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Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard: Sengoku Movie War Review

I’ve reviewed Wizard and Gaim‘s portion of this movie, now it’s time to review the part where everybody’s waiting for, the crossover Movie War portion! In this portion, Baron challenges Bujin Wizard’s faction to a fight, with Gaim as the faction’s Rider, while the mainstream Wizard enters the Sengoku World to chase after Pitcher Plant Monster who consumes Beast. Meeting Gaim for the second third time, the two joins forces to defeat Bujin Gaim once and for all. Continue reading Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard: Sengoku Movie War Review


Kamen Rider Wizard FINALE: Freedom and Justice

Kamen Rider Wizard continues his mission in the alternate Wizard no Sekai, this time aided by Kamen Rider Decade and Gaim! Can Wizard find out what is Amadam’s real plan? Continue reading Kamen Rider Wizard FINALE: Freedom and Justice

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes [PSP] Review

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes

Released in November 2012, the latest game in the Kamen Rider Climax Heroes series has arrived!!! And I’m late to review it! Back in Fourze’s review I said that CH4 is considered the second sequel, I take my words back. Now I consider Climax Heroes Fourze as a DLC-ish game. And here’s Super Climax Heroes, the official second sequel, at least in my opinion! Check out the review below. Continue reading Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes [PSP] Review

Movie War MegaMAX and Fourze’s 2nd Rider Rumors

We are just only on the third episode but it doesn’t stop the new rumors about Kamen Rider Fourze”s 2nd rider, tentatively called “Kamen Rider Meteor!” Furthermore, some information about Movie War MegaMAX

Please take rumors with a grain of salt!

The first alien Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Meteor will debut in Movie War. “Gray”, from Mars, is the one chosen by “Meteor” and appears in Amanogawa High as a transfer student. He warns Gentaro about a “Great Space War.”

Gentaro tries to gather the Riders of the Urban Legends for that war. Original past Riders will appear, but they’ll be voice-only participation due to the difficulty in gathering the cast. The Riders resonate with Fourze and he gains a new form.

Kamen Rider Fourze’s “extra Large friendship project” starts (with the movie).

Source: 2ch via NeonZ of HJU