Kamen Rider Wizard 30: An Exciting Defeat

Wizard got pwned!!
Wizard got pwned!!

In this episode, Gremlin releases a troublesome Phantom that attacks random people, regardless if they’re a Gate or not. Can Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast defeat this mofo?

Wizard 30 (1)

This episode is basically the midpoint of the series. It’s getting darker, and the Phantoms are getting more creative rather than just using Medusa’s total plan of failure to beat the crap of our heroes. Seriously, compared to Medusa, Gremlin’ method is more effective in defeating the mages. I know that Medusa just follows orders to ignore the mages and create more Phantom, but do they even know that they’ve tried that for 30 episodes and the mages will always interfere?! This is just like the military in Godzilla movies! It’s been 28 movies (soon to be 29 by next year) and they still don’t get that planes and tanks don’t do shit against Godzilla!

And what’s Gremlin’s method of defeating the maze? Releasing the deadly Phantom Legion. In case you don’t know, Legion is commonly associated with Satan, so basically this is the first Phantom that’s based on Satan, and you know how troublesome it is when a Satan is your opponent. But the biggest surprise is that Gremlin released Legion is not because to defeat the mages, but rather attracts Wiseman’s attention so that he can fulfill his wish on knowing everything about the mysteries of the series. Yeah they finally went ahead of that.

As for our heroes, Haruto noticed that Koyomi starts to get weak pretty quickly, meaning that his mana on her is depleting rather quickly. This gives us that Koyomi will be an important part in this episode, something I’ve longed to see since she was just a background character in the past episodes. The last time she had a significance is when Sora debuts.

Wizard 30 (2)

As Wiseman point out, the Phantom Legion is so dangerous that Wiseman himself had to tie him up, because Legion will attack anyone regardless if they’re a Gate or not. If Legion is on the loose, then his attacks will undoubtedly cause the death of some Gates. First off, I’m quite disappointed that Legion is not a product of Gremlin creating a Phantom out of a Gate, because that would make Gremlin even more useful than Wiseman and Medusa, as well as throwing dogshit at Wiseman for not being able to carry a good job.

More about the Phantom, since it’s been a while a Phantom had an interesting personality (the past few are mostly stereotype evil). During the end of episode 29, I thought that this Legion will be a very wild Phantom, akin to how Phoenix berserks around when he gets mad. Instead, this guy had a calm and calculative psychotic personality, giving the impression of a creep, a totally real creep. Also, unlike Phoenix who rapes an attractive cop ( :P ), Legion instead attacks random people so long as they have a beautiful heart. Finally we have a Phantom that’s equal to a rampaging monster, unlike Phoenix who berserks and then stops just to rape an attractive cop ( :P ). But the thing that I liked the most about Legion is that his catchphrase is “Exciting!”, often utilized when he’s well, excited.

Back to our heroes, the Hungry Doughnuts promote their new Sakura Doughnut, and instead of getting turned down, Rinko takes it and ‘omnomnom’ it with some other doughnut. This is because she had to work full time and barely have time to eat. Honestly Rinko is the most useful character in the series, this is because even when offscreen or she doesn’t have much on screen appearance, she is useful, be it to Haruto or the police. Unlike Shunpei, who accompanies Haruto all the time and barely did something. He was more like a side-sidekick.

Wizard 30 (3)

After Rinko takes her leave to get back to her work which is investigating about people put into a coma after getting attacked, a pair of siblings attracts Haruto’s attention. The older brother tries to cheer up her sister by using tricks, but ended up failing. So Haruto uses his free time to show off his magic to the siblings, which I found really cute. And I don’t have other words to use rather than cute LOL. Also, the pair of siblings reminds me of Haruto and Koyomi’s relationship, which becomes a significant plot in this arc.

As for Legion, he was the one who caused the comas, and this attracts Nitou’s attention. My, even with the upgrade Nitou is still hungry as hell. It’s getting tired that every episode he babbles about getting hungry. Anyways during his fight with Legion, Nitou realizes that Legion didn’t give an F about Gates, and we get to see the Saber Strike finisher again! Just as I theorized, every number will result in the projected animal becoming bigger and stronger, as a 3 Chameleo Saber Strike projects three big chameleons, but smaller than the 6 Saber Strike and definitely bigger than a 1 Saber Strike. And at the very least it can deal a damage upon Legion, though not heavily.

When Legion points out that Beast didn’t have a beautiful heart (a nod to Beauty and the Beast maybe?) he sends the Ghouls to do the work. This is when the part I hated the most arrived, Beast utilizing Hyper to fight the Ghouls. Sure, he used it first to gain the upper hand on fighting Legion, but the stupidest part has got to be Beast utilizing Magnum Strike to defeat FOUR Ghouls. I know that they wanted to effing promoting the toys, but it shows that Beast is getting weaker rather than stronger, because previously he was able to destroy the Ghouls using bare hands. Well, at least he gets to eat the Ghouls, which is probably his only meal for the entire arc.

