The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 4: Covert Ops

Learning that the Earth Queen hag kidnapped Airbenders to serve as her personal army, Korra and the gang devise a plan to rescue them, including Kai.

Korra 4 (1)

The episode begins with Tonraq, Desna and Eska, and Lord Zuko anticipating Zaheer’s prison raid. Zaheer did come as expected, but with style. Come on, using Airbenders to whip up a snowstorm? That looks absolutely cool.

The scene was fast paced, as all of the heroes and villains sprung into action although Ming Hwa went ahead to rescue P’Li. We also learn that Tonraq has faced Zaheer before, and it will be told more later. But even with Lord Zuko’s might the heroes failed to prevent P’Li’s escape, as she incapacitates them by utilizing her Combustionbending, which looks like a missile in terms of function.

Korra 4 (2)

Later on Mako and Bolin managed to get into the Upper Ring and tells Korra about Earth Bitch Queen’s plan. The Earth Queen also tells the gang that other Airbenders have been sighted outside Ba Sing Se, this is to persuade them to leave the place.

Korra and the gang ponders on how to locate the Airbenders, this is where Jinora comes in and reveals that she can still conjure a spiritual avatar of herself and locate the Airbenders. She could only do this during the Harmonic Convergence, but that move is her signature move, it won’t go away that easily. Plus, it makes Jinora even more useful than ever before.

Jinora begins to locate the Airbenders, and at the same time, Kai and the other Airbenders are forced to hone their skills through military ways. Jinora managed to locate Kai, and found out that he and the others are put in the Earth Queen’s temple.

Korra 4 (3)

But before they could go and rescue the Airbenders, Lin suddenly appears to inform Korra of Zaheer’s situation. This is where we learn why Zaheer and co. are captured. When Korra was revealed to be the new Avatar, Zaheer plans to kidnap her but was defeated by Lord Zuko, Tonraq,Tenzin and Chief Sokka an was put under the custody of the White Lotus. The reason for their motive is however unknown, as they keep their mouths shut for 13 years. And now that Zaheer is free, Korra is in danger. But she is the Avatar,she’s experienced, Korra can take care of herself, so Lin helps her rescue the Airbenders first.

The covert ops is really well executed, as it reminds me of Young Justice’s covert missions. The only difference here is that this mission is more stealthy and quiet, as opposed to Young Justice where they would always get into trouble for the sake of action scenes.

The Earth Queen shows up, and this time she is an antagonist. Out of all the bad guys of this series, this hag is the most hated. Because she was created to be hated.

Korra 4 (4)

Korra and the gang rescues the Airbenders and escapes Ba Sing Se, where the Airbenders agree to join Tenzin and become Air Nomads. Since Korra needs to go with Lin, she part ways with Tenzin, Bumi and Jinora, to keep her distance away from Zaheer, even though their encounter is inevitable………


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