Kamen Rider Gaim 39: Working With a Traitor

With Mai now in Mitch’s hands, Kota have no choice but to enlist Sengoku Ryoma’s help in infiltrating the Yggdrasill Tower through another way. Luckily though all of the fellow Riders went along with this plan, even though they are pretty aware that Ryoma will betray them at any time………

Gaim 39 (1)

When Ryoma first suggested that the Riders work with him, I know that Kota will be the first to join, because of his naivete. But what’s surprising is that Kaito also agrees to work with Ryoma, although his explanation is very much like what you’d expect from him. Zack agrees as well because he’s the bro, and Jonouchi reluctantly agrees because he doesn’t want to be a coward, and he can’t let them hog all the action. And because of that Oren joins them because he’s an adult, he needs to supervise them. As for Minato, well she’s probably in because of Kaito.

Meanwhile Mitch has become even more creepy, dressing Mai in a gown, you know that type of psychopaths right? Also, he did gives Mai a reason why he did this, as he doesn’t believe anybody can do anything by just being nice. This is because Mitch has been nice to other people yet he’s been stepped in a lot of times, hence his transformation into a bad guy. Also, Mai witnessed Mitch losing it when Takatora’s hallucination attacks Mitch again. You know this worries me, because Gaim is ending real soon and *SPOILER for those who haven’t watch past this episode* his fate is still unclear. I am worried that he actually died and his remaining appearance is acting as Mitch’s hallucination.

Gaim 39 (2)

The Riders make way across Zawame’s borders, where they have found out that the JDSF has abandoned Zawame completely to the point that the Invesion have spread across the world. This is basically a zombie apocalypse. But at the very least they won’t have any trouble dealing with the army. Shame, I wanted them to transform and kick the army’s ass. If Koichi Sakamoto was around he’d probably do it. Also, Kaito you pervert.

Mitch finds out that Rika and Rat have been ignoring his orders and as a result Redyue uses them as sacrifices as well. This further deludes Mitch into thinking that he is right and this is what happens if people ignore him. We also get to see some tension between Mitch and Redyue, mainly because Redyue suggest using Mai to bait Kota and then Mitch can kill him. As twisted as Mitch may be, he still have his kind heart which is protecting Mai at all cost. Too bad Mai is the only thing he care about now.

Gaim 39 (3)

Back to the Riders, Gaim, Baron, Bravo and Gridon are forced to fight a horde of Inves, which seriously I’m telling this is just like a zombie apocalypse where they have to fight the hordes! You gotta love Urobuchi for taking advantage of zombie apocalypse theme and make it suitable for all ages, even though I assume all people from all age loves zombie apocalypse.

And to prove that this is taken from zombie apocalypse theme, they make Bravo and Gridon sacrificing themselves so that Gaim and the others can move on. What’s awesome is that this scene totally makes Bravo and Gridon looked badass, considering that are the Riders that have no upgrades whatsoever and are forced to fight a horde of Advanced Inves. Plus Gridon is technically weak so the scene is more dramatic because you won’t know if the survived it or not.

Mitch takes Mai into Roshuo’s custody, mainly because he can’t trust Redyue and even tells Roshuo that if anything happens to Mai, Mitch will lose his hope and he will led humanity to destrutction, as if he weren’t already.

Gaim 39 (4)

Roshuo and Mai discuss things, and even he knew that Mitch had betrayed his friends. Since Roshuo himself is a victim of betrayal, Mai remarks that his castle is empty, which pretty much symbolizes Roshuo.

The Riders made it to the secret entrance, and Kota believes that they should wait for Bravo and Gridon, only to be mocked by Ryoma who says that they are probably dead. And for the first time ever Ryoma gets what he deserved from day one: a punch from Kaito.

Upon inside, the Riders discovered that there’re a bunch of autonomous Watermelon Arms and Tulip Hoppers, acting as sentry system. My guess is that Ryoma hopes to use he Riders to fight through the sentry while he alone goes to Yggdrasill Tower and do whatever he wants to do. His plan succeeds, but Kota is with him as Kaito orders Kota to go with Ryoma.

Gaim 39 (5)

And thus we get to CGI battle between Baron, Malika and Knuckle VS the autonomous robots. What makes the fight special is that Knuckle gets his first form change via the Watermelon Lockseed, and this is the first time where you get to see Knuckle without the Walnut Bombers!

Knuckle Watermelon Arms is basically Watermelon Arms but what makes it special is that it used an energy-based watermelons as boxing gloves. I like how creative they are with the choice. But other than that’s it’s basically just like Bravo and Gridon where they are fighting hordes and they keep coming. Kota meanwhile discuss about Ryoma’s backstabbing attitude, in which Ryoma replies that he is simply a cold man that doesn’t cherish the bonds between people. People like this are usually people who have been betrayed by close friends, but in Ryoma’s case I doubt that he would ever be betrayed by his friends, he’s just purely selfish.

Gaim 39 (6)

Redyue is alerted on the Riders’ arrival and sends in another expandable Overlord to take care of it. This fight is really interesting because Ryoma is just standing by watching Gaim fight the Overlord. But because Gaim is his pawn and he blatantly state it, Ryoma transforms into Duke to prevent Gaim from getting defeated.

Duke is one of my favorite designs on the show, and this episode takes advantage on making it to be the coolest of the Energy Riders, because seriously he has ‘Duke’ as his Rider name. He’s gotta be badass.

Nevertheless Duke himself is significantly different than the other Energy Riders, that he upgraded the belt to include other functions. First one is conjure digital clones of himself, allowing him to inflict more damage and the second, his finisher is probably the strongest of the Sonic Arrow finishers, as when he performed it the Arrow itself morphs into a stronger form, which looks really, really cool.

Gaim 39 (7)

But even the tuned Sonic Arrow isn’t enough to destroy the Overlord, mostly because they wanted to showcase more Kiwami Arms. This time he is more aggressive than usual, summoning lots of Arms Weapons and even summoning the Walnut Bomber for the first time! Although he didn’t wear it.

Gaim finishes the Overlord and wastes no time to go and save everybody in the tower, ending the episode. Overall, the most enjoyable things about the episode is that it’s essentially a Kamen Rider in a zombie apocalypse theme, and they utilized Duke effectively in the episode. Too bad he’s a villainous Rider though, that suit is beautiful!



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