The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 3: That Damn Earth Queen

Korra and the gang enters Konoha Ba Sing Se to find other Airbenders, but first must deal with the Earth Queen who is a pain in the ass. At the same time Mako and Bolin also meets their family for the first time.

Korra 3 (1)

Bumi and Kai are practicing their Airbending, and Kai’s personality and background shows that Kai will be that annoying kid in the show, basically Dennis the Menace of the show. And considering that I don’t really like child characters animated or otherwise, I know that I won’t really like Kai that much. But I have to give props to the series though, since they have Tenzin’s children but I hate neither of them.

When Team Avatar arrives to Ba Sing Se, the Lower Ring looks a lot like Konoha, but the Middle and Upper Ring did resemble China. While touring across the Upper Ring, Kai took off to steal some gold, just to prove that he’s a jerk.

And speaking of jerks, we have Earth Queen. Just one look at her and you’ll immediately loathe her, which is a good thing because she is created to be hated. She represents every stereotypical greedy king/queen personalities and the series also touches on the greedy aspect as well which is featured in this episode but I’ll talk about it later. We all know that Korra is a hothead, but I have to give props to her maturity for not lashing it at the Earth Queen immediately, even though I would love to see that.

Korra 3 (2)

This episode actually focuses primarily on Mako and Bolin, which began when the two are chasing Kai throughout the streets only to end up in the Lower Ring and lost their wallets to Kai. Seriously I hope that kid got a beating from Mako.

Anyways the brothers are forced to return to their ‘living in the streets’ routine, which involves stealing fruits. And luck be with them, the intention of stealing fruits got them meeting with their cousin and uncle, with the cousin voiced by Greg Cipes. Heh, didn’t expect for him to be in this show.

The episode also continues the other subplot which is about Zaheer’s escape. But Zaheer himself does not appear in this episode. Instead we have Lord Zuko and Korra’s dad Tonraq going to the Northern Tribe and meet with Desna and Eska,who are the new rulers of the Nation, and not enjoying it one bit.

Korra 3 (3)

Back to Korra, since this is a show about her, she was tasked to collect tax money and because there’s a lack of action earlier we know that there’s going to be a fight scene. What’s awesome in this episode is that Korra is aided by Asami whom as far as I remember haven’t been in a fight for a while. Korra mostly takes wipes out the enemy, but Asami gets her own badass spotlight when she takes down a couple of the bad guys.

Apparently the ones that they were fighting are not thugs or anything, but merely citizens who are pissed that the Earth Queen took their money. Coming from Malaysia, I understand that feeling, I do. I really do.

Back to Lord Zuko, they were checking on Zaheer’s last teammate, P’Li, who is locked in an icy mountain because she can create fire with just breathing. Basically it’s Firebending and Airbending combined. Also we get to see a funny moment where Zuko and Eska awkwardly confessed that they tried to kill the Avatar once, much to Tonraq’s embarrassment. And luck seems to be with them as P’Li had not yet escaped, but it won’t be too long.

Korra 3 (4)

Back to Mako and Bolin, their reunion with the rest of their family was rather a heartfelt one, and you can’t help but to feel sad when they told their grandma that their father has been killed. Mako eventually gives his grandma his father’s scarf, as her grandma needs it more than him as a memento.

Mako and Bolin tells their family that they are searching Airbenders in Ba Sing Se, in which their cousin tells them that there’s a word about the Earth Queen kidnapping Airbenders to build an army. As this happens Kai is kidnapped by the Dai Li which is a secret police created for political purposes, and while we pity Kai for getting kidnapped, I can’t help but feel he deserved it. Heh, that’s what you get, sneaky boy!!



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