The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 5: Meet the Beifongs

Even though Zaheer is on her trails, Korra decides to search for more Airbenders, this time in the city of Zaofu, a Metalbender-based haven. And for some reason this does not bode well for Lin……

Korra 5 (1)

This episode takes us away from Ba Sing Se and enters Zaofu, which is constructed entirely of metal and if Magneto exists or there is a Metalbending terrorist this city would be screwed big time. But other than that I love the shit out of Zaofu. It’s the most futuristic setting in the series and not to mention that it’s a pseudo utopia, because it’s one of the safest cities in the world and people live in harmony.

This is thanks to Suyin Beifong, the city’s matriarch. As her name suggests, she is a daughter of Toph and Lin’s sister, and also a MILF. Yes, that is a bonus. Meanwhile, Tenzin’s children began training the new Airbenders with comical results, and they are joined by a mysterious bald guy. I gotta admit, he did a really good job making over his face to the point that I don’t even recognize that the man is actually Zaheer! But truth to be honest, I would prefer Zaheer on his previous look, it’s so much more badass.

Korra 5 (2)

Back to Korra, Suyin is the complete opposite of Lin. She is cheerful, kind,tolerable and has a family of her own, not to mention that she balances her duties as a mother and matriarch perfectly. Suyin also has an assistant named Aiwei who is able to tell if a person is lying. Lin told Korra to lie if they asked about her, but she was found out anyway. And Lin, still being an antisocial jerk, is also acting the same towards her sister, albeit even more intense. This suggests that the two had some sort of history. And I wanted to point out that Suyin is actually Lin’s half sister, as Toph apparently banged two lucky men. You don’t see this kind of thing in kids shows, which is a family dilemma involving step-siblings.

Suyin introduces them to her children, each with their own unique attributes. Two of them invented a sport which resembles hockey, and one is Magneto using his talent as a sculptor.

Korra 5 (3)

The youngest one is the Airbender that Team Avatar was supposed to meet, Opal. Since she’s an Airbender, I assume that she is a nonbender previously, as she would be a half Avatar then. Opal acts as a new love interest for Bolin and may be the best one for him yet. She also has interest towards her Aunt Lin, but the latter is still acting cold.

Even though Korra was supposed to pick up Opal and sendsher to Tenzin, Suyin offered them to stay for a while and let Korra train Opal. What’s cool is that this is the very first time Korra tutors somebody, and what’s even more interesting is that she’s teaching how to Airbend! This is a real step up from where we saw Korra who couldn’t Airbend in the beginning of the series. Meanwhile, Zaheer quickly becomes the best Airbending student, as he passed the test perfectly.

Korra 5 (4)

Later that night, Korra and the gang are having a marvelous dinner and was surprised that they are joined by Varrick, who escaped prison in the previous season! Turns out that he and Suyin are friends, and the latter offered him to stay here. And Varrick, being Varrick, becomes the head of technology for the city. Even though they should arrest him, they can’t because Varrick technically wasn’t even convicted because he escaped, so they can’t. Plus, he is no longer a dangerous man, even if he was before. He’s more of an anti villain who is now an ally.

Bolin decides to make a move on Opal, and this is actually the very first time Bolin tries to hit a girl from scratch. Eska before forced him to marriage, while that mover star only liked him because he’s a hero, and judging from it it’s likely that their relationship last long. Hell, most celebrity relationships didn’t last long. Nevertheless even though Opal is disgusted at Bolin’s weird behaviour, she gave a positive feedback and urge Bolin to take it steady. Aaaaaaaaaaand Korra is a cockblock.

Korra 5 (5)

Back to Zaheer, he is exposed by Kya and a battle ensues, and she actually managed to capture Zaheer, if it weren’t for his experience in Airbending. Back to Korra, she asks Opal’s help to get close to Lin to see what is wrong with her, but Lin ended up breaking her heart and mocked by Korra for being cold and forever alone. Youch, that’s harsh. Just what is wrong with Lin exactly?

Overall, I liked this episode. There wasn’t much action, as it focuses more on introducing the city of Zaofu, which is absolutely beautiful. And the new characters, particularly Suyin and Opal are pretty likeable as well. I can’t wait for the next episode to see more of Lin’s backstory, and I will try to finish this season quick before Book 4 premieres.



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