Kamen Rider Gaim 42: The Meaning of Life

With the Overlords now extinct, the remaining Riders now wonder what to do. Kota, Mitch and Ryoma each starts searching for Mai, with the latter two now finding out that she has the real Golden Fruit inside her.

Gaim 42 (1)

The first scene shows Kota and the Riders tending to the kidnapped Zawame citizens, and Kota reuniting with his sister. When it seems like things might get better, the Inves horde attacked forcing Gaim and Baron to take action. The scene was nothing special, I just wanted to point out that it will be the final time Kaito used Baron Lemon Energy Arms.

Mitch finds Mai in Team Gaim’s garage and it’s funny how he ignores Peko and Chucky, showing that he only cares about Mai or rather, he only sees nobody but Mai now. My, my, Mitch has fall even harder to the point that Mai is the only thing that matters to him, even his own life is nothing to him. Ryoma also appears, who proposed that Mitch takes Mai into a hospital to perform an x-ray on her.

After defeating the Inveses, Kota is a little disappointed that the Overlords’ extinction didn’t negate the Invesion, because Cracks keep appearing and the Inveses are still invading. Suddenly, Kaito tells everybody that they should’ve just let the Invesion takes place and try to live inside Helheim, essentially suggesting Yggdrasill’s Project Ark. This also reveals that he had no intention of saving the people because he only did it to end the Overlords. And because of that, he broke his alliance with Kota.

Gaim 42 (2)

Analysis shows that the Golden Fruit is literally in Mai’s body, and from the looks of it the fruit seems to replace her heart, or at least lying onto it. Sagara also appears to tell them that Mai is now the First Woman who will give the Golden Fruit to a hero, but what’s more interesting is that we finally learn about Sagara’s true identity.

Ready? Well Sagara is actually not a human. but rather Helheim itself. More accurately he is an avatar of Helheim. Now this is really, really surprising. And it’s revealed that Sagara is indeed a neutral force, as he is neither on the villains’ side or the heroes’. He was simply to watch them. Mitch questions as why would Helheim invades Earth and destroys humanity, in which the answer is the most realistic one they could give: it’s a natural phenomenon. The world is evolving, and Helheim is the catalyst for evolving, and the humans can’t do anything but to let it happen. I mean come on, Pangaea was separated into multiple continents millions of years ago, it’s basically the same thing here with Helheim invesion! The only difference is that the human are there to experience it.

Also, the statement itself raises a question of how this show will end. As of this writing we all haven’t seen the finale yet so we don’t know what will happen, and I wonder if the Golden Fruit actually has the ability to undo the Invesion. Nevertheless, stay tuned for Kamen Rider Gaim’s finale, because it will be epic.

Gaim 42 (3)

The next scene shows our comic relief characters Oren and Jonouchi, joined by Zack, wondering what to do now that the fighting’s over. Well it’s obviously not over. But nevertheless we are treated to a funny moment where the three are forced to eat curry rice. Mmmmmmmm I missed Japanese curry. I only ate it once 😥

I named this episode ‘The Meaning of Life’ after the eponymous number 42, and that two of the main characters ponders about their own meaning of life in this episode. The first one is Kaito who sees his limit as a human being, as well as to seek power to make a change. He is joined by Minato as they took shelter from heavy rain. Kaito receives pain from his wound, and Minato is worried as that thing will kill him. However, Kaito laments that if that’s the case, then it’s his limit as a human. The two also discuss about Kaito’s controversial statement earlier. Kaito is serious about having no intention of saving the humans and actually seeks to destroy it. Minato still decides to follow him until the end. Just admit that you like him, Minato! Whatever after that scene, they boned each other, fan fictions and stuff.

Back to Mitch, Ryoma reveals that he can save Mai by performing a surgery on her, because he is a professor, which means that he can be a doctor as well. But there’s a catch. Kota is searching for Mai, and this is obviously a chance for Ryoma to obtain the fruit for himself.

