Kamen Rider Gaim 46: And the Winner Is…..

Gaim and Baron’s battle finale reaches its climax. Who will win? Who will obtain the Golden Fruit? Who will get Mai? Yes, the winner also gets the girl. BEST PRIZE EVER!

Gaim 46 (1)

I gotta say, this is one of the most different finale I’ve ever watched, at least compared to the previous Neo-Heisei series. This is because the episode quickly opens with Gaim and Baron’s fight. What is more awesome about this battle is that it takes about 7 minutes of the episode, and it wasn’t interrupted AT ALL. Seriously, those 7 minutes is about Kota and Kaito fighting and determining who is the winner. Good job director because you put the climax at the beginning of the episode and as a result the rest of the episode is the epilogue.

Now, for the climax of the battle. It’s great that while Gaim Kiwami and Lord Baron are fighting, Mai sees the exact same thing in her universe, except that Gaim and Baron are in their base forms. The only thing I don’t like about the battle is Lord Baron’s sword. It really looks cheap and you can tell that it’s a prop. Usually they have no problem with the props and even if they look cheap, they would be noticeable sometimes.

The best thing about the battle is that this is one of the times where the Rider did not use any finisher to deal the final blow. Instead, Gaim broke Baron’s weapon (the cheap sword in the actual battle and the BanaSpear in the alternate universe) and uses it to stab Lord Baron. JUST. LIKE. THAT.

Gaim 46 (2)

And because of that, we finally have our winner: the titular Rider himself, Gaim. At first I was expecting Urobuchi to put some bitter ending and make Kaito the winner but this is a kids show, and plus a bitter ending is already present in Blade. Still, it’s a good thing that Kota wins, because if Baron did history will repeat itself once again like the Femshinmus.

However, Kaito dying was something I did not expect. I mean, he’s not really evil, but I guess because there can only be one winner Kaito must die, or else it doesn’t really do much. What bugs me is because Kaito is a main character, and he will always appear in the future Kamen Rider movies and such, as an example the latest Movie War which I don’t want to spoil you if you don’t know but Baron is in the movie. I just don’t like it if he’s dead in this universe but then in the future Baron still appears. It messes with the continuity and I prefer if everything we saw is canon, which is why the Super Hero Taisen movies is bad.

With Kota winning the battle, Mai returns to the world and gives him the Golden Fruit, and when Kota eats it he finally became the Man of the Beginning, which is essentially Adam with superpowers. Yes, the Man and Woman of Beginning is Adam and Eve, or at least their successors or something like that. Kota changing into a god-like being is actually the biggest development any Rider had in the WHOLE franchise. He started out as a boy who wants to grow up and be responsible so that he can help people and in the end he ends up becoming a god! Riku Sanjo, THIS is how you make a character into a god! And Kota Kazuraba is miles better than Daigo Kiryu!

Gaim 46 (3)

Even with Kota becoming the Man of the Beginning, the world is still in danger because of the Invesion. That is until Kota decides to give the middle finger to the laws of the universe and decides to relocate the Helheim Forest and the Inves into a planet, which is probably Mars but maybe not. I just love his actions. I mean, he has god-like powers, so he could pick any planet and terraform it to be just like Earth or something. Sagara is very surprised at how Kota chose this new path instead of ruling over Earth.

If you look at it, Kota makes a very mature choice, if he were to rule Earth then it won’t get any better even if Kota is a generous leader, since Earth has developed so much that the people are divided into a number of countries with different beliefs, and no matter what that thing will always cause wars. And let’s say Kota tries to put a stop to those wars. He will succeed, but in the end he ended up policing the whole planet and became just like Superman in Injustice series.

So with that, it’s better to leave Earth to its people and start over somewhere else. Now that is a win-win situation. Thus, Kota and Mai left Earth to begin a new civilization, while Sagara travels to another planet to evolve it. Man, I feel sorry for those primitive aliens. On the other hand, could it be that Sagara was actually the one who caused the destruction of the multiverse in Decade? 😛

Gaim 46 (4)

A few months later, Zawame is already back to normal and all the people are living in peace again, though not without a price. The Invesion casualties still affect people and most of them are missing. Jonouchi is still unaware that Hase Ryoji is dead and thinks he’s missing. The Beat Riders now dance as a unit instead of factions, with Zack watching them.

Then he notices someone: Mitch. Despite what he’s done in the past, Zack and the Beat Riders are willing to accept Mitch back, but Mitch refuses, simply because he feels very guilty. Yes, his actions are questionable but like Oren said, Mitch is probably the one that suffered the most in this story, and it’s true. Now, he’s alone, hopeful but at the same time hopeless.

We are then showed that Takatora indeed survived the battle against his brother, but it has put him into a coma. I am really glad that Takatora didn’t die. He is a fan favorite and the most badass character in the show, so even Urobutcher knows not to mess with it.

Gaim 46 (5)

Kota contacts Takatora though his head, who asks him a favor: wake up from coma so that Mitch can be happy again. I like that Kota told him that it’s his choice, he can just think for himself and leave peacefully in coma, or go through pain once again to help Mitch, since it will be very hard to deal with him, but he will make it through. Regardless, the Melon Prince wakes from his slumber at last.

Overall, I really love this episode since this is the LAST episode Gen Urobuchi wrote. And to be honest, this episode ends on a really high note, but what’s amazing it’s not the series finale. Treat it more like Breaking Bad‘s Ozymandias to Felina, where Felina and this show’s finale is the ending for the series, but Ozymandias and this episode is the ending of the show’s story.

And with that I would like to thank Gen Urobuchi for writing an absolutely terrific, near flawless series. Thank you for delivering a truly satisfying story that I couldn’t help but notes its similarities with Breaking Bad, which is one of the best television series ever. I call Kamen Rider Gaim the Breaking Bad of the Kamen Rider series, and definitely one of its best series. But we still have one more episode to go………..



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