Wizard 30 (4)

Back to Haruto, he’s still entertaining the siblings. Due to a call from Rinko, Haruto had to stop and gave the girl a flower using the Connect Ring. It’s minor, but we get to see the other side of the Connect Ring, which I’ve always wondered when Haruto uses it to summon his arsenal. At the scene of the crime, Nitou tells everyone about Legion’s aim, and that he’s a monstrous psychopath. While this occurs, Koyomi monologues about her mana is running out quickly. That’s all about it in this episode, because Koyomi is a big part in the next episode, so they just teased us with it in this episode.

As for Legion, he was confronted by Medusa who discovers that Gremlin is behind this. I really liked that Legion called Medusa ‘Wiseman’s dog’, because it really fits her. But Gremlin’s intervention causes Medusa to go angry, and now she knows that Gremlin is not an ally of her. Much to my half disappointment, they didn’t fight, but that’s not the main focus of the episode, which is why I’m half disappointed.

Back to Haruto, he spots the same boy buying a flower to his sister. Judging that his determination to make his sister happy, I knew that maybe there’s something wrong with his sister. I mean admit it, every siblings fight each other, especially when they’re young, so it would be very rare to see a brother care so much to his sister unless there’s something wrong with the sister. I mean even Haruto treats Koyomi that way because Koyomi has her own problems.

P/S: The flower store clerk is HOT.

Wizard 30 (5)

Unfortunately, the boy’s good heart attracts Legion’s attention, and this means trouble. Just by the confrontation between Haruto and Legion, you can feel the aura that there will be big trouble to our heroes. As this occurs, Gremlin went into Wiseman’s lair, only to be attacked by Wiseman! Yes, we get to see a glimpse of Wiseman’s powers, and it’s deadly enough to hurt Gremlin even though it’s just tying him to a chain and electrifies him. At the very least it shows us that Wiseman is a deadly powerhouse, which maybe satisfies unsatisfied fans  who babbles about Wiseman not getting into action.

Wiseman decides to end Gremlin because he opposed him, and much to my surprise, Gremlin is fine with it, as long as he knows what he demanded to know. Man, he would go that far just to gain knowledge of something. I really like this troll. And what was the thing that Gremling demanded to know? It’s about the purpose of Sabbath, the existence of mages, and something called Philosopher’s Stone. Damn, first Gandalf, and now Harry Potter is related too?!

Back to Haruto, we get to see Haruto fighting Legion out of suit, which makes him more badass than ever. Sure, they used a stuntman, but it’s really cool to see that Haruto and Wizard are really the same person (As opposed to some Riders where his human form and Rider form’s attitude is different, like Kiva for example). This is because Haruto uses the flip n’ kick move, although here it’s more of a flip as the kick failed to inflict damage.

Wizard 30 (6)

During the transformed fights,I’m glad that we get to see Wizard’s older forms. Although I would like to see him utilizing that goddamn All Dragon Style, we get to see Hurricane Style using Thunder Ring instead. Dafuq? I thought that kind of Ring are only usable in Dragon forms?

At the very least Beast backed Wizard up. While they didn’t use any upgrades that you can consider to turn the table, it’s really good that Legion gave both mages a hard time, that their damage took a long time to recover  which is why they couldn’t assume stronger forms in time. Unfortunately even with Beast they couldn’t defeat Legion.

Legion realized that Haruto also had the beauty he seek, and with Wizard weak enough to retaliate, he strikes Wizard, opening a gap that leads to Wizard’s Underworld! Yes, Legion is a rare Phantom that can go to a person’s Underworld, and he’s been using this method to induce a person’s coma.

Wizard 30 (7)

With Legion in Haruto’s Underworld, Beast must go in to prevent Legion from causing damage to Haruto’s heart. After a long while, we get to see the Underworld fight scenes again, complete, with BeastChimera assisting Beast! But the best part of it is WizarDragon joining the fight, because it’s like Legion is attacking his territory. During the battle you can clearly see that BeastChimera is smaller than WizarDragon, signifying that Wizard is stronger than Beast.

However, an attack meant for Beast was blocked by WizarDragon, and he gets hit by it. The result is the destruction of WizarDragon. What does this mean? It means that WizarDragon, Haruto’s source of power, is destroyed, therefore destroying the WizarDriver and preventing Haruto from using magic, ever! Does this mean that Kamen Rider Wizard is no more?!

Overall, a really EXCITING episode, yes pun intended. Not only we get to see Haruto gets his ass kicked real bad, but we also get to see Gremlin progressing forward with his plan of knowing about the Philosopher’s Stone. And also, Koyomi is starting to lose her mana even more, meaning that shit’s finally stirring up. Don’t miss this episode! Hell, who wouldn’t? I mean this episode is the first part of a new Style that’ll debut next episode!


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