S.H.Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider Kabuto (Hyper Form)

Oh my god. I’ve just got the greatest Figuart yet. Seriously, Kabuto series has amazing designs and all or its Figuarts kick ass too. Not to mention Hyper Kabuto here. The king of awesome. The king of Clock Up. The king of heaven(?). Oh well, grandma says this: If you want to buy Figuarts, get the Final Form ones. And she’s indeed right!

Tendou Souji, the man who walks to the path of heaven, starts collecting Zecters because he belives the only way to save Hiyori is to become the only remaing Rider. He eventually gets all of the Zecters and managed to obtain Perfect and Hyper Zecter as well. With the Hyper Zecter, he can transform into Hyper Form and wields Perfect Zecter, which draws powers from TheBee, Drake, Sasword and Kabuto Zecters.

Review. Hyper Cast Off. Change HYPER BEETLE. The box, as with the new Figuarts boxes, is colored. It is colored in red and black and white letterings, because silver is too weird for lettering. It’s a pretty box there, EXTREMELY pretty. It’s like you wanna kiss em’ everyday.

Hyper Kabuto, even though known for his perfectness, wasn’t really perfect on Figuarts. The only thing that doesn’t make him perfect is that the eyes are blue,  not cyan, although mine’s look cyan enough. Also, the Hyper Zecter is UNPAINTED. Sucks. But he’s just too awesome to call him ‘sucks’. If you have normal Kabuto, I think this is pretty much the same mold, but of course, repainted and put some new armors to make him Hyper. Despite the same mold, he still looks NEW to everyone.

Articulation is normal as other Figuarts. Joints are pretty thight. So I won’t ramble much. They’re pretty basic, anyway. Unlike other Figuarts, he has a PLASTIC FEET. Most Figuarts has diecast feet. Diecast supports more weight and lets you do any pose you want without much trouble. With plastic feet, it doesn’t make him suck, it’s just a lil’ bit hard to made any pose with him. But it doesn’t bother me though.

He has tons of accessories. That’s weird because he only comes packaged in a normal box. Other Figuarts like Kiva Emperor comes with a larger box because of his accessories. Hands, he comes with 2 weapon holding and molester, as well as his famous finger. I would like to point out that his weapon hands doesn’t hold the Perfect Zecter well, and it disappoints me. Even holding it with 2 hands it would still fall off. I guess it’s because the Zecter’s is heavy. He also comes with a RAINBOW-COLORED ENERGY WINGS. Holy crap. A piece of awesomeness.

Overall, it is a wonderful Figuarts ever. He has everything he needs to come with, and he even has some extra accesories! If you’re just a casual collector, GET THIS. Kabuto fans are probably having it already. He’s AWESOME.


S.H.Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme

CJXOne of the most successful KR series now has it’s own ultimate form! In a Figuarts form! And the good thing is,  he’s a normal release! I’m very excited for this thing, and now it has reached my 2nd favorite Figuarts. This, alongside Hardboilder, is the last retail releases. From now on, all of Double Figuarts will be EXCLUSIVE.  AccelTrial,  Eternal, Skull Crystal, Dopants, you name it!

After Phillip’s encounter with the Xtreme Memory, something has happened to him that it makes Shotaro too weak to become Double. Eventually, both manage to overcome it, and as a reward, the Xtreme Memory evolves CycloneJoker into CycloneJokerXtreme! This results in Shotaro and Phillip to fuse, making this form the ‘true’ Double. I originally thought his their name is going to be Xtreme Form, but it’s CycloneJokerXtreme.  Deal with it.  I was also hoping if there was HeatMetalXtreme or LunaTriggerXtreme and more importantly, FangJokerXtreme, but they didn’t show it.

Oh well, onto the review. The box. Previous Double box has dual-color scheme (Black background and green lettering for CJ, blue background with yellow lettering for LT), this one has a normal silver background but with green lettering for KR Double and standard black for CJX, implying that it has 3 main colors.

