AkibaRanger S02E02: Chuuka Sentai Chinaman?!


WARNING: Kids should NOT read this review!!!! Unofficial Sentai AkibaRanger has become Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger as the 17th Super Sentai, but what happened to the real 17th Sentai, DaiRanger? Also, a new enemy appears!

Akiba2 2 (1)

First things first, it’s about the opening. This time it’s replaced by the real or rather, complete opening. Honestly I kinda like the demo version, it’s just that I love the instrumental used in the demo. And also the beginning part of the completed song uses auto-tune, which I don’t really like.

This episode is fantastic! Maybe it’s because it’s a real episode of season 2, but the way this started is pretty AWESOME, and honestly it was like another version of episode 2 in season 1. This is because the chief clerk way of attacking people is reminiscent of Aburamushi 2.0, where he forces nerds to watch inappropriate things and punishes them by taking off their clothes. The difference is that this time the polka dot frames are replaced by boxy suits.

Speaking of the inappropriate thing, the chief clerk introduces a new kind of player, the Dream-Ray Deck. It’s an upgrade of Blu-Ray Player where viewers can watch anything they imagined. As such, one of it is a hentai anime of Aoi-tan, and I gotta say it’s really hilarious! I wonder how Maaya Uchida did that perverted voice LOL. And Dream-Ray Deck is a dream device for all of us, which mostly resulted in naughty usage. Come on, if I had that, I can just imagine Mao Ichi- errrr move on!

Akiba2 2 (2)

As for Akagi’s first fight in 9 months, he failed to transform at first. At thought he failed because AkibaRangers are now the official Sentai, so they don’t have to enter delusion anymore. But much to my surprise, Akagi failed to transform because he forgot to insert the batteries! As for the fight, despite it’s design, Blu-Ray Chief Clerk is one of my favorite MotW due to its abilities. His abilities are basically a universal remote, and he can do just about anything he wanted with it. As such pressing the ‘skip’ button will allow him to gain upper hand quickly, even though it’s somewhat cheating.

And what makes this scene funny is that Akagi fell for every of his trick! I mean he fell for the 30-second skip fist twice, and he can’t even outrun the 3d projector ability which cause any image pointed by the remote control to become real object. The way Akagi is hit by the truck is reminiscent of season 1′s opening.

The knockback sent Akagi flying and hit RyuuRanger, although for some reason, his name isn’t RyuuRanger, but Chinaman from Chuuka Sentai Chinaman! Yeah if you watched Super Hero Taisen Net Movies, there’s a segment where Gokai Silver, Narutaki and Urataros talked about Chinaman, the supposed name for DaiRanger during development. In the Net Movie they said that it was a cheap rumor, so we don’t know if the name Chinaman was indeed meant for DaiRanger or not.

Akiba2 2 (3)

But I’m really glad that they took the small tidbit and add it into a parody series! Also, RyuuRanger or rather ChinaRed sounded differently, as he was voiced by Tomokazu Seki, who’s mostly known in Sentai as the voice of the Gokaiger’s arsenal. You can notice it when his voice is in the high pitch. I think they hired a voice actor to do it is not because of they can’t get Keiichi Wada, but rather they wanted to show that Chinaman is entirely different, ripoff of DaiRanger. It’s like that and I really like it.

And the interaction between ChinaRed and AkibaRed is really hilarious. It’s like GokaiSilver meeting an official member (I’m not mentioning Akagi because he never really interacted that way with official members) all over again. Other than that, I liked how the staff was so keen into removing any DaiRanger related on Sentai merchandise. For example, there’s a boc of 25 Red Rangers from GoRanger to GaoRanger, and it’s hard to see, but I noticed that RyuRanger is absent from the roster.

However, the interaction between AkibaRed and ChinaRed is cut short due to Blu-Ray Chief Clerk firing it’s hissatsu: Downconvert Beam. It’s usually referred to converting a HD video into an SD video, in other words, downgrading the quality of something. As such, the gyoza had turned into a pile of crap.

Akiba2 2 (4)

If the day’s haven’t been strange enough for them, the appearance of a Chief Clerk is actually because there is someone who is interfering with the AkibaRangers. When he first debuted, I really loved how he used that menacing voice. It’s really, really terrifying!

Back to reality, I wondered why Hakase and Kozkoz wasn’t affected by this, as they still remember what DaiRanger is. Speaking of DaiRanger, their toys are replaced by AkibaRangers’, and all of AkibaRangers’ arsenal had been renamed, such as the Outrageous Cannon is Akiba Meteor Cannon, MMZ-01 is called AkibaLaser, and Itashaa Robo is called Akivulcan Robo. Why vulcan? Because if you pronounce it Japanese way, it’s like A-ki-baru-kan.

To really make sure that DaiRanger isn’t gone forever, Akagi and co. went to karaoke to sing the DaiRanger song. Man, I really wanted to go to Akihabara. I mean they have Toku songs! I’m not sure if other places in Japan has them, but this adds the more reason why I wanted to migrate to Japan! Somebody fetch me a Japanese wife now!:P

Anyways the only thing they got is the Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger song, and it’s actually the DaiRanger theme song, but the lyrics are replaced with things related to AkibaRanger! And I noticed how they used cheap sequence for the karaoke because it’s a friggin’ karaoke. Heck, some songs even has videos that doesn’t relate to the song!

