The Legend of Korra Book 3 Chapter 2: Searching for Airbenders

Korra and the gang begins their newest mission to find and recruit new Airbenders so that the Air Nomads can be rebuild. However things might not be so easy for them.

Korra 2 (1)

Asami decides that the team should travel with style, and thus presents them with Future Industries’ new airship, which is basically their new headquarters. The people involved in recruiting the Airbenders are Korra, Tenzin, Bolin, Asami, Jinora and Bumi, as well as Naga and Oogi. Mako initially doesn’t want to come most likely because of his recent breakup with Korra, until Bolin persuaded him. The scene where Bolin impersonates their grandma is totally hilarious.

Mako agrees to come along, and presents them with a map that shows the locations of the new Airbenders, with the most located at Ba Sing Se, which is Beijing’s counterpart in this world. So the team have to find the Airbenders outside of Ba Sing Se first then land on the city.

Korra 2 (2)

Meanwhile, Zaheer wastes no time and quickly travels to other prisons to free his teammates, the first being Ghazan, an Earthbender who has the rare ability to Lavabend, which is basically Earthbending and Firebending combined. This is what I liked about the show’s fast pacing. I was sure that they would focus on Zaheer in the next episode and have this episode focus entirely on Korra’s journey, but they decide to include it as well and as a result you can literally see that Zaheer proceeds his plan without waiting.

Back to Korra, them recruiting new Airbenders is exactly like how Professor X would recruit mutants, the major difference is that Tenzin, even though he’s bald, is no Charles Xavier. This is because Xavier knows how to persuade the mutant and their family the right way, while Tenzin’s more of insisting them to join so that the Air Nation can be rebuild. Also the scene shows that not all people wanted to have superpowers, as in the case of the Airbending farmer. He might have powers but he is more concerned about his family than spending his time training.

Korra 2 (3)

Korra decides to try it her way, which is even worse because she’s more aggressive than Tenzin in terms of persuading. Lucky that the Airbender’s mom is not your overly concerned mother and the son is a slackey, if not it might be bad for Korra. Zaheer also release another of his teammate, Ming-Hua. She’s a Waterbender but what makes her different is that she is armless, like literally, and used water to conjure artificial arm for her. Also they were put in a very specific prison  that would naturally prevent them from Bending: Ghazan was put in a ship across the ocean where he can’t touch any rocks, to disable his Lavabending. While Ming-Hua was put in a cave with no water. Wait how does she survived without water then?

Bolin suggested that instead of persuading the Airbenders to join them, they put up a show to entertain the people and makes it easier for the Airbenders to join them. Since Tenzin is at the end of his rope, he was forced to do it. What’s funny is that he really played along with the show, as Mako was the only one who’s hesitating.

Korra 2 (4)

While Bolin’s idea did entertain the people, only one Airbender joined them. At least it’s better than nothing. The Airbender, a kid named Kai is an orphan who lived in the streets, which gives him all the more reason to join Team Avatar.

However it’s revealed that Kai is a liar, as he’s actually a thief living in the streets and steals from people, even from his adopted family. However Korra and Tenzin still wanted Kai to join them, so the police lets Kai go with them, but this doesn’t faze Mako, because Kai is basically that sneaky douchebag that you wanted to punch but you really can’t because he’s a kid, and he’s animated. Regardless, Kai is welcomed, and apparently Jinora has a crush on him! Wow, she hugged him first and then shows that she has some feelings to him? Neat.

Korra 2 (5)

And thus Team Avatar decides to go ahead to Ba Sing Se, with hopes of finding more luck in recruiting Airbenders there. Meanwhile, the White Lotus reports about Zaheer and his gang’s prison break to Lord Zuko, who decides to hunt them. Also, I know that Zuko is a fan favorite, and they make him even more badass here by having him owning a dragon? A DRAGON!!! Dude, what’s more badass than somebody owning a freaking dragon?!


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