Kamen Rider Gaim 41: End of the Overlords

Resolving to save Mai and humanity no matter what happens to him, Kota went ahead to face Roshuo, the King of the Overlords.

Gaim 41 (1)

Because he accepts his current fate as an Overlord, Kota is now demonstrating the said power in this episode, first with unknowingly creating Helheim plants at the spot where he was hypnotized in the previous episode. I like how he accepts that he is no longer a human, which is a recurring theme in Kamen Rider specifically the Showa era.

Meanwhile, Zangetsu and Baron are still fighting each other, and what’s awesome is that the two continue to duke it out even when their transformations are cancelled. Although the downside is that they are just punching each other with no stunts or anything, though this can be due to them getting weak from the previous fight. The fight is interrupted when Duke announces Mai’s whereabouts, which prompts Kota and Kaito to go towards Helheim.

Gaim 41 (2)

But Mitch is still on Kaito’s way, but luckily Bravo and Gridon appears, revealed to survive the Inves hordes earlier and offering to take Kaito’s place in kicking Mitch’s ass. Honestly you would expect them to survive the battle, because if they didn’t then they need to make their last appearance really, really dark to signify their end, even though the scene in that episode was dark enough.

Mai tells Roshuo that the Femshinmu Queen chose Roshuo to hold the Golden Fruit because she believed in Roshuo’s ideals, but Roshuo failed. Seeing as how similar Mai is to the Queen, Roshuo decides to have Mai become the Earth’s Woman of Beginning or First Woman, whatever you wanna call her. The First Woman will play the ultimate role in the Invesion, as she will be the one who must choose the man who will bear the Golden fruit and be the King. Funny, whenever I hear the term ‘First Woman’, I can’t help but to think of Michelle Obama and if the Invesion happens in our world she would be the First Woman because she is the First Lady.

Bravo and Gridon prove no match for Zangetsu’s insanity, as he defeats them with ease and I love how both of the Riders emit sparks when they fall down the stairs. Mitch also makes haste to Mai, but not before Redyue appearing and tells him that Roshuo is likely to take interest in Mai and will do something drastic to her, but they both are unaware that Roshuo already did it. Regardless, Redyue decides to pursue her own plan of becoming the ruler.

Gaim 41 (3)

With the Earth’s Forbidden Fruit in Mai’s body, Roshuo decides to do one last thing, kick some ass. Rider ass. He challenges the Riders, Gaim and Baron to see if they are worthy of obtaining the fruit or not. And since he nobody ever land a punch to him, this battle will be interesting.

And it is, the whole scene where Gaim and Baron battles Roshuo is just epic. Imagine this: you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and you have to face the Lingering Sentiment. You give it all, but the bastard is just too hard to defeat, and each of his attacks are deadly. That’s how it feels like in this battle. And just like Donald and Goofy, Baron himself wasn’t much help and gets defeated pretty easily.

Gaim 41 (4)

But really, the moment where Baron gets defeated is so intense to the point that Kaito moans even after he gets detransformed. And as for Gaim, he didn’t use Kiwami Arms during the beating because two reasons: first is that he know that tool turns him into an Overlord and second: the form is the flag of victory. But honestly I would rather watch him use Kachidoki Arms because I love that form more and if he used Kiwami during the beating, it would make the overpowered form looked weak, and while it sounds good, I would prefer if they didn’t use it.

Roshuo also demonstrates another of the Golden Fruit’s ability, which is to summon Inves, or rather generate Inveses at will. This states that the Golden Fruit is really a tool for Godhood, as you can do anything if you possess it. And this is why the Golden Fruit will never exist in our world because we all know what would turn out 😛

Gaim 41 (5)

Nevertheless Gaim access Kiwami Arms and gains some advantage against Roshuo, but he is still at a big disadvantage because the Lockseed is just a seed of the Golden Fruit. If a portion of a sun is enough to burn the Earth, imagine how powerful the Golden Fruit is.

Gaim is still defeated, this time it’s so brutal to the point that the Kachidoki Lockseed is destroyed, meaning that he can no longer access his super forms anymore. But luckily, just when Roshuo is about to finish him, Redyue appears and stabs him in the back, literally.

Redyue is amused that she defeated Roshuo only to discover that Roshuo didn’t possess the Golden Fruit anymore, and for those who are wondering why Roshuo is still so powerful that he could generate Inveses even though he doesn’t have the fruit, my guess is that the fruit enhances him to Godlike powers even if he doesn’t hold the fruit.

Gaim 41 (6)

Redyue’s acting, or rather voice acting is really, really good. She is heavily pissed off and you can see some similarities between her and Mitch, that even Redyue turns insane when things didn’t go her way. And what’s more awesome is that she keeps beating Roshuo even though the latter is on the brink of death.

Kota can’t stand seeing Redyue acting like a maniac and decides to destroy her. Kota demonstrates another of his Overlord activities, in which his eyes glow and recreates the Kachidoki Lockseed in the same way as Sagara created it back then. He quickly assumes Kiwami Arms and uses its advantage to counter Redyue. Eventually Redyue is killed, and this marks the end of the Overlords of Femshinmus. Kaito however is not too happy watching Gaim mercilessly defeating Redyue, as he feels that the man is no longer a human.

Mitch and Duke, who have been watching the entire fight, discovers that Mai is now the holder of the fruit, and Mitch can’t accept this and begins to run away while screaming, just like a psychopath. As for Mai, she faints and her right eye turns red, much like the blonde-haired Mai.

Gaim 41 (7)

As the Riders leave Roshuo’s body, Sagara and a woman appears before the body, with the latter revealed to be the Femshinmu’s Queen. She also sports the same blonde hair and red right eye. And unlike the Femshinmus, she is a kind person, as she is worried about what will happen to the Earth’s humanity. Regardless, she tells Roshuo’s deceased body to pray so that Earth can have a brighter future than the Femshinmus. With that, Roshuo finally escapes from his survivor guilt, and may now rest in peace. Coincidentally, his cause of death mirrors Takatora’s.

Overall, this is a very important episode as it wraps up the Armored Riders VS Overlords saga, and the next episode will be the final arc of this extremely epic series. Man, we all are going to miss Gaim. Who would’ve thought that a fruit-themed superhero can have one of the best storytelling EVER?!


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