Kamen Rider Wizard 31: To Infinity and Beyond~

Shine bright like a diamond~ (I hate that Rihanna song)
Shine bright like a diamond~ (I hate that Rihanna song)

The Phantom Legion destroys WizarDragon, leaving Haruto powerless. What will Haruto do now that his magic is gone? And how can he save Koyomi when her magical energy is also depleting? Could this be the end of Kamen Rider Wizard?

Wizard 31 (1)

First things first, we get to see what happened at the confrontation between Gremlin and Wiseman. Much to my disappointment, Gremlin still doesn’t tell us what exactly did he want of he knew everything that he demanded. The only thing he said is that he’s not Gremlin, but rather Sora. Either this is a bluff, or that Gremlin is actually a special Phantom in which the original Gate didn’t die, but rather become one with the Phantom. At least this makes sense why Gremlin wants to know about the Sabbath, as he has those curiosity thanks to his human part still intact.

As for Haruto, losing his magic is what we would expect from him, getting so damn depressed. Yeah, Haruto is one of the Riders that really takes his job seriously, as they consider this as a part of themselves. Haruto relied on his magic completely to protect people, so when he loses it it would be natural for him to get depressed. But unbeknownst to Haruto, Koyomi is also depressed because the only means of keeping her alive is now gone.

The Omokagedou gang just worried about Haruto’s current state, because even if he lose his magic he still wanted to protect people. This reckless attitude reminds me of Shotaro in the CycloneJokerXtreme arc. But in a strange case, we also get to see Nitou feeling guilty about Haruto’s loss of power. He confessed that he was the reason WizarDragon died, although WizarDragon was just only protecting him. But hey, as evil as WizarDragon is, he knows his ally.

Wizard 31 (2)

As for Legion, meeting Haruto was a change of pace. He no longer enjoys getting people into coma, because he didn’t found his excitement when he destroys Haruto’s heart. Yeah, he didn’t destroy Haruto’s heart because of Beast, BeastChimera and WizarDragon’s intervention, so he failed to comatose Haruto. Put simply, he won but Haruto’s not defeated yet. Nobody likes it when they’re won but their enemy isn’t defeated yet.

While Haruto sits on a park, he encountered the two siblings earlier. As what I predicted, there is something wrong with the girl. She had a condition and she’s about to have a surgery. That’s why her brother seeks to cheer her out, because of two things: first is that he wanted her to be happy so that she won’t be scared when she enters the operation, second is that this might be her sister’s final moments, so he wanted to spend time as much as possible with her.

However, this is where Haruto learns an important lesson from a boy that’s younger than him. Haruto may have the magic, but it was his heart that actually makes the little sister happy. As for the lesson, yes Haruto’s magic is a part of him, but losing it doesn’t mean Haruto loses himself completely. At the very least the loss of magic didn’t take away Haruto’s magic, thanks to his heart. Oh and I really enjoyed the acoustic instrumental of Life is Showtime.

Wizard 31 (3)

Meanwhile on Beast, he aims to defeat Legion, even went so far to confess his guilty that if he didn’t beat Legion he’ll never face Haruto again. Well much to my disappointment, Beast gets defeated offscreen. To be real honest I think this is when the staff producers should make Beast uses his Hyper Magnun Strike, as opposed to the previous episode where he used it to defeat the Ghouls. Yeah granted that they wanted to make Legion is too powerful for him to beat, but adding the use of the failed finisher would add more to it.

Back to Haruto, he discovered that Koyomi is gone. Old man Wajima marks that she’s gone because she knows Haruto can’t take care of her anymore, and all that’s left of her is death. Haruto realized that all this time he actually didn’t care about Koyomi, and even if he did, it was half of it. To put it simply, it’s like a father feed his children, but not giving them love. It’s like that. Koyomi lacks Haruto’s love, and I’m pretty sure that it’s sibling love, because I’m a HarutoXRinko fan 😛

Wizard 31 (4)

Haruto knows exactly where Koyomi went, the beach where they first met (as well as the beach where Eiji and Ankh fight). The scene is really heartwarming, and it reminds us that Koyomi is an important part of the cast. I mean, she was more of a background character in the past episodes, so it makes us forget that she had any significance to the story accept being a cute little girl that makes everybody go moe. It’s kinda like Kengo where was basically ignored until the final arc of the Fourze, and honestly Kengo had more role than Koyomi. I just hope Koyomi ended up better like Ankh did.

But the part where makes the scene really heartwarming is that when Haruto hugs Koyomi, and she said the words that are usually spoken by a person who’s about to die. And here’s when we know that Haruto is a really great person. Because of Haruto, Koyomi was able to make friends and feel the warmth, and she doesn’t really mind if she died now because she found something that’s better because of Haruto.

However, Legion arrived to pwn Haruto once again, forcing Haruto to fight him using his bare abilities. One thing that I wanted to see is Haruto using the flip n’ kick again, but since they’re fighting at water, it’s really hard to do, in fact the out of suit fights was meant to highlight Legion pwning Haruto big time, so it’s okay.

Wizard 31 (5)

But during the fight, Koyomi finally runs out of mana, and she finally dies for the 2nd time(or 3rd, if you count the events after the Sabbath) in the series. This is when Haruto breaks down to tears, because this time he can no longer save anyone without his magic. But, remember that magic is just a half part of Haruto? Yes, this time his heart is the one that save him. His heart wishing not to give up causing his tears to transform into a diamond ring.

