Power Rangers Super Megaforce 12: Pinky Plan

When a monster damages the Legendary Megazord from the inside, the Rangers are forced to repair it while the said monster is at large. However, Emma has an unusual plan to take it down.

SM 12 (1)

When the Super Megaforce’s episode description was shown a year ago, I know that this will be a carbon copy of its Gokaiger counterpart. What am I talking, every episode is a carbon copy!…… except episode 10.

As such, I expected this episode would be bad, because usually female-centric episodes are the worst and an example is Megaforce‘s own Harmony and Dizchord, which to me is the very episode that declines Megaforce‘s quality onwards. After watching this episode, I still stand corrected, but not really. See, it’s more of a meh than a disappointing episode because of one reason.

The reason is that this episode contains 82% (estimated) of original footage. To me this episode has the highest budget so far. First, the outside church fight scene. It was done simply because the core 5 are using their Megaforce forms while Orion only has his Super Mega Mode as default. I appreciated that he has his own morph call to differentiate himself from the others, even though it’s generic.

Also, the fight scene inside the Megazord, not the cockpit, is entirely original. I’m amazed that they have the budget to build the set, and what’s more awesome is that the hole gives us a view from the outside as if they were in a tall building, to give off the effect of them being in a giant robot. It’s impressive since even the outside was painted red.

SM 12 (2)

Noah takes the lead when it comes to patching the Megazord, And Emma volunteers to go and stop the monster, with Orion reluctantly following her.

Emma’s plan seems meh to me simply because I’ve watched the Japanese counterpart of it. Furthermore, it comes out of the place because in Gokaiger, the costume changing montage is a tribute to a recurring theme in Sentai by having the token female Rangers use costume changing to trick the opponents. As such, while it appears unique in Power Rangers, it doesn’t make sense. Also, this proves that Super Megaforce is not a tribute to 20 years of Power Rangers, but simply a remake of Gokaiger and the Sentais. I’ll get on to that in later reviews.

SM 12 (3)

While Orion’s acting is good in this episode, there are some bad moments. One example is when they are chasing in police cars. Orion appears nervous because of Emma’s drive, but then the line “Man Emma, this plan is pretty elaborate” is really bad because he sounded relaxed and it was like he’s reading the script. This is because the line is from the ADR recording, which is one of the main flaw of Saban Brands’ productions.

Nevertheless, the two transforms and the fight scene is original. Super Megaforce Silver gets pushed aside as Pink takes the spot. I have a question. What’s so hard about filming more original action scenes? Is the camera’s battery so expensive that they need to have limited shots? The original fight scenes in this episode are good, even though they looked like acrobatics. But still, it is good and why can’t they make more, especially the scenes involving the Sentai-exclusive suits.

SM 12 (4)

The other Rangers joins Emma and she asks them to take care of the monster because she has other things to do. What is that? Well to use the Gosei Morpher for the first time since Megaforce’s finale and activate the card just to fly a kid’s kite. While they could make it for better use, I understand because this is a kids show. Wait, it’s not. This is a preschool kids show!

As for the other five Rangers, they have yet another original fight scene, this time the Rangers perform more acrobatics and kicking the monster. I’m telling you it’s funny to see the Gokaiger suits fighting without their weapons, it looks so different.

Red decides to use the Dino Thunder Legendary Mode, and sadly this is the final original scene of the episode. Because they are in fact poor, we didn’t get Dino Thunder-esque change, or even Abaranger’s because of the Sentai footage’s nature, but instead a generic quick morph. Also, the production didn’t exactly remember the real Dino Thunder role call. It’s okay though, Gokaiger themselves didn’t really use the Sentai team rollcalls, they just state the Sentai name and that’s it.

SM 12 (5)

The Dino Thunder fight scene is yet another example of bad ADR. The other Rangers worked fine, but Troy’s line suffer from being script reading because his tone shows him worried that the Legendary Mode puts a strain to him but the Sentai footage shows AbaRed fighting without showing any body signs of weakening.

And there’s the attack called Dino Rampage. While it does sound nice, it’s really disappointing because they are translating the Japanese names and terms. They got the weapons’ name right, even the sidearms, but not this one? I get that he’s calling an attack name but Conner never shouted that name in the original series, why would Troy? I would rather have him saying Super Dino Mode because that’s the real one.

SM 12 (6)

During the Megazord battle, they unlocked the powers of Dino Thunder, which enables Legendary Megazord to use Q-Rex Megazord’s arms. I gotta say, the combination itself is disappointing especially since they would use that formation in another stronger formation. But, at least they got the Dino Thunder reference right.

Overall, like I said, it’s a meh episode to me. It would be bad if it weren’t for the plethora of the original fight scenes. This proves that the production really can film the fight scenes, it’s just that the producers are lazy.


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