Power Rangers Super Megaforce 10: Tensou, Where Are You?

A storm hits Harwood County and Tensou falls victim when he is struck by lightning and lost his memories. Now the Mega Rangers must find him before he ended up somewhere else.

SM 10 (1)

Wow. After the previous episode disappoint us with subpar quality episode, this episode makes up for it By showing a couple of cool things. The first thing I liked is the villains’ plot. Prince Vekar sends an MotW to find a secret weapon that his brother Vrak build, which is a really nice nod considering that Vrak is his brother. This shows that this is really a sequel to Megaforce, and that the villains are related. I was worried that they forgot about Vrak alltogether until the episode where he returns.

This episode focuses on Tensou. Previously, he is nonexistent and is somewhat annoying, but to me in this episode he is good an in fact he looks adorable. But the main praise goes to the people who make CGI Tensou because it doesn’t look cartoonish and actually looks realistic.

SM 10 (2)

The best thing about this episode is that when the Rangers search for Tensou, they searched him throughout the whole city, not just the school or the beach or somewhere generic. As such, the episode takes place on a scenery that we’ve never seen before including an unintentional ad for Samsung Galaxy S4. Because of that the city looks really beautiful and it’s a shame that they don’t film much of the action scenes there. The whole thing surprised me because this show has a reputation of being low budget but they can afford to expand the locations.

Another thing I enjoyed about this episode is the ‘guest’ of the episode, the man who unknowingly stole Tensou because he mistakes it for his briefcase. The Rangers tried to exchange tensou with the real briefcase but for some reason they couldn’t and it comes off weird when you look at the first sight. But actually, it might be because the man looks suspicious, look at his face, he has a scar. Maybe the Rangers thought that he was a mafia or something because his dialogue, which involves bringing the briefcase somewhere is extremely suspicious and he doesn’t look like a friendly guy.

SM 10 (3)

After the rescued Tensou the Rangers went off to stop the MotW, and then the episode went downhill because it’s the same old lazy thing: Gokaiger footage. And perhaps the notorious thing is that they still haven’t learn about getting rid of the Sentai-exclusive suits! In this case the core 5 uses Dairanger, named Legendary Squadron which I’m sure they just came up with, while Orion goes Mighty Morphin White Ranger. I guess the reason they use that scene is to show the White Ranger suit. As much as I hate it though, the use of Dairanger suits in this episode is the most well executed, since all five of them transforms into Dairanger. See, this is how you introduce the never before seen power, make all the members access it at once!

And then the use of Zeo powers. The lines didn’t really match up with the footage, and the attack is called ‘Dynamite Attack’. I don’t know if the Zeo Rangers actually said that attack, but if it’s not then shame on you Saban, as if you weren’t shamed enough already.

SM 10 (4)

The secret weapon that Vrak builds allows them to summon asteroids to hit Earth which is actually a really cool weapon. I mean control asteroid to use it as a weapon? It’s like you can use Draco Meteor for real!

While the episode doesn’t focus on Orion much, he does take the spotlight in the action scenes largely due to footage and the fact that it’s been a few episodes since he debuted. 6th Rangers usually gets the spotlight all the time during that period.

SM 10 (5)

Super Megaforce Silver destroys the asteroid and Tensou regained its memories, so everything goes back to normal. The Rangers go to Ernie’s for the usual but wait, wasn’t Orion a staff there? Why did he hang out with the Rangers? Maybe it’s his day off. Anyway the suspicious man appears again, which reveals that he is actually a repairman for the froyo machine. WAIT, why would a repairman wore a suit during repairs? Is he a Barney Stinson fan or something? Oh and he tells Ernie to keep an eye on the Rangers because they look suspicious. How ironic.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t that awesome but the various scenery and Tensou’s CGI is really good and enough to win me over. The actions however don’t. Also, this episode is more filler-like, which is bad considering that we got 20 episodes, and we don’t have time for fillers. But I’m glad to say that I recommend this episode for watching, especially since the quality is higher than the previous episode.


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