Akiba2 2 (5)

Now that they were pretty sure that AkibaRanger has replaced DaiRanger, Akagi theorized that maybe RyuuRanger was hit by Blu-Ray’s Downconvert Beam, thus lowering his quality into a Sentai ripoff mascot. If you see it properly, the flashback sequence between RyuuRanger VS Blu-Ray is made like it was set in a DaiRanger episode. I mean look at the quality, and you’ll understand. It’s pretty neat!

Also we get to see Akagi’s Sentai knowledge, he can hear something that’s very rare in Sentai! In this case, he heard a man singing a song that’s only been used once in Denjiman, and that man is a connoisseur. What’s a connoisseur? To put it real simply, it’s like Akagi, vastly informational about Super Sentai. Oh and I really wanted to hear that Ginga Honey song from Denjiman. Does anybody know where I can find one?

And that connoisseur is actually the very person who’s behind the shenanigans of the trouble for AkibaRangers! His confrontation with Akagi was very well done, as it’s a hero and villain confrontation. Well they way they interacted with each other it’s like they know they’re enemies, even though they actually don’t and only thinks of each other as Toku fans.

Akiba2 2 (6)

After that, Akagi discuss things about calling the other AkibaRangers for help, but Mitsuki is in America and Yumeria is on a business trip of some sort. This is when they met Luna Iwashimizu, a young woman who wants to be an idol. Other than that, she’s a fan of AkibaRangers, but not the AkibaRangers that we knew, but instead it’s Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger!

First impressions on Luna, man she is cute. She’s got the energetic personality of Yuki Jojima from Kamen Rider Fourze, and somewhat resembles her, and I really hope that she doesn’t ended up being like Yuki did. I mean Yuki was cute at the beginning but turned into an annoying bitch. And to prove how energetic she is, she quickly accepts Hakase’s invitation of being an AkibaRanger, although she thinks it’s a stepping stone for her role as an idol, which I think is a nod to most of the Super Sentai Heroines, as the majority of them are idols (like Ayumi Kinoshita & Mao Ichimichi for example hehehehehe….).

And to prove that she’s a Super Sentai fan, she also records a note about each of the show’s director’s preferences! One of them is Koichi Sakamoto, who tends to make strong and SEXY femal characters, and shows it by making the female character shows their thighs. Meaning they had to wear hot pants.

When duty calls and Akagi and Luna transforms, Luna’s way of transforming is similar to Mitsuki’s, as they didn’t shout “Juu Mosou!” loudly as others did. As the battle begins, I’m glad that they make AkibaRed noticed that AkibaBlue’s suit has been updated, this time sporting a straight ponytail as opposed to the ‘split’ one as well as a garter belt. Also, because this season features a new enemy, they made a new, absolutely hilarious and absurd foot soldiers! By absurd I mean these foot soldiers are basically faggots, and the way they fights our heroes is very ‘unique’, as they do a lap dance to them and annoys our heroes (and to an extent, the viewers)!

Akiba2 2 (7)

When the going gets though, Yumeria returns just in time to aid our heroes. I liked Yumeria’s reintroduction, where she changed her clothes as well as her personality. And even though she’s a stellar cosplayer, I would just prefer she wearing the cat outfit with the cat personality, as that one was the famous of all of Yumeria’s personalities.


Anyways with 3 AkibaRangers, it’s time to do  the roll call. Out of all, Luna’s roll call is worth noting. I seems like she was using her name as to promote herself during roll calls, which makes sense since she wanted to be an idol after all. But the funny thing about the roll call is that Red/Yellow and Blue announced team name differently, as Blue was a fan of Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger.

Akiba2 2 (8)

And the battle was okay. The only thing noteworthy is that they mentioned the part where a member aids his/her teammate in time is the flagship in victory, although in Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger they actually lose the battle! And even though Luna is a newbie, she was able to work efficiently with her team, because this is a delusion.

One thing that I need to point out is that before they battle Blu-Ray, the AkibaRangers didn’t defeat the Oneedas, but rather they disappeared into singularity. This makes me think that in order to defeat the faggots, the AkibaRangers must disappoint the Oneedas so that they will be defeated!

As for the finisher, they summoned the Outrageous Cannon, although Luna referred it to as Akiba Meteor Cannon. And because AkibaRanger is an official Sentai in her eyes, she wasn’t aware of the involvement of Jetman, DekaRanger and Boukenger teams in part of the weapon. This makes an assumption that Luna is actually a one-time Sentai fan, and she had possibly only watched AkibaRanger, because she can’t even tell who the hell RedHawk, DekaRed and BoukenRed are.

Akiba2 2 (9)

Anyways they managed to defeat Blu-Ray Chief Clerk and assumed ChinaRed would return to RyuuRanger, only for him to stay as ChinaRed! But before they can rest, KibaRanger attacks the AkibaRangers, and surprisingly his name is not ChinaWhite and he had the AkibaRanger logo on his chest! One thing that I’m disappointed about KibaRanger is that he’s not voiced by the guy who played Kou, but he was voiced by the guy who voiced ByakkoShinken, so it’s alright. After all ByakkoShinken actually did the talking during earlier KibaRanger appearances in DaiRanger so it’s okay.

Overall, like I said, a fantastic episode! Maybe it’s because it’s a fully new and original AkibaRanger episode since s1′s episode 12, and the fact that we saw the KibaRanger/MMPR White suit again is very cool. KibaRanger’s appearances in Gokaiger doesn’t count since it’s mostly a Gokai Change.











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