Power Ranger Super Megaforce Series Review

I was going to finish the series by reviewing the remaining episodes, but everybody pretty much wants to read nothing about this season so I’m doing you guys a favor. Plus, in every episode reviews I pointed out the exact same flaws over and over, so why not do it one last time and be done with it? Okay, here we go.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the 21st season of Power Rangers and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Adapted from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, this is the season we’ve been waiting for. And the result? HORRENDOUS.


Ever since Disney mistreated the Power Rangers franchise by not caring about it and making it too cheesy (although that is Koichi Sakamoto’s fault) the fans hoped that Saban would claim back the franchise. Then in 2010 a miracle happened, Saban bought the franchise back and we are all excited for it. Then Power Rangers Samurai aired, and it wasn’t really good. But then most of us give it a chance since they still need to sort it out.

However, three years later and the franchise gets only worse. Super Megaforce is in fact even worse than Samurai/Super Samurai. The primary reason is Nickelodeon’s deal of having 20 episodes ONLY. Since Gokaiger has 51 episodes, they need to cut it down and as a result, the season felt very rushed. But at the same time, nothing is going on. This is because most of the copied (I used the term ‘copy’ because it’s what they essentially do) episodes are fillers or the ones that are not really important. 20 episodes can still be a great season, as Legend of Korra did it with just 13 episodes per season.

But Super Megaforce suffers from cheap production, generic and one dimensional plot. For the production’s point, this is the lowest budget for any Power Rangers season ever. Why? Because 70% of each episode is Gokaiger footage. Yes, Samurai did that as well but here, it’s even more evident. Why waste time reshooting some original scenes when they are only a few seconds, at most two minutes long? With that speaking, I do appreciate those original scenes and thank you for that.

Also, one of the biggest complaint of the whole Neo-Saban series is the editing and ADR recording. The editing is really, really bad, I’m not sure if the people aren’t good enough or they wanted to make an homage to those MMPR days. As for the ADR recording, it is very, very annoying. Each time the Rangers get into a fight, the monster makes bad puns, and the Rangers banter like saying “The Legendary Mode is awesome!”. Not only it is annoying, but it is unrealistic, as when you are fighting, your voice follows your body, but here, you can tell that the Rangers are fighting but for some reason they are narrating the fights.


Let’s talk about the writing, specifically the characters. Back when Megaforce aired, we are excited because the Rangers seem to have more personality than the Samurai Rangers and the acting is better. However as the series progress, they are no better than the Samurai Rangers. First we’ll start with Troy the Red Ranger, who is the most badly acted out of the six, and is the most bland character ever. Seriously the guy had no backstory, no motivation whatsoever. I can’t say he’s one dimensional because he wasn’t even that, Troy is a zero dimensional character, he doesn’t exist!

The second is Noah the Blue Ranger, the Billy ripoff. Back in Megaforce he is really good but as the series progress, his nerd attitude gets really annoying. Then there’s Jake the Black/Green Ranger, who is perhaps the most fleshed out character in the series. Why? Because not only he is the best acted, but he’s energetic. That being said he doesn’t have any backstory either, the series focuses on him trying to woo Gia and in the end they did end up together, but it was really anticlimactic. Super Megaforce spends four episode focusing on Jake, and at that point it’s really tiring. See, it’s a bad thing when they keep milking the show’s breakout character.

Next is Gia the Yellow Ranger, who is only there to be Jake’s girl. That’s it. She stands out from the rest as the only Ranger who NEVER had any episode focused on her, even in Megaforce. Yes, 40 episodes and none of them are focused into Gia. Also, this is a stupid opinion, but thanks to Gia being the Yellow Ranger and thus wear the GokaiYellow suit, I despise her the most simply because she dishonored my favorite character in Gokaiger. Then there’s Emma the Pink Ranger and really, she’s forgettable.

The newcomer of the season is Orion the Silver Ranger, the show’s sixth Ranger, or rather seventh, if you count Robo Knight. He is the only Ranger who has a backstory, and it’s pretty good, but sadly it was resolved anticlimactically due to the short amount of episodes. Orion is good as Jake, but sadly underutilized as well.


Now, let’s talk about what makes Super Megaforce is a terrible anniversary season. This is the part where I got angry the most. Why? Because instead of being a season that celebrates 20 years of Power Rangers, a season where they could use to throwback past seasons, this show instead did absolutely nothing but adapt DIRECTLY from Gokaiger.

