Kamen Rider Gaim 45: Avant-Dernier

AAAAAHHHHHH AFTER 10,000 YEARS I’M FREE!!!! IT’S TIME TO GET BACK ON THE REVIEWS!!!……….. Sorry about my mysterious disappearance, I’ve been busy with college and I just got back from my pilgrimage. With that done, it’s time to settle what’s unsettled, starting with Kamen Rider Gaim’s penultimate episode!

Gaim 45 (1)

Well technically this is not the penultimate episode, but in terms of the main plot, it is. First off we learn that Zack is not actually a traitor, but rather he pretends to be one so that Kaito doesn’t have to destroy his Sengoku Driver, and so that he can take out Kaito from inside. I’m glad that he did this, because in these modern times where media would often show someone betraying their friends over and over, it would make sense for Zack to come up with this plan instead of just attacking Kaito. But the best part about Zack is that while he’s not a main character, he’s shown a significant growth from being a jerk to a hero. I remember back then I hated the guy simply because Team Baron is a jerk.

Meanwhile, Mitch who only appears once in this episode, hallucinates about Takatora again. This time Takatora didn’t insult him, but rather tell him what he should do now. I like that Mitch, through Takatora’s hallucination, admits that he screw up and there’s still hope for him to do something. But sadly this is it for Mitch in the final arc.

Gaim 45 (2)

Zack plans to kill Kaito by using a homemade C4 by Oren, even though I don’t think a mere C4 can kill Kaito since he got that power. The plan obviously failed because the plot demanded it, because Minato realizes that Zack is trying to kill Kaito and pushes Kaito away, getting thrown by the explosion instead.

Because of this both of Team Baron’s Riders transform and dukes it out. Baron managed to take out Knuckle by just his basic form, and I gotta admit when I first watched this, I was afraid that Zack might die. I know Urobuchi is known for butchering characters but he’s not George R.R. Martin. Heck, Urobuchi is actually the Japanese George R.R. Martin!

And to prove that, Minato is the one who died, which seems a little anticlimactic for her, but fitting nonetheless. I mean sure she’s an antihero, but unlike Takatora back then when Minato worked for Yggdrasill she was evil, until she met Kaito. Oh and poor Kaito, he never got to tap her………. or did he? 😛

Gaim 45 (3)

Halfway through the episode I still haven’t talk about our main protagonist yet, Kota. In this episode, seeing that he must defeat Kaito and accept his destiny as one of the Golden Fruit contenders, Kota decides to embrace his state of being non-human anymore. He proves this by eating the Helheim fruit which had no effect to him whatsoever! You could say that Kiwami Arms is his Overlord form or something. Nevertheless I liked the way Kota accepts his fate just like the way his character would.

Moments before the battle, the JDSF came, led by…….. Leo Zodiarts?! Wow, looks like Leo was resurrected and decides to help humanity by joining the army! Kidding. With the appearance of these men, all of the people left in Zawame are able to escape the city, which makes the final battle really, really cool because Gaim and Baron could rampage wherever they want without injuring other people!

Gaim 45 (4)

And really, the opening to their final battle is really epic. Backed up by the song Ranbu Escalation which was sung by both Kota and Kaito, it is ironic since this battle is about them. The battle itself is really intense. Gaim & Baron attacks each other mindlessly, while the Inveses battles each other in the background, and on top of that they even include a bike battle! Because this is a Kamen RIDER show.

My only complaint is that while Baron use each and every of his arsenal, Gaim did not. Sure, Strawberry, Pine and the other Jimber Arms wouldn’t add much but if Koichi Sakamoto directs this, he would utilize each and every bit of Gaim’s arsenal. Regardless, the episode ended on a very high cliffhanger note, as we can’t wait to see what will come out in the next episode. Who will win, the realistic Kaito? Or the idealistic Kota?


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