Kyoryuger Brave 14: Gentle Day

Aaaaaaaaaaand Amy wearing a kimono!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaand Amy wearing a kimono!!!

Amy’s activities as a Kyoryuger had caused her to lose her formality as a polite rich girl, causing her butler Gentle to harshly teach her via Gentle Day. As for Devoss, Luckyuro is tasked to find the Kyoryuger’s Spirit Base!Kyoryu 14 (1) So we entered what I call ‘Filler Phase 2’, which is basically a series of fillers after the debut of the additional members. In case of previous Sentai series, the second phase doesn’t start until midway because Kyoryuger debuts their 6th hero early, so yeah. Back to the episode, it’s actually a very fun filler. It’s mostly because I have low expectations on this episode, and they didn’t fail us one bit. It’s like watching Dreed 3D if I may say (even though I never watched it, I’m planning to).

The plot basically involves the ‘unusual’ member of the heroes and villains, Amy and Luckyuro respectively. Unusual in terms of Amy is the only female member of the heroes, and Luckyuro is the least of a villain, with Canderilla on second. Both of them are forced to become more serious in doing their jobs, Amy with being a mannered lady and Luckyuro on destroying the Kyoryugers. As what teens would do, they’re reluctant to do it.

One thing that I appreciated that they state is that why a group of superheroes are fighting in Japan, not the whole world. This is because the Spirit Base is a dimension that changes locations occasionally due to continental drift. As a result, the Spirit Base is currently located in Japan. And the Devoss attacks Japan because they wanted to destroy the Spirit Base first then take over the world. See Wiseman? Even Devoss knew what a threat the Kyoryugers are. Oh and the Devoss’ official name is ‘Deboth’ but I’m gonna call it Devoss anyway because it sounds cool.

Kyoryu 14 (2) The episode is more focused on the Devoss instead of Amy. And the MoTW, I nicknamed him Teacher instructs Luckyuro to find the Spirit Base. After searching, the found the entrance and spots Amy going through Gentle Day………while wearing a kimono. Yeah for kimono fetishes you can’t stand this scene, and even though I’m not one, it’s really ummpphh to see Amy in a kimono. Wonder how Mao Ichimichi looked like. I already saw it. SHE LOOKED HOT AND SHE’S MY WAIFU. DON’T ANY OF YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!!!! *fanboy obsession mode activate*

Thanks to Gentle Day, Amy couldn’t fight and Luckyuro takes the GabuRevolver and Teacher decides to take Amy instead to discipline her! Yeah the MoTW is basically useless now in terms of the plan. While he escapes with the captive Amy, he sends two XenoZorimas to attack them.

But the other 4 Kyoryugers arrived and used their Voltasaurs plus Ankydon to battle the Xenos. It’s really neat that they decided to do individual Zord battles instead of using KyoRyuZin Western or other mix and match combinations. And the Zord battle is neat because it’s the only Zord battle of the episode. Yeah we got Raiden KyoRyuZin later, but we’ll go through that.

Kyoryu 14 (3) While Gentle expresses his guilt for being strict on Amy, the others learn that the true target is the Spirit Base. And the only infiltrator is Luckyuro, who got carried away thanks to the new issue of her favorite magazine that Amy happened to subscribe! Oh and I realized that Luckyuro is actually a boy! But I still consider it as a girl.

Now this is where the episode starts to be funnier. First and foremost is the use of the Sentai Pose in a secluded area, which is Spirit Base. As you know Sentai poses often caused explosions, and since they are in secluded place, they need to lower their ‘Braves’ and as a result they got small pops for the pose of the episode. It’s really neat and it really explains the posing effect well.

Kyoryu 14 (4) As for the Teacher, Utchii arrives and plays Amy’s knight in shining armor and takes all the action by himself. Oh well, early after his debut the 6th Ranger is usually invincible, I give that. Nevertheless, the fight between KyoryuGold and Teacher is really good. What makes it unique is that the Teacher narrates KyoryuGold’s arsenal and moves, which reminds me of the Showa Riders’ special ability in Climax Heroes.

After destroying the Teacher, Gold and Amy return to Spirit Base only to find that the other 4 and Torin are unable to figure the solution of the bomb planted by Luckyuro! Yeah I forgot that she infiltrated the base to plant a bomb. What’s funny is that when the bomb gets bigger and bigger, the second last shape is basically an exercise ball imprinted with the Devoss logo. You can clearly see that.

Apprently the unusual member of the group managed to figure out the solution, by just letting the bomb blow. Even though her thinking is bizarre, the others figured that the bomb will blow, but they can decide where to put it so that it won’t harm the world at all, or Japan.

Kyoryu 14 (5) And comes the 2nd Zord fight of the episode, which is hardly a Zord battle at all! It’s basically a way to promote toys using Raiden KyoRyuZin, and they only used its flight ability to fly into space and throw the bomb. So that’s it.

After that, Luckyuro brings Chaos to show the entrance to the Spirit Base, only to find it sealed already. As a result, she gets punished by Chaos in the same manner the Teacher punished her!

As for Amy, she learned her lesson……….. only to show that she doesn’t apply to it as she still resumes her slacker attitude! So much for Gentle Day and Daigo is right, her attitude will cause another Gentle Day!

Kyoryu 14 (6) Overall, a fun episode, while insignificant to the plot, at least they showed that the enemy is bent on destroying the heroes by infiltrating their command centre. The actions of this episode are good, and the Zord battles are filled with CGI but it’s still good nonetheless, so give it a watch.


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