In Gokaiger, they celebrate Super Sentai‘s 35th anniversary by having tribute episodes to the past Sentai series and even tying up loose ends for certain season. However, it’s a show that fanservices the Sentai franchise as a whole. When Super Megaforce adapts these, instead of having tributes to past Power Rangers seasons, they instead throwback to the Sentais. For example, in the RPM tribute episode, the Rangers go to Corinth, however there is no dome or wasteland and the entire Corinth footage was from Gokaiger‘s Go-Onger tribute. Maybe it’s because the lack of budget to create CGIs, but reusing stock footage without any explanation is really bad.

Perhaps the most notorious thing this show did is the Legendary Mode, which allows the Rangers to use past Rangers suits. However, the Super Megaforce Rangers never used the whole 104 suits, because half of the time the Rangers used what is called “New Powers”, which are based on the unadapted Sentai suits. The actors said it’s an honor to wear these suits (even though they are Japanese footage), but to me it’s just a blatant example of lazy editing. Some say that these modes are meant to fanservice the overseas Sentai fans, but the problem is that they barely please the Ranger fans. And also, the concept is kinda neat, but they executed it horribly. If they wanted to introduce the never-before seen suits, they should make the whole team use it at once. But no, the first time this power was used Red Ranger was absent, so fans who never saw Sentai doesn’t know what the Red Ranger would look like in that form. And only two Rangers ever used the Flashman suits. What happened to the other three? Why didn’t use them as well? What did they look like (for PR-exclusive fans’ perspective)?


Another aspect of what makes Super Megaforce a bad adaptation is the lack of past Rangers returning. In Gokaiger, they managed to obtain at least one alumni from EACH series, making them able to get 35 alumni plus more. This could be because of the budget factor, but the main fault is that because the show was filmed in New Zealand, and most of the alumni Rangers are Americans.

Not only that, but Saban did not even bother to invite all of the past Rangers that some are definitely available, it’s all based on their biased view that the Saban era Rangers are superior. Also, a number of alumni Rangers stated that they declined simply because a trip to New Zealand for a cameo and a small change wasn’t worth it. I understand since they are adults and they have families and jobs, etc. But what bugs me is that why can’t Saban just film the show in United States? That way they can get more actors.

Next I wanted to talk about the show’s ending. It is the most bizarre ending ever in the history of Power Rangers. Usually in the final moments we get to see the Rangers matured and moving on with their life, either retiring as Rangers or not. However in Megaforce, the ending, the whole ending to an established series is just them going home. That is IT. Everything else is left unsolved. What bugs me is that why didn’t they filmed one last scene with Gosei, the team’s mentor? Actually what happened to Gosei? We don’t know. Even Orion who was supposed to go back to his home planet comes back to Earth to help the Rangers, but we don’t know whether he goes back or not. Did they run out of budget to shoot an extra scene? Even Samurai was able to have a proper ending, even Operation Overdrive, the worst Power Rangers season has a satisfying ending to its characters and story. But here, nothing.


Overall, there is still a bunch of things that I wanted to ramble about Power Rangers Super Megaforce, but this article is already too long. And long story short, Super Megaforce is both a terrible anniversary season and a slap to the fans. Ever since Gokaiger is announced fans are dying to see what will happen when it gets adapted to Power Rangers. And we all know this is not what we wanted at all. It was such a shame. 20th Anniversary is important but they just ruined it pretty bad.

But is Super Megaforce the worst season of Power Rangers? In my personal opinion it is a tie with Operation Overdrive. See, Overdrive was bad because it had unlikable characters, extremely cheesy actions even for Power Rangers, and too much focus for the Red Ranger. But it had story, and more importantly even though the characters are bad, the show is at least enjoyable for guilty pleasure. But Super Megaforce? It had a generic story to the point of having no story, and is just basically a badly dubbed Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. If you wanted to watch an anniversary of Power Rangers, watch Gokaiger instead. Yes, that show did nothing to Power Rangers but it’s still a better tribute than this.

In the end, Power Rangers Super Megaforce is an Art………of SHIT!!!!


One thought on “Power Ranger Super Megaforce Series Review”

  1. First of all, I wish that Haim Saban named Super Megaforce as Power Rangers Pirate Crew, especially since Super Megaforce sounds to redundant and repetitive.

    Second of all, why don’t you lay off Noah and his nerdy attitude? He’s my favorite Megaforce Ranger because I can relate to him. Besides, nerds and geeks are my kinds of people and not jocks.

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