Power Rangers Super Megaforce 9: THEY. LEARNED. NOTHING.

After an awfully long hiatus, Power Rangers Super Megaforce is back, and what a better way to introduce a new power up for our 6th Ranger, done in their typical lazy way.

SM 9 (1)

The first half of Super Megaforce, hell, the previous episodes including the previous seasons ever since the beginning of Neo-Saban era have been panned for low budget and very poor quality in terms of everything. But Super Megaforce is probably where the criticism becomes critical, and because of that I thought they would work on the remaining half, given the hiatus. But nope, once they finished filming and editing, they just keep it in storage until it’s time to air it. I’m not expecting an Emmy-level series but man, Teletubbies have way more quality than this.

Also, due to the nature of the Sentai footage, they had to make Orion closer to Gai so that the footage will match, somewhat. While the dancing scene was entertaining at first sight, it ruined Orion’s character of being a tragic character. Andros stayed moody for most of his appearances, and heck even Tyzonn still looks like he’s been through hell! But for Orion, he gets a new place to stay and it’s all Tom Cruise’s Risky Business┬áto him.

SM 9 (2)

Before I complain further let me state the pros of this episode. This episode is focused on Jake and Orion, and Jake, being a fan favorite and certainly the strongest of the cast, is at his strongest here. His emotions are perfect and his lines, even though it’s cheesy, fits naturally and doesn’t come off as forced. Honestly I think Azim Rizk has a shot of continuing his career after this show.

But even that can’t save the poor quality of the episode. The most notorious is that the usage of Gokaiger footage, and while Cameron Jebo is okay, but man he is so bad at ADR. It’s not his fault at all, it’s the script and the voice director’s fault. Why can’t they hire people who have experience in voice acting to direct it like Patrick Seitz or someone. Heck it would be awesome if the villains are voiced by well known voice actors. This is why I don’t like the production at New Zealand, no offense there. But that’s another story.

SM 9 (3)

And don’t get me started on Troy’s acting. Actually, let me start. I saw Black Nerd’s interview with Super Megaforce’s cast, and Andrew Gray is not only likeable, but also looked like he can act better. But no, poor script confused the actor which cause him to be stiff, because I’m pretty sure he’s mind was like “Is this how am I supposed to do it? It’s so childish”. And later in the episode, they showed 6th Ranger Keys glowing, only that it’s not the 6th Ranger Keys at all, it was random. It feels like the production itself doesn’t know the source material.

The second notorious is the use of Green Flash’s suit. Now, I love the Flashman suit design and I wanted to see it in Power Rangers. But not this way. And the puns are actually references to Flashman! I don’t care what Ciara Hanna said about being honored, I hate it. Lazy editing is lazy editing, do not make an excuse.

SM 9 (4)

As for the Super Megaforce Gold, which I liked how they call it that way, I actually liked the idea of sticking faces of the 6th Rangers on the armor. Yeah it’s silly but I dig it, and the finisher is one of my favorite finishers of all time. Summoning the most badass of the Rangers to strike down the enemy? Total win. The only downside is that the finisher is used way more than often in Gokaiger. As for the rest of the episode, I’m not gonna talk about it since there’s nothing to talk about.

Overall, I hated this episode. We waited for so long only to get a subpar quality? I can’t hope for this season anymore, my only hope is that Dino Charge improves a lot next year.


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