Power Rangers Super Megaforce 11: Unecessary Love Triangle

Levira accidentally drinks a love potion made by Invidious who has a crush on her, and fell in love with Jake instead!

SM 11 (1)

We have 8 episodes left and they decided to throw a filler into this one, and we already got a filler in the previous episode. You know, at this rate I actually gave up on thinking that Super Megaforce is going to get better in terms of storytelling and such, because it’s clear that the production is so quarter-assed. So basically the rest of this season’s review will be basically me going through the hell of laziness and stupidity, let’s hope that I don’t curse too much. Hey, I have a reputation for being foul-mouthed.

Truth to be honest, while there are people who didn’t like this episode because it’s a filler, I myself am okay with it. First off let’s talk about Jealoushitto’s counterpart in this series, Invidious. For those of you who don’t know Jealoushitto is a recurring monster in the series who starts as a comical anti villain and eventually becoming an ally of sorts to the Gokaigers. I would expect them to use him in the series, mostly because he’s a comic relief. And the episode actually does well in that aspect.

I love the original scene they made for Invidious, Prince Vekar and Levira’s scene. They can’t use the Jealoushitto high school scene because they are wearing Japanese school uniforms and I guess the production thinks kids don’t understand. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it especially for the effort of making the kitchen. Yes even aliens have kitchens.

SM 11 (2)

Once Levira drinks the love potion she fell in love with Jake, and orders Invidious, who is Vekar’s butler, to capture Jake. Jake and Noah has got the be the only ones who are the most focused characters in the show. While I liked this episode, I am disappointed at the fact that we didn’t even got a Gia-centric episode. Seriously, her role in the show is to basically be an eye candy but not Mao Ichimichi’s level, and to act as Jake’s love interest, speaking of that, this episode progresses that subplot, if only BARELY. I’ll go through that later.

The Rangers use Legendary Mighty Morphin mode, and it’s Gokaiger footage but to me it’s fine because that scene is one of the best usages of the suit in the original show. And it’s really, really awesome to see that suit again. I don’t really like Mighty Morphin because Saban thinks it’s the holy god of everything and it wasn’t that good compared to other PR seasons, but the suit itself is iconic. I can’t wait to see the new Power Rangers movie designs, as it is an MMPR reboot. Hopefully that won’t be a quarter-assed production like they did with this show. Also, they did film an original footage with the Mighty Morphin suits complete with their weapons. This makes me think. Did they just had the stuntmen wearing those suits so that they could be in like, 2 seconds? Why not take advantage of shooting an original fight scenes as well?

SM 11 (3)

Invidious finds out that Levira used him and decides to do one thing, go emo himself at a garbage spot. Seriously the way they handled that scene is really funny. And yeah the garbage scene was taken from Gokaiger and even had the Japanese woman dubbed over, but I’ll let it slide. It’s not bad or controversial to be complained.

Also, Troy, Mr. Bland-and-can’t-act, ACTS NATURALLY in this episode. And the scene where Levira intervenes and had shenanigans with Jake is really hilarious, and what’s more funny is that the Rangers didn’t do anything because they are confused. Levira proclaims her love to Jake, which got everyone surprised especially Noah who marks that it’s an interspecies relationship. Noah, you probably never seen Star Trek do you? Jake finally replies that he loved someone else, and we all know who that is, and at this rate Gia completely knows that Jake is onto her. But because of the shows nature of not having character development and interaction, we may never get to see it.

SM 11 (4)

The Rangers changes into Turbo Rangers, and I gotta admit, Turbo is one of my favorite designs out of all the Ranger suits. Despite the show being bad but nowhere as bad as Overdrive and this, I liked it simply because the suits are gorgeous. My only complaint is that they used the footage involving the Rangers finishing Invidious while riding bikes, rollerblades and such. I don’t know, even in Gokaiger I didn’t like it.

Jake tells Invidious that he should ask Levira for a date, and Levira accepts, causing Invidious to become completely evil and attacks the Rangers to impress her. But they managed to beat him anyway. Take note, they beat him, not destroyed him, because he never got destroyed in this episode.

SM 11 (5)

After that, Emma suggests that Jake finally makes his move on Gia, and look at Gia, she knows that Jake wants to ask her on a date and is waiting for him to say the word. But Noah unintentionally becomes a cockblock and thus Jake won’t be asking Gia on a date anytime soon. I know where this is going. They’re going to have Jake finally asking her in the finale. I have no problem with that and it sounds better than Theo suddenly asking Lily on a date in Jungle Fury’s finale, but would it be more awesome if they make Jake and Gia dating throughout the series and create a drama involving them maintaining their relationship while fighting evil? Well clearly I can write better than the writers of the show!


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