The figure, it is AWESOME. Yeah, the black joints bother me, but they are standard, what can we do? The Cyclone side is cast in metallic autumn green, and I like it. The Joker side are cast in glossy black, but the chest, waist and head area are MATTE FINISH. Holy crap about that. I wish that all of the black side are matte finish, but if they did that, I think he’ll be an exclusive. Speaking of which, the Gold version of this is an exclusive, so I hope that Joker side is complete matte finish. Now the Crystal Server side in front, is silver. BUT, it has a shiny prism-y plastic that makes it look shining. Take that Shining Agito. The Xtreme Memory is painted really good, but I don’t understand why there’s a yellow dot on the flash area. It should be green. Thanks a lot, Bandai. You’ve just ruin the figure’s perfectness.

Articulation. He has tight joints on the arm, just like Niigo. But the leg joints are incredibly loose. Even more loose than DiEnd. But I’ll give it a slide, coz’ all Double mold Figuarts have loose legs. Especially Skull.

Accessories, he didn’t have everything he needs, because he has 2 weapon holding, 2 relaxed, and 2 henshin hands. WHERE THE HELL ARE KAZOERO HANDS?! Every Double Figuarts needs Kazoero hands. Well, I guess the Henshin hands are a great replacements. And I like dual fingers as Kazoero hands too. Now, the weapon. The Prism Sword is detailed and painted really good, but the Bicker Shield didn’t have the painted Memories. Shame. Other than that, all was painted well. The sword can also inserted into the shield, just like the show. A good plus.

Overall, despite the VERY, VERY minor nitpicks, CJX is an awesome Figuarts. I wasn’t even expecting to buy these either, because I was aiming for VE Decade or Joker or even the CycloneCyclone and JokerJoker. But only CC and JJ are available, but they were wayyyyyy too expensive. 160 dollars, take that. But I’m VERY happy with it and I highly recommend him because he’s easy to find, unlike FangJoker, who disappears after 10 minutes of arriving to the store.

S.H Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider 2 (The First Ver.)

The 2nd RiderHonestly, I wasn’t even expecting to buy these. I originally wanted to buy Ichigo, but he’s sold out.  So I went to check Black and RX, and they sold out too. Without further ado, I’ll just go on a purchase this instead. I should have gotten V3 or Shocker Riders :(……

Anyway, In The First, unlike the series, Hayato Ichimonji was completely rewritten. Formerly known as Katsuhiko Yano, the lover of Asuka Midorikawa, Katsuhiko was killed by the Shocker Inhumanoid Spider, with his lifeless body recovered and turned into a cyborg similar to Hongo. His brain was altered to believe he was a man named Ichimonji Hayato in competition for Asuka’s affection. Like all Inhumanoids created by Shocker, Ichimonji suffers the wasting disease that results from being experimented on and needs a transfusion only Shocker scientists can execute to survive. Ichimonji originally served as Hongo’s enemy, and later as a hesitant ally who fights to uphold his own principles. He disappears at the end of the movie, leaving his helmet on the road.

Review start! Detail wise, he has everything he needs or rather, paint jobs, etc. His green is metallic, and it’s lime green, not autumn green like Cyclone side from Double. His head is really detailed, even the compound eyes astound me. He doesn’t even have shoulder pads. Even the Shocker logo is present in his gloves and back. Articulation is standard as all other Figuarts, and his pretty tight. My type of tight (WTF?). So I won’t go much into that. He can do a couple of dynamic poses, especially with a Tamashii Stage (I’ll probably be getting them mid-year).

Accessories, as he is the 2nd Rider, he doesn’t have weapons, but he has 3 sets of hands: 2 molester, 2 karate chop/pose, and I think 2 choking hands/boob molester (Yes he and Ichigo is pervert). He also has 2 scarfs, one normal, and one blowing for Rider Kick, etc. I would like to point out that his left hand’s wrist joints are sometimes fall off when you switch hands.

