Kamen Rider Wizard 38: Forgotten Dream

THIS is clearly related to Wiseman.
THIS is clearly related to Wiseman.

After suffering from the horror which is episode 36 & 37, we finally and hopefully get back on track, this time they decided to expand more of Haruto’s past, particularly of what he did before the events of Sabbath. So, what’s Haruto like before the Sabbath?Wizard 38 (1) First off I would like to note about the Phantoms. Wiseman now has a new hideout, mostly because the previous one has been compromised by Wizard, even though the latter lose. What I don’t like about the new hideout is the colored curtains and stuff, it clearly reminds us of the Greeeds from Kamen Rider OOO, which Wizard is somewhat a rip-off of. The Phantom scene tells us that Wiseman is planning to create another Sabbath without the solar eclipse, which require a lot of Phantoms. It’s revealed that Gremlin agreed to work with him because if Gremlin gives him Phantoms, Wiseman gives him the Philosopher’s Stone. Good ol’ give and take.

As for the main plot, I love how they decided to expand more of the main charatcer’s background. I mean Shotaro Hidari and Eiji Hino barely have backgrounds, yeah we know that Shotaro wanted to protect the city and becomes Skull’s apprentice and Eiji decided to ditch his rich backgrounds and live as a hobo, but what I mean is that I wanted to see what they are doing before they were caught in their respective situation.

So for Haruto’s background, I liked that they remembered the question Shunpei asked him about his dreams, and the way Haruto responded to it in episode 29 clearly tells that he has other dreams other than defeating the Phantoms. Turns out that his other dream is related to what he did before the Sabbath, and much to my surprise, Haruto is actually a soccer player!

Wizard 38 (2) Well, not a famous soccer player, but we knew that he wants to try for the pros. When I first heard the news, I am confused because of he was a professional soccer player, wouldn’t people recognized him? But I’m glad that they explain that he was a pro-in-training.

The reason why the whole gang knows about Haruto’s past is because the newest Gate is actually Kazuya, Haruto’s friend who also wanted to be a pro soccer player but for some reason failed. The reason he failed is because during the tryouts, Haruto accidentally injured him and the former felt guilty and left without saying a word. Thus Kazuya is pissed at Haruto, though not as pissed as his girlfriend were. Seriously, I hated Kazuya’s girlfriend in this arc.

More on the football flashback (I live in Malaysia which is known to use ‘football’ instead of soccer, so forgive me if I used both words), I’m surprised to see that Haruto, to an extent Shunya Shiraishi, is good at soccer. Granted, soccer/football is the most famous sports in the world and it’s actually a shame if you don’t know about it, but it’s really cool to see him playing. Oh and I’m more of a tennis, handball and water polo guy, even though I never played them. I like football/soccer but in real honesty, I’m not a big fan. Forgive me. Nevertheless, I’m a Chelsea fan!!!

Wizard 38 (3) What I noticed in this episode is that it has a pale feel in it, mostly to simulate Haruto’s guilt upon confronting his old friend. Yeah using the pale theme is a bad choice, but for they executed it well, so I gave them a chance. It’s funny how Nitou ends up being bodyguard to Kazuya, since both of them are rivals to Haruto. Honestly, Beast’s role in the series is basically being the Gate’s bodyguard if Wizard’s busy doing something else.

Meanwhile, Sora asks Medusa about having more Phantoms. Yeah to be honest it’s been 38 episodes already and we haven’t got a new Phantom. You can say that they will never get one and the Sabbath will never happen because of the slow-pace of the series.

Also, I wish they really admit about the whole HarutoXRinko thing. I mean the two clearly have some chemistry, it would be great if they could make the main character having a love interest again. The last was Eiji and Hina, although in the end it transforms into a love triangle because Hina wants to get raped by Ankh. And GentaroXNadeshiko doesn’t count.

Wizard 38 (4) The actions in this episode, well here’s an interesting story. At first I hated it due to the far angles that most of the shots taken, and the action seems slow thanks to the camera being static and not really shaky. But honestly these two aspects helped me a lot in getting good screencaps so yeah, the actions are neat because it’s very helpful.

More about the MoTW, Bahamut, he is like every other Phantom, which is one-dimensional. But what I liked is that he doesn’t care about driving the Gate into despair, but rather seeks the thrill of battle. He is similar to Legion, as both of them doesn’t care about despair and shit, and defeats Wizard very easily.

Wizard barely gain the upper hand during the fight, even assuming BoyBand Style proves ineffective. As far as I remember this is the first time where BoyBand Style gets defeated. As for Beast, well he’s clearly forgotten after Bahamut beats him until Wizard arrived. Because Bahamut keeps getting the upper hand, Kazuya decides to help Haruto, only to get injured and Wizard shielded him from Bahamut’s energy wave! I guess the reason why Wizard lose in this battle is because of his guilt that haunted him.

Wizard 38 (5) Meanwhile, a mysterious man arrives at the Omokagedou to meet Wajima. Apparently Wajima knew this guy before and that guy seeks Wajima’s help in creating a Wizard Ring, from a purple-colored stone. Hmmmmm…….. this is clearly related to Wiseman. Question is, is this guy Wiseman? Or Kamen Rider Gandalf? Or Both?


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