Kamen Rider Gaim 43: The Last New Overlord

Ryugen Yomi VS Gaim reaches its conclusion and at the same time Mai is accepting her role as the First Woman, eventually becoming the blonde-haired Mai that appeared early in the series.

Gaim 43 (1)

I loved that in the beginning of the scene Sagara returned to his DJ persona. I really missed it and it’s really cool to see how the plot wraps up for the finale, as right now we have three main characters choosing their fate which death is very likely, and that all three is related to Mai.

Kota sacrifices his humanity to become and Overlord to save the world, Kaito is poisoned by Helheim’s plants and Mitch sacrifices his life just so he could kill Kota and protect Mai forever. What’s interesting is that even though he fight solely for Mai’s affection, Mitch now doesn’t even care if Mai doesn’t return his feelings. He just wants her to be safe, because Mai is is last hope. Dammit Haruto where are you?

Gaim 43 (2)

Now for the biggest surprise of this episode: The conclusion of Ryugen Yomi and Gaim’s fight. They make it look really cool when both of them are activating their finishers, and Ryugen Yomi makes the first move while Gaim prepares to counter his attack. Then here comes the surprise: Gaim purposely throws his Mosou Saber and lets Ryugen Yomi stabs him. This is the very first time where we get to see a Rider getting stabbed literally as opposed to camera tricks or anything

And much to my another surprise, Kota grabs the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed and destroys it. When I first watched it I couldn’t believe it. They had him use that Lockseed once and then it’s gone?! Granted it wouldn’t be dramatic if Mitch keeps using it but man, it’s a real waste. I liked the design, it wasn’t original but it looks different than normal Ryugen.

Anyway, the reason why Kota did that was to simply let Mitch do what he wants, because he’s his friend. Just like how Captain America let Winter Soldier beat him in the Helicarrier just so that he could make Bucky satisfied and fulfill his mission. And to show that Kota is a noble man, he forgives Mitch even after what he’s done. Not because he’s naive, but because he believes in Mitch and he cares about him as a friend. He even goes far as saying that his friendship with Mitch after this will be much better that it would definitely redeem Mitch’s actions. He also tells Mitch to forgive himself too and let go to this pain. And if you look at Mitch, he’s snapped out simply because he has this attitude of wanting things to go his way, and when it doesn’t he would burst out.

Gaim 43 (3)

And thus ladies and gentlemen, our protagonist is now dead. Yes, the Urobutcher is so brutal that even our main protagonist can’t escape it. Welcome to the brilliant mind of Gen Urobuchi………………………………………………………………………………………………………… dude, I’m being serious here. He has a great mind, I’m not being sarcastic at all. Stop thinking that I’m berating on him. I’m actually praising him. He wrote the best Kamen Rider series of all time.

Mitch still can’t forgive himself but nevertheless feels that he has completed his mission and went to check on Mai…………………………….. only to discover that Mai died from the surgery. Ryoma explains that the process was too difficult that it killed Mai. Now that’s two Urobutching in a row! Seeing as his only hope is now gone, Mitch succumbs to total despair but because he’s not a Gate he didn’t have the purple cracks. Still, where are you Haruto?!

Ryoma finally acts as the main antagonist for this episode as he mocks and beats up Mitch for believing that he could trust him to save Mai, while also thinking that he could use him to save her. Well he is clearly wrong. Mitch does aware that Ryoma wanted the Golden Fruit for himself, but seeing that Mai is threatened, Mitch’s guard is lowered and that’s where Ryoma strikes. Maybe Mitch did plan to use Ryoma and kills him if necessary but Ryoma is more cunning thus he knows how to lower Mitch’s guard. Mitch tried to use Genesis Driver but Ryoma disables it via kill switch, which he revealed that he created it because he knew he would be facing the Rider. Just what you would expect from him.

Gaim 43 (4)

Suddenly, the Golden Fruit manifests as the blonde-haired Mai, who tells Mitch to stop torturing himself and now that she has this newfound power, she will do something. Sadly this means goodbye for her and Mitch, and it’s still doesn’t change the fact that Mitch won’t be seeing her anymore. I just love that when Mai leave, there’s a dripping sound that makes it look like Ryoma was peeing from a shock.

Mai decides to use the Golden Fruit’s power to travel to time and prevent any of this from happening, which finally reveals that the blonde-haired Mai that first appeared when Kota transformed into Gaim for the first time is actually Mai from the future! But even with time travel, Mai simply cannot alter the past as it is already written, which resulted in her merely giving a warning to Kota, Mitch and Kaito, even though she actually wanted to tell them to stop being Riders. If she did succeed then it would mean a slap to the series. Plus we can’t have another Ryuki-styled ending.

Kaito and Minato heard from Peko about Mai and rushes towards their location, only to find Mai’s body, Mitch crying in total despair, and Ryoma calculating where did Mai go. Seeing that it is Ryoma’s fault, Kaito and Minato prepare to fight Ryoma but again he used the Genesis Driver kill switch.

Gaim 43 (5)

Nevertheless Kaito transforms into the normal Baron but it’s not enough against Duke because he is an Energy Rider. I liked that they bring back the power gap between the Sengoku Driver users and the Genesis Drivers’. And since Duke is the strongest of the bunch due to him modifying the belt, Baron gets defeated quickly.

This is where Kaito receives a huge change in his character. Because he always wanted power to defeat the people that he hates, yes, Kaito’s been fighting the people he hates the whole time, not because he wanted to save anyone or anything. Kaito draws the last straw and proceeds to eat the Helheim fruit, which turns him into an Inves. But no, this is no ordinary Inves. Kaito has just transformed into an Overlord.

Gaim 43 (6)

Lord Baron‘s design is simply FANTASTIC. It looks extremely badass and menacing, and it resembles the Fangires to some extent. I just love that the design is basically the monster version of Kamen Rider Baron, as he sports the horns. The rest of the body is actually modeled after his signature outfit, which involves a longcoat and the feet even resembled his civilian shoes! Put simply the design is perfect for the final villain of the show.

Yes, starting this episode Kaito is now the final antagonist of the show. I would actually talk about that in the next episode since this episode is only the beginning and he’s still the anti hero, as he defeats Ryoma but the method is much more brutal. Seriously, he starts to have that evil laugh and the way he attacks Ryoma, it was so brutal. It’s even more brutal than Roshuo killing Sid! He kept torturing Ryoma even after he’s detransformed and punched him right in the stomach and it caused Ryoma to be stuck onto a wall! If this is a gore then we get to see Ryoma’s intestines.

Gaim 43 (7)

Ryoma is mortally wounded and proclaims that Kaito will destroy himself, before falling to his death. And thus, marks the final appearance of our beloved Professor Ryoma. I never said this but Ryoma, specifically his actor is one of the best actors in the show, as his performance as the eccentric professor is extremely enjoyable. Aaaaaaaaand that’s three Urobutchers in a row!

Overall, this episode sets the final arc in motion, and the series is getting to its end. But how will it end when our main protagonist is dead and the secondary protagonist is the villain now? Guess Urobuchi will tell us how.


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