Ninninger Shinobi 2: Fight for the Title of ‘Last Ninja’!

When his grandchildren find out that he’s still alive, the Last Ninja tells them that they need to fight and become his successor. But Yakumo/AoNinger may not be interested in becoming a full fledged ninja at all………

Nin 2 (1)

The grandpa brings them to their new dojo which will be their command center, and it’s a pretty cool one because the whole facility consists of trick rooms! As for the grandpa himself, he is a guy who cannot be taken seriously and his accomplishments are incredibly absurd! He beat 30 pandas?! No wonder they’re in danger of extinction! But it’s really awesome to have a mentor that fools around yet wise.

Grandpa tells them that they need to increase their ‘Nintality’, which is pretty much their energy source like the Mojikara. The first step to do that is to master the Goton Shuriken, which allows them to use five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal. I’m actually surprised at how different these elements are,I thought it would be fire, water, earth, lightning and wind. The Ninningers first need to study, I love how everybody else was sitting on the floor traditionally while Yakumo sits on a chair. Because he studied in Europe.

Nin 2 (2)

Then they need to practice using the Goton Shuriken. It’s awesome that they train in bamboo forest. Since they just started out, obviously they fail in mastering the Goton Shuriken, even Takaharu. Only Yakumo are able to master it perfectly, due to his affiliation with magic.

Remember in the previous episode where I said Iwould name ShiroNinger “Bad Luck Fuuka”? This episode definitely confirms it. I just love seeing her streak of unluckiness, and it makes her look even more cute for some reason. Man, I feel like wanting to adopt Fuuka’s actress. Spoken like I’m 40 already 😛

Nin 2 (3)

Later, Taka gets pissed at Yakumo being disrespectful to everything affiliated with their grandfather. From this point the episode shifts to AoNinger-focused episode. Wow, second episode and we’re already focusing on the Ranger other than Red! Could it be that they heard us? Anyway even with the focus on Blue, AkaNinger still plays a huge part in the episode, and to be honest Nagi is the only one who’s ignored in this episode.

I have to say I don’t really get Yakumo though. He’s not interested in being a ninja yet he’s the first one who helps Takaharu in the previous episode. Well, luckily they explain that being the Last Ninja is simply not Yakumo’s interest, and his actions in the previous episode is just helping Takaharu.

The Youkai appears again and to notify the Ninningers, the GamaGama Gun croaks to alert their presence! It’s clever that they made other functions of the other weapons, plus it’s cute how the guns croak to alert them. Also, the Youkai need to gather fear from the civilians to revive the Kibaoni Army, which is a simplified version of ToQger’s method. And here, to obtain fear, they literally attacked the humans! I mean in every Tokusatsu show they just walk slowly to the civilians and they would scream, but here they just blatantly throw them into the river! It’s hilarious if you ask me!

Nin 2 (4)

And then came the best part in the episode. The Ninningers battle the Yokai, and the scene between AkaNinger and the Yokai Kappa is absolutely hilarious! Starting with a sumo battle, and ending with AkaNinger getting thrown into a lake only to land on it and receiving scores totally makes me laugh. I haven’t laugh so hard in the show before!

The Ninningers failed to defeat Kappa, although AoNinger is able to subdue him using the Goton Shuriken. It’s interesting how he shoots flames like he was holding a wand, given his magic background and all that. Seeing as the others have yet to master the shuriken, Yakumo decides to chase after Kappa alone.

However Kasumi followed him, I’m glad that they also gave focus to other characters. We also learn that Kasumi is the second oldest between them, making Yakumo the third oldest.

Nin 2 (5)

Yakumo encounters Kappa again but this time he is defeated, until Takaharu appears. Taka laments on Yakumo for being arrogant, and if he wants to be that then it’s fine, but he has to surpass Grandpa first. Because of that, Yakumo finds a resolve, to surpass Grandpa and become the strongest. This means that he and Takaharu now are fighting as rivals.

The chemistry between Takaharu & Yakumo in the battle is good, you can see that the two are trying to outdo the another. That being said it doesn’t stop them from working together to defeat Kappa.

Nin 2 (6)

During the Megazord battle, AoNinger access Shurikenjin’s new mode: Shurikenjin Drago. This mode essentially swaps Shinobimaru and Dragomaru’s places, giving Shurikenjin a dragon-like appearances. I have to say I prefer Shurikenjin Drago better. It looks like it suits it better. Also, I love how the finisher involves Shurikenjin Drago shooting lightning from his mouth. It reminds me of King Ghidorah.

After the battle, Yakumo makes amend with Takaharu and accepts him as his rival in obtaining the title of the Last Ninja, while Kasumi smiles upon them. Hmmm, I wonder if she, Fuuka and Nagi will also participate in the claiming the title? Because they don’t seem to be interested.

Meanwhile, Kyuemon reveals that she has gathered enough fear to revive the First Spear of the Kibaoni: Raizo Gabi……..

Nin 2 (7)

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this episode. The humor is spot on, the training scene is fun to watch especially with Bad Luck Fuuka striking out, and the best of all this episode is an episode not focused on the Red Ranger! Although he still plays a huge role. But props for giving AoNinger and MomoNinger some focus. I hope they continue do it like this, Ninninger looks like it could be good so far.

For ratings, Ninninger Shinobi 2: Become the Last Ninja Deserves to be Watched Again and Again and Again!


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