The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 6: Sibling Rivalry

Team Avatar is still at Zaofu, where Korra decides to learn how to Metalbend! Meanwhile, Lin decides to go to a therapy.

Korra 6 (1)

I gotta admit, Korra deciding to learn Metalbending arts was something I didn’t expect even though the show showcased it heavily. Nevertheless, it’s very cool because she will be the first Avatar to learn Metalbending, and what’s cooler than acquiring Magneto’s powers?

Suyin also suggest that Bolin should take Metalbending class too as he is an Earthbender, but for some reason Bolin is hesitating. Meanwhile Zaheer is hiding in Republic City, apparently plotting to kill President Raiko. But he decides to hold it since they need to track their main target, Korra.

Lin is stressed out because she was to confront her stepsister, her past and Aiwei suggests her to seek an acupuncturist. She reluctantly accepts. Apparently her stress has been affecting her chi and it needs to be rebalanced, and in order to show that Lin is a total badass, they had her stuffing more needles than usual.

Korra 6 (2)

Lin is basically the main protagonist of this episode, as we get to see her past during the period where she lived with Suyin and Toph. Lin has a problem with Suyin because she is acting like a typical wild teenager, hanging out with boys and such, but this only the tip of the iceberg.

Korra starts her Metalbending training and surprisingly it is way easier for her to learn than Airbending was. Just reshaping a metal and poof, we got our very first Avatar who could Metalbend. At least Korra now has something significant on her list. Bolin was apparently afraid to learn Metalbending mostly because he’s been trying it for a long time and it didn’t work, and he doesn’t want to disappoint everybody, since nowadays Metalbendings are common. The same goes with Opal, she wanted to go to the Air Temple but she’s afraid that it will disappoint her mother, as Suyin gave her little freedom, well not that little but significantly smaller than Suyin had as a teenager.

Korra 6 (3)

Lin’s flashback shows us why Lin is so bitter towards everybody especially her stepsister. It’s revealed that Suyin became a gateway driver for the Terra Triads and Lin was forced to apprehend her. BUT, she manages to escape, giving Lin her scars in the process. What I like about this scene is that while the pain is temporary, but the emotional impact it gave to Lin is so big that I could feel it truly hurts.

Later on, Toph scolds her children for their behavior, and Lin is even more pissed that she is blamed as well, even though she was only doing her job. Toph decides to do something drastic by clearing all the charges against Suyin and sends her away from Republic City. She did this because it would tarnish her reputation as the Chief of Police. I loved that they decide to make a hero do something questionable, as it gives more realism to the character and proves not all heroes are noble.

Korra 6 (4)

Lin decides to go and confront Suyin, and put a close to her dark chapter once and for all. And thus we get a sibling fight. The main difference is that both of the sisters are freaking Earthbenders. The battle was really emotional and epic, not to mention I love how both of them utilize both Earthbending and Metalbending.

Korra and the others can only stand watch because you wouldn’t want to get into the dogfight would you? Nevertheless before any of them could hurt each other Opal steps in and ultimately stops the fight.

The next day Lin has completely changed as she began to dress like her sister, calms up drastically, more open to people, finally talks to Opal, and most importantly she makes up with her stepsister. The two apologized and decides to let the past go, because even though Suyin is a bad girl once, she matured up and did something that redeem herself completely, and Lin should forgive herself as well. The two decides to take it slow and rebuild their relationship back. Oh, I forgot to mention in the last episode that Toph is still alive, but she traveled the world for enlightenment, and I hope she would appear in Book 4, although she would be a GILF now.

Korra 6 (5)

Overall, I gotta say this episode is my personal favorite of Book 3. Lin wasn’t my favorite character or anything but the flashbacks gave so much to her character and it is very emotional, not to mentioned they touched upon the letting go of the past aspect pretty well. I really enjoyed every of Lin’s scene in this episode. The next episodes are better, but this one is one of my personal favorites.


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