks, so adding a hammer and use a spinning hammer attack is really cool.

Kyoryu 15 (5) After they defeated the monster, Chaos reassures DoGold that he will create as many Cambrimas as DoGold wants, but what DoGold really wanted is a new host that is as strong as Utsusemimaru. Something tells me that he will actually try to take Utchii again.

As for the heroes, Nakazato admits to Nossan about what he did was wrong, and Nossan forgives him. Oh and Yuko is basically left ignored due to Utchii trapping her with boxes so that she doesn’t know what happened!

Overall, a good episode, it’s not boring, and the actions, both Ranger and MegaZord, are solid. So give it a watch. Hmmm……. it’s weird on how Kyoryuger was able to do a good filler than Kamen Rider Wizard……..

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