The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 7: Meanwhile……

While Korra stays at Zaofu, Tenzin must deal with his new role as the teacher to the new Airbenders. The result? Disastrous.

Korra 7 (1)

This episode is another one of the Korra-less episodes, meaning that they put Korra aside and have somebody else become the main protagonist for the episode. But unlike in Book 2 with Wan, this was more filler-like and serves to add more development to the characters Tenzin, Jinora as well as Bumi.

Don’t let the term ‘filler’ pulls you away from watching this episode though, it’s actually good just like the other episodes. Actually the filler was needed, since we can’t get to tensed up with the current storyline. Even Breaking Bad has fillers like the ‘Fly’ episode.

Tenzin instructing the new Airbenders their training is pretty much what you would expect from any training: tiring, painful and boring. It happens a lot and Tenzin is desperate to find a way to make his teaching more effective. He turns to his brother/student Bumi, since the latter has military backgrounds.

Korra 7 (2)

And with that, Tenzin decides to become your typical boot camp instructor, and the result is even worse as it tires the Airbenders more and Bumi even quits the training halfway! Tenzin feels really, really bad, especially after Jinora making a request to become an Airbending master and gain her tattoos, which Tenzin deems her too young to do it.

One of this episode’s theme is growing up. No, it’s not about how to grow up, but rather to accept that everyone is growing up, not just you. Tenzin simply cannot believe that his first born child is growing up. I know what he’s thinking. Soon Jinora will start having a boyfriend, officially, and engages in many grown up girls stuff to the point that she will get married and left Tenzin. Every parent experiences this and it’s great to see them doing it in the series.

Another theme is that of a meeting your expectations. You can never expect that things will turn out good, as demonstrated by Tenzin wanting the Airbenders be exactly what he wanted them to be. Yes, they will be, but it requires time, and he requires patience. The problem with everybody that expects something is that they want it quick. Maybe they do know that the process takes time, but they still demand it.

Korra 7 (3)

Later on, Jinora and Kai are captured by some smugglers who smuggled the flying bisons, and it’s up to the Airbender students to save them, with Bumi as the leader. What’s interesting is that they didn’t save Jinora and Kai for the sake of impressing Tenzin or honing their skills, but rather they save them because they are the new Air Nomads, and they all need to stick together no matter what.

The actions in this episode is good as usual, however I’m having a hard time enjoying them because the episode I downloaded, along with the previous one, has slower frame rate. It’s really frustrating that when you tried to pause at the right moment during a fast-paced action scene, you will always get two animations of the same character. I don’t know if this is the torrent’s fault or something, but it ruined the enjoyment. Oh, I may sound like a bad guy for downloading a torrent, but honestly most of the episodes I reviewed, including other series are downloads, with the obvious coming from the Kamen Rider reviews. See, in Legend of Korra and Power Rangers’ case, they never aired them in Nickelodeon Asia. Now I know Korra is airing on the internet instead of TV, but it’s really frustrating. Cartoon Network treats shows they don’t like like shit, and Nickelodeon does the same now. And Disney Channel? Well they treated them very well, it’s just the quality of their shows are really, really questionable.

Korra 7 (4)

Back to the show now. After Tenzin saved Jinora, he and the other Airbenders got along and states that the flying bisons are actually the original Airbenders, which explains the episode’s title. As this happen the baby bison starts floating, noting that they too are growing up, just like everyone.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode, as it serves as a breather since the next episodes are going to get back to the plot and things will start to get bumpy. It’s a necessary filler.


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