Gaim 42 (4)

And thus he manipulates Mitch into thinking that Kota may harm Mai to obtain the fruit. But since Kota is OP, Ryoma gives Mitch a tool to counter Kiwami Arms, a Lockseed so dangerous that Ryoma keeps it in a drawer that anybody and steal easily: Yomotsuheguri Lockseed. To be honest, I was disappointed that Ryoma has the Lockseed. This is because later when the Lockseed are used, it is related to the Overlords thus it would make more sense if the Lockseed was created by Redyue. But at the very least they give Ryoma something to contribute. The drawback of that Lockseed is that while it gives a tremendous amount of power, it drains the users’ life force, basically making it a suicide item.

Because of that, Mitch talks to Mai one last time, and this sceneis actually one of the saddest scenes in the entire series, as we get to see Mitch’s mind so twisted that he can no longer remember what Mai looked like when she’s happy. It’s sad because Mitch is my favorite character in the series because he is the most relatable and realistic characters of all time, and him unable to recall his memory is possible for someone to experience, because he was so obsessed with his ideals it makes him forget all the good things that happened to him.

Takatora’s hallucination appears again, this time taunting Mitch that this, Mai becoming the First Woman, is the result of his action. The second meaning of life theme is applied here, where Takatora further taunts Mitch by saying that his life is worthless, and he should just kill himself using the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed. This shows that the hallucination is actually Mitch’s heart that keeps telling him that he’s useless and it takes the form of the person that gave a huge impact in his life, Takatora. I gotta say, I experienced the very same thing, and most of you would say just ignore it. But the biggest problem is that it’s our mind, we can’t get rid of it. That’s why Mitch’s mental stability deteriorates, because it keeps haunting him no matter what.

Gaim 42 (5)

The next day, Mitch confronts Kota and transforms using the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed. And apparently Kota has super vision because he can see the Lockseed even though Mitch was at a distance from his short sights!

Kamen Rider Ryugen Yomi Yomotsuheguri Arms. You know, the more I pronounce the word ‘yomotsuheguri’ the more I like it despite being too long. Even though I complained about Baron Lemon Energy Arms being lazy, I understand why Yomotsuheguri Arms is just a recolor and a reuse of Kiwi Arms’ helmet. The first reason is that this form is just like Kamen Rider Zeronos’ Zero Form, both in terms of coloring and abilities. See, both forms sacrifices a part of the user in order to access its powers, but Ryugen is more lethal while Zeronos is more dramatic. Second, which is a production-based reason, it’s because Gaim is ending, it wouldn’t make sense for them to introduce a new design unless it’s a movie.

As for the abilities, Ryugen Yomi is able to use the Overlords’ weapons, which is all the more reason for them to make Redyue gave him this Lockseed. Other than that, it’s just Ryugen OP’d, butI do like the darker Lockseed voice and when the Arms are summoned dark clouds appear.

Gaim 42 (6)

The fight between Gaim and Ryugen Yomi wasn’t as emotional as Zangetsu VS Zangetsu Shin, but it’s still unique. First, it clearly shows that the form is giving Mitch a constant pain, and it surprises me that he manages to hold it that long. I guess the form drains your life force slowly but gives you tremendous pain. Also, while Gaim knows that Mitch is no longer the same innocent man before, he still plead for Mitch to cancel the transformation, seeing as his former friend is in pain. Mitch tells him to not to assume that Mitch valued his life, which clearly shows that Mitch knew very well that he will die. But hey, what death would be meaningless if you sacrificed it by killing your enemy right?

Nevertheless, the fight ends in a cliffhanger as Gaim faces another one that matches Kiwami Arms’ power. Overall I really love this episode, particularly the focus on Mitch and this episode sympathizes on him more than before. Also Sagara’s reveal was important, and it answers the question we’ve asked a long time ago. AsforRyugen Yomi, since it’s a final form of sorts, I will buy its SH Figuarts. Heh, I didn’t even buy Kachidoki Arms yet, and I don’t intend to buy Kiwami.




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