Wow, what a cliche way to do this. But if Cosmic Switch can revive Gentaro, and Wakana sacrificing herself to revive Phillip’s avatar state, or even Natsumi, Yuusuke and Kaito uses friggin pictures to revive Tsukasa, I’m inclined to believe anything at this point. Well, comparing to the others, especially Decade’s Wizard’s cliche is not really that cliche. Now that I mentioned it, OOO was the only one who doesn’t really have a cliche. Maybe it did in the form of Ankh returning, but they haven’t told us how Eiji revived him so I wouldn’t count it. Onore OOO!!!!!

Anyways back to the topic, Haruto’s heart revive his magic, or rather, WizarDragon. He was impressed with Haruto’s determination that he pledges his obedience to Haruto. Is it just me or that WizarDragon is now pledged his loyalty to Haruto, meaning that he won’t be evil to Haruto anymore?

Wizard 31 (6)

But at least the transformation to Infinity Style is epic. It’s just that chanting Infinity multiple times while Haruto was shined by the light with a crystalized WizarDragon circling around adds the epicness to it. And while this happens, Nitou, Shunpei and Rinko arrived at the scene. To prove that this show might have HarutoXRinko in it is that when Haruto finally transformed into Infinity Style, there’s a short scene where Rinko looks happy for Haruto. Yeah, and Kamen Rider Gandalf cameos again, this time proclaiming that Wizard’s becoming a nuisance now. What does this mean? For now, we know that Wizard is too strong, and perhaps had surpassed Kamen Rider Gandalf’s power.

First impressions about the suit. Like other people, I agree that the suit is really, really gorgeous. Maybe it’s because lat year’s ultimate form wasn’t really that gorgeous, but the fact that it’s simple but shiny really adds the beauty to it. As far as visual goes, Wizards stands on top of being the Rider’s ultimate form, second behind Kuuga Ultimate. But one thing that I don’t get about this form is the element that it represents. Official materials (through Wikipedia) and WizarDriver’s chant suggest that this form is a combination of the four elements of Wizard, although to be real honest I think All Dragon represents that. But judging by the color scheme and this form’s abilities which I’ll go through, it might suggest that this form is a light element-based. Maybe it’s a combination of fire, water, hurricane and land and it creates a new element which is light.

Another nitpick is the WizarDriver chant. Yeah, chanting “Hii Sui Fuu Don-Bou Zaba Byu Dogon” would be nice because it represents all of Wizard’s form, but I rather have the WizarDriver chanting “Mugen” to signify the word infinity in Japanese. Or “Hikari” to signify the word Light in Japanese, as Light is what I assumed is Infinity Style’s element. And one more thing, This form is silver colored, not white. Although I wish they used chrome instead. That would be really gorgeous. I mean look at what they did to Gavan.

Wizard 31 (7)

Moving on to Infinity Style’s first fight, it was good. Though not as good as Cosmic States or PuToTyra’s, Infinity Style stands on its own. And judging by the fight scene it’s safe to assume that Infinity Style does use Light as element, judging that it’s has the ability to move at high speed like a sparkly blur. And I liked that the usage of speed here is different than the ones we got. I mean in Kabuto they represent it through characters moving at normal speed while the background is in slow-motion, and Accel Trial was this slow-motion blur that I really don’t like. This one was meant to show Wizard’s speed was more of a speed dash, and it’s really cool.

Also, this form wasn’t just speed based, it was more of an upgrade to Wizard to infinity level, hence the name of Infinity Style. His speed was upgraded that he could move at flashes, and the diamonds being his armor is so hard to cut through, adding his defense. As for strength, We’ll see when he executes the finisher for the AxCalibur. To be precise, Infinity Style was more of a shining, sparkling element, which is associated with Light.

As for the weapon, AxCalibur, I’m glad that this is the only weapon that’s associated with the word Calibur is pronounced similarly to Excalibur. The weapon it self is really simple, but better be simple than gorgeous if the usage of it is minor. But to be real honest, if I bought the SH Figuarts Infinity Style, I would pose him using the Ax part of AxCalibur. As for the finisher, first I explain how it chants. The ‘High Touch’ thing is actually high five, as Wizard needs to high five the weapon to initiate the finisher. As for the Shining Strike, it chants “KiRa KiRa”, which is commonly associated with shining and sparkling in Japanese, further supports the usage of the element of light. As for the finisher, yeah the enlarging AxCalibur is really weird, but I have to give props to them for thinking of a unique way to execute a finisher. I mean look at Rider Super Galaxy Finish, it’s just a friggin’ slash, with using space background to make it epic, when it’s really not.

Wizard 31 (8)

Anyways, Legion is destroyed with “Exciting!” being his last words, and Koyomi is revived thanks to Haruto’s magic returning. And it was Koyomi who played the part in the creation of Infinity Ring, because she moved Haruto. As for the siblings, the surgery worked, and all went well.

Well it wasn’t. Because Medusa just got called because Wiseman had a new dog, and Medusa will work under her. The Phantom? It’s Gremlin. Not only did Medusa was shocked, I’m shocked at how Gremlin was able to work with Wiseman. Did he sleep with him? I mean there’s a bed, so yeah yaoi references intended.

Overall, a great episode to debut the ultimate form, Though by my preferences, this goes the third after Fourze Cosmic being number 1 thanks to Sakamoto directing the episode, and Decade Complete the second because I love Decade so much. Fourth would be Double CJX, and fifth would be OOO PuToTyra.

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