Kamen Rider Gaim Finale: What Now?

Seven months after Kota obtained the Golden Fruit and ends the Invesion, the world is at peace once again. However, a new threat hits Zawame once more, this time from and old foe……………

Gaim 47 (1)

Since the main story ended in the previous episode, this one act as an epilogue, and it really reminds me of Kamen Rider W’s final episode. There are a lot of similarities between this episode and that: time jump, main characters returning one last time and more importantly, tying up loose ends.

Ultimately the episode serves as both a redemption point and closure for the characters Takatora, Jonouchi and Mitch. Mitch in particular is the main protagonist of the episode as the episode is taken from his point of view. Being the only Rider who did some villainous acts but in the end survived, Mitch is suffering from being guilty, refusing to be with the other Beat Riders even though they still accept him. Well, not all of them, since Peko hates him for mortally wounding him.

As for his brother Takatora, I love how awkward his and Mitch’s situation when living together. To think that these two tried to kill each other before but now they are eating breakfast together? That is awkward. Well, blood’s thicker than water, families stick together in the end even though you hated them. Since the Helheim threat has ended, Takatora now uses the Yggdrasill corporation to atone for their sins and instead decides to rebuild Zawame City.

Gaim 47 (2)

This also includes burning all of the available Sengoku Drivers, since the Helheim threat is over, there is no need for them to use it anymore. Big mistake, since Kougane, the main antagonist in Gaim’s summer movie returns to have his revenge. Since the Sengoku Drivers are destroyed, the remaining Riders had to fight in human form. I love how each and everyone of the remaining Riders sans Mitch fought together, but to no avail.

Which then brings to what I don’t like about the ending: see, I understand Urobuchi wrote this series to be standalone, and Gaim is unique that it did not rely on continuity from past series, much like most of the Rider series. The problem is, having to destroy the Sengoku Drivers means that in the future there will be some deus ex machina thing going on, as evidenced by the Kamen Rider Drive X Gaim Movie War Full Throttle. Not that I blame Urobuchi, but since we can expect to see the Riders more in the future, it just messes with continuity, especially since crossovers are pretty standard in tokusatsu.

Gaim 47 (3)

However, it’s revealed that Takatora does have one Sengoku Driver remaining but the problem is the Lockseed is the Pinecone Lockseed, which is one of the weakest Lockseeds ever. And the can’t obtain new Lockseeds anymore, since Helheim is far away and the Lock Vehicles are gone.

Jonouchi finds out about this and steals the Driver, since he wanted to use it to honor his late friend, Hase Ryoji. Also, this is where we get to see Jonouchi finally matured, as before he was a cowardly man and spends most of his time training to become stronger. This episode finally delivered and it shows that Jonouchi can handle himself pretty well in battle even as Kurokage. Looks like the training with Oren really payed off. Another thing worth noting is that it’s great to see a Kurokage suit shine in this episode, since it’s essentially a henchman-Rider type.

Gaim 47 (4)

However Kurokage is obviously not enough to combat the new threat as Jonouchi is beaten down easily. Suddenly, Mitch appears and reveals that there is still one Sengoku Driver left: the Ryugen one. I didn’t really like that he pointed out that there’s only one Lockseed. What happened to the Kiwi Lockseed? Also, I thought Mitch had a Lock Vehicle Lockseed? That would come in handy since he could travel to Helheim and obtain some Lockseeds. What a plothole.

Seeing Ryugen in action once more is really great, considering that this form, or rather its look, is regarded as a good Rider. It’s really refreshing to see a reformed Mitch fighting back as Ryugen, although I really do miss the Yomi version.

Gaim 47 (5)

But Mitch got beaten down and just before he’s finished, Kota appears to aid him in battle. What I really loved about Kota here is that his Man of the Beginning form is the strongest form, yet he purposely downgraded himself to Kiwami Arms for one) this is a Kamen Rider show and they need to use the suit and two) he’s only aiding Ryugen in battle.

And that’s what he really did. I loved it when he fought with Ryugen, their movements are like Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form summoning a Final Form Rider, in this case Ryugen is Decade and Gaim is the summoned Rider. Also, props to them for using the Rider Kick to deliver the final blow. It’s been a very long time since we saw a Rider Kick huh?

After that, Kota bids farewell to Mitch, telling him to move on and he earned the right to start over. Because of that, Mitch finally accepts himself and begins to open towards others. A good way to end his redemption point.

Gaim 47 (6)

Turns out that the reason Kota visited Earth is because he and Mai briefly brings Kaito’s spirit to show him that there is still hope and people are happy. Kaito said that they will repeat the same mistake over and over, but Mai tells him, it is inevitable. Yes, Kaito is right, but the thing is that is what evolution are. We got destroyed but then we work hard and become happier than before. Then we will destroy ourselves, but we will rebuild it and become even happier than before. Kaito accepts this and rests in peace, while Kota and Mai returns to their new planet.

I have to tell you, the final scene is very, very emotional, especially to the fans. Why? Because while this is happening the orchestral version of Just Live More is playing in the background, and it really fits the ending nature of the series. It shows that these characters have grown up and their story has ended.

And with that, ends one of the best Kamen Rider series ever. I have to say it’s been a very wild ride to this one. At first we are all very skeptical about it due to the fruit theme, but this show proves that good writing can make a silly, gimmicky show be badass. More importantly, good writing CAN make kids shows be taken seriously. Thank you for this magnificent season, we will miss you.

Gaim 47 (7)

– E N D –


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