Overall, he is nice. I still like DiEnd better, given that Niigo is just a palete swap of Ichigo. Furthermore, I don’t really dig the green coloring on him, and I like Ichigo better because he’s blue and PINK eyes. If you’re a fan of  The First and The Next, get Ichigo or V3 or even Shocker Riders (because their colour scheme is GOLD).  I can only recommend him if you buy him alongside Ichigo or the Cyclone bike. That’s all.

S.H Figuarts Review: Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form

The Card-Crown-Wearing Guy....Here it is….. my first S.H.Figuarts  review….. Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form!!!! Yes, this ugly cyan guy just got uglier…. BUT, I say he looks extremely cool in Complete. Still, the Movie Riders power is bothering me as I wanted him to copy the 2nd Rider Ultimate Form powers. Like Exceed Gills, Knight Survive, Garren Jack, Chalice Wild, Hyper Gatack, Zeronos Zero, Rising Ixa and AccelTrial! Well, onto the reviews!!!

Hold on, I think I need to explain a bit about the Figure’s story then I’ll move on. In order to defeat G Den-O, DiEnd uses the K-Touch that he recieves from the former G Den-O (the current one is G Den-O’s Imagin, Eve). He uses it to acces Complete Form which draws powers from Movie Riders: G4, Ryuga, Orga, Glaive, Kabuki, Caucasus, Arc and Skull (wierd since he’s the only good Rider here). Then here it is, the Complete Form.

Onto the review, shall we? First, he comes packaged in a cardboard box because he’s EXCLUSIVE. And every exclusive gets a cardboard box. Then, the real box contains the cyan-colored lettering with a normal silver box. Aside from that, nothing is really special about this box at all.

The details is good. It’s not awesome because the cards on his chest are stickers, and they can fall of anytime. So, I advice to y’all that don’t play with him to much. From the stomach to legs and arms, it is technically the same design as normal DiEnd or rather, Decade Complete. It has the same silver paint, which is just frustrating in terms of design because I was expecting some YELLOW on cuffs, boots, any minor parts that are silver painted. It’s not the Figuarts fault, it’s just the design that’s just loss a lot of colour on it. The chest and head are filled with sticker cards. The K-Touch is painted cyan and all the details are in it. It is still removable but with the grippers sticked to it. Articulation is not bad, the arm is really tight, but the legs are a little bit loose.  Also, due to his shoulder pad, the arm can only turn about 70-80 degrees. The color loss bother me a bit, since it’s just plain. At least decorate the chest and cuffs, Toei. In terms of design, I like this one better, but in terms of color scheme, normal DiEnd is better. Deal with it.

Time for accessories. He has 7 hands: 2 Weapon holding, 2 relaxed, 2 card holding (WTF he doesn’t even come with cards) and a poking hand. Yes, he can pick his nose now (wonder where that is…). He also comes with 2 DiEnDriver, opened and closed. Unfortunately the closed one is useless but I made him dual-wielding the gun instead.

Finally, the thoughts. He is a good Figuart, but I can’t recommend him enough. The reason that I wanted to buy him is because I haven’t seen Complete Form yet. If you really like him, then you’ll get him for sure. Overall, it’s an easy pass, go buy some other exclusives like Eternal or something.

Sengal Rambles: Hi…… I guess…….

So I was going to make toy reviews and lookie here, the package has arrived! Technically I bought it from the store, not online, since I only buy online if I’m 18 (2 years left!!). Well, here it is, the S.H.Figuarts:

Bought from XL-Shop.Com:

– S.H Figuarts Exclusive: Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form

From Time Machine KL:

-S.H Figuarts :Kamen Rider 2 (The First Ver.)

-S.H Figuarts: Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme

-S.H Figuarts: Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form

I’ll explain about why I got Niigo – I originally wanted to purchase either Black, RX, or Ichigo (The First Ver.) but all of them are sold out. Fantastic. Well, stay tuned for my first review: DiEnd Complete!!!

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