Power Rangers Dino Charge 2: Dino Rangers, Assemble!

As Tyler and Shelby make their way to the Amber Beach Museum to find more answers about their recent shenanigans, Fury searches for a green Energem, that is still yet to be bonded to a person…….

DinoCharge 2 (1)

The episode opens with an introduction to Riley, the last of the core Rangers to be introduced. The first thing I wanted to note is that they finally used the advantage of filming in New Zealand, meaning that we finally got some of the scenery through Riley’s farm. It’s about time they did that.

Now for the first impression of Riley, the guy looks timid, but disciplined enough. I like how his face gives off a ‘kiddy’ look, as when he stand alongside the other Rangers you can see that he is the youngest of the bunch. Also, Riley has a FAMILY. I don’t know about you but I prefer if the Rangers have relatives, the fact that the Megaforce characters doesn’t even mention their parents confuses me.

Oh, I forgot to mention this in the previous episode, but I wanted to talk about the theme song. This is an example of how to do a nostalgia right. You create something new but incorporates elements of the original. This is why the Zeo theme song is one of the best theme song, because it’s a new refreshing theme but still incorporated the part that makes the MMPR song great, a.k.a, the chorus itself.

DinoCharge 2 (2)

Riley discovers the Green Energem and after that his mother allowed him to go to the museum. Just one thing though, why did they treat going to the museum thing was like going to a summer camp or something? It’s like they know Riley is going to stay there.

Anyways Riley meets Tyler & Shelby along the way and they stopped to help up a man in an accident. That particular scene is really cheesy, but I guess they wanted to show that the people who was bonded to the Energems gains immense power.

The three arrived to the museum where Tyler falls into a tyrannosaurus’s mouth after asking Shelby to take his picture with the said tyrannosaurus head. I like how moder-day these Rangers are. The tyrannosaurus head leads them to a mysterious lair, where they can store the Energems.

DinoCharge 2 (3)

Suddenly, Keeper appears, followed by Kendall, Koda and Chase.It’s revealed that Kendall have been working with Keeper to find and protect the Energems, and that Chase and Koda had already bonded with the Black and Blue Energems respectively. From then on, the episode becomes incredibly rushed. It doesn’t mean anything bad the the pacing is really fast from this point forward.

Keeper welcomes Tyler, Shelby and Riley into the team and they all agree to become Power Rangers, well Shelby hesitated for a moment. Kendall tasks them to go to a volcano where there’s a strong energy signature, but the Red Energem prevents Tyler from going.

That’s because the Red Energem reacts to the T-Rex Zord’s arrival, who resides in the volcano. T-Rex rushes in to fight IceAge who returned with forces, which Tyler followed suit.

DinoCharge 2 (4)

Tyler arrives and properly transforms into the Dino Charge Red Ranger this time. First off, the morph call. It’s pretty long but I like it. Obviously they had to retain the “It’s Morphin’ Time” because they won’t be ditching it anytime soon and it’s really iconic. But hey, at least the morph call is not “Go Go Dino Charge!” anymore!

Now let’s talk about the morph sequence. It’s a shot-by-shot remake of the Kyoryuger one, but what’s great here is that they completely remake the entire sequence. Everything here is new, unlike in Megaforce where the last part is basically Goseiger footage.

DinoCharge 2 (5)

For the fight scene, they used the Kyoryuger footage for the first time here. It’s great actually, because the fight scenes in Kyoryuger are good especially the ones that are directed by Koichi Sakamoto. So there’s not much for me to say about the fight scene because I already talked about it in Kyoryuger.

What I do want to talk though, is the banters during the fight. They have gotten better with the dialogue, and I guess the acting helped make it sound natural. Like I said in the previous episode, their banters are more of taunts than stating the obvious.

Also, HUGE props to the editing team for editing the Japanese names into English ones. It may be a small thing, but it’s what we want since Megaforce ruined it with the retaining of Goseiger names. Oh, and since Samurai, the Red Ranger tends to announce a victory call after they defeated the enemy. In Samurai it’s “Victory is Ours”, in Megaforce it’s “That’s a Mega Win!”. Here, it’s “Monster, Extinct!”. I gotta say, that’s really badass. It’s simple and elegant!

DinoCharge 2 (6)

The Rangers celebrate their victory, but Chase notices something’s wrong with Keeper. He tells Keeper that IceAge is not like Fury whom they are looking for, and Keeper tells them that if IceAge is here, that means Sledge survived the explosion 65 million years ago. And indeed he is, Sledge is still alive and well, offering his captives a chance of freedom if they bring him the Energems……..

Overall, despite the second half being rushed, this is still a great episode and definitely a huge, HUGE step up to the Nick’s Power Rangers series since Samurai. This is what we want, an original story, decent acting, great interaction between the characters and they actually have chemistry, and good use of the Sentai footage.

For the ratings, Power Rangers Dino Charge episode 2: Past, Present and Fusion Is so Great that You to Watch it Again and Again and Again!!!!


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