Power Rangers Dino Charge 1: Major, MAJOR Improvements!

In the outer space, there are mysterious but powerful artifact called the Energems. A bounty hunter named Sledge wants the Energems to be rich and powerful, but will he get those artifacts? Or will it be passed down to others?

DinoCharge 1 (1)

I’ve decided to drop off Super Megaforce simply because I don’t want to sit through watching it and I’m pretty sure EVERYBODY wants to move on from it. Besides, I wanted to talk more about this season! At first we are all skeptical because why not, the past four years is essentially hell for Power Rangers fans, even worse than the Disney ones. But now, we are back on track, baby!

There is so much to talk about this premiere. First off, they learned. Saban learned their mistakes and they make it up for by throwing everything they can into this episode. The first thing I wanted to talk about is the villains, since they are the first ones who were introduced. Unlike the past villains, these evil space aliens already gave a really good impression to use, and more importantly they did not come off generic. The first one is Fury. The best thing is that like previous villains, Fury has a though voice, but unlike previous villains, it’s very distinctive and we can feel that he can be threatening. Next is Wrench, he doesn’t do much in this episode, but it’s a nice touch that he is voiced by the same voice actor as Tensou from Megaforce. Then there’s Poisandra. I’m surprised that they made her into the main villain’s fiancee, and honestly it really fits her well. I mean they really adapt her well from a happy go lucky villain into a villain with a cruel sense of humor.

Then there’s Sledge, the main antagonist. The guy is obviously the modernized Lord Zedd. Why? He can bring a threatening presence and yet can be a comic relief villain, which is perfect for a kids show. I love his dynamic with Poisandra. He can be cruel to his cohorts but pretty nice when it came to Poisandra. Their relationship is a clear homage to Zedd and Rita. See, this is how you do an homage!

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Now let’s move on to the good guys starting with Keeper, our mentor of the season. Some people were bothered as to why they didn’t use the Torin suit for Kyoryuger. While Torin himself is badass, I don’t mind the use of a newly created character for Power Rangers, because that is what I prefer the most. It distances itself from the Sentai series. And just look at Keeper. The guy is obviously an homage to Yoda, who doesn’t like Yoda!

What I love about Keeper is that he is the one who is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Why? Because he sabotaged Sledge’s ship by putting a bomb inside the Energem case and lets Fury obtain it and sent it back to the ship. When they found out about it, it’s already too late but Fury managed to escape by using a pod. Unfortunately Sledge’s ship was carrying a chunk of asteroids and when the ship explodes, the asteroids were headed to Earth and as a result, the dinosaurs are extinct! But before that Keeper gave the 10 Energems to selected dinosaurs, ensuring that they will keep it safe.

Oh, I got to tell you about Sledge’s ship. It’s amazing. In fact it may be the most amazing villains lair ever. Why? Because it has prison cells for captured monsters, since Sledge is a bounty hunter. It’s really amazing that the MoTWs are Sledge’s captives, which makes more sense if Sledge sends them one by one, since he can give them freedom if they bring him the Energems.

DinoCharge 1 (3)

65 million years later, we see a man named Tyler Navarro who is making an expedition of his own, while a woman named Shelby Watkins tries to ask her superior Kendall Morgan to let her join Chase Randall and Koda for digging fossils, but she wasn’t allowed because she was only a waitress about the museum. First off, I love the museum’s dinosaur themed restaurant. It’s been a while since we got a location as interesting as Jungle Karma Pizza. And the best of it? The foods each have their own prehistoric nicknames like Bronto Burger. If Power Rangers has a theme park or something, they better make a restaurant modeled after this. It’ll be awesome.

For this episode, I’m going to talk about just Tyler and Shelby, since they are the highlight and the others really didn’t do much. But first things first: the acting. It is improved. The dialogues are way better, the actors have chemistry, and overall not only they can act, but they act naturally instead of looking like they’re reading lines or overall just bad actors. This is what we wanted for a long time.

DinoCharge 1 (4)

For example, take Tyler. During his expedition when he was chased by a monster named IceAge, Tyler’s reaction is NATURAL and doesn’t feel like forced. The only thing I don’t like is Tyler’s monologue, it looks like they’re still weak in terms of ADR. And then Shelby. From what I’ve seen Camille Hyde looks like she was having fun filming her scenes, because it felt very natural and her excitement gave Shelby’s character an outgoing personality. Each of Shelby’s lines was delivered with satisfaction and it makes us attracted to the character. This is how you make a good show, have an interesting and attracting character, and have an actor that can pull it.

When Tyler meets Shelby for the first time, their interaction was really, really good. You can see they are forming chemistry on each other, which severely lacked in Megaforce. In the previous season, the only chemistry that comes off natural was Jake and Noah and that’s it, I still don’t understand why the Megaforce Rangers are able to get along aside from the fact that they are teammates. But here, they get along very quickly and you can even see some legitimate jokes!

DinoCharge 1 (5)

During the fight with IceAge, Tyler and Shelby are chosen by the Red and Pink Energems, and as a result the turned into the Power Rangers. The best thing about this scene is that both of them found out the powers by figuring out what to do, they were accidentally learning at the time! This is great and adds a sense of realism, since it always bothered me as to why they already know how to use the gears and call out the weapons’ name.

But here, they transformed by accident. As for the fight scene, it was short but I really loved it since I love original fight scenes. Again, it’s what distances Power Rangers from Super Sentai, gives you the opportunity to watch both. Now, the Rangers still banter during the fights like Samurai and Megaforce. But gone are the bad puns, even from the monsters, and instead the banters feels more like TAUNTING the opponent and comes of very natural. Thank you Chip Lynn for improving the scripts!

The fight was interrupted as a red tyrannosaurus rex fends off IceAge. Later, Shelby finds out that Tyler is actually trying to find his father who was missing, and its clue leads him to find a monster depicted in his father’s journal: Fury. Wow, we already got a backstory for one of main character. I’m glad that they didn’t copy it directly from Kyoryuger. While I like Shelby very much, I’m worried about Tyler, since his Sentai counterpart is my most hated Sentai character of all time and is the main reason I despise Kyoryuger. Also, it’s revealed that Fury is still very much alive and is hunting Tyler and Shelby.

DinoCharge 1 (6)

Overall, this premiere gives Power Rangers a much needed freshness that it deserved ever since Disney butchered the series. For the first time after five years we finally got an original story, complete with a prologue taking the first half of the episode! And we also get to see our characters being introduced, and showing us what they have to offer. Needless to say, this episode got us all pumped. It might be too much to say this because it’s only one episode in but, welcome back Power Rangers!

Oh, and I noticed that this is one, if not the only, episode that contains NO SENTAI FOOTAGE whatsoever. This episode is 100% original footage. Looks like they heard our wish after all!


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