The Legend of Korra Book One: Air Review

I wanted to review The Legend of Korra but instead of starting it from episode one I figured it would be faster if I reviewed the whole season, and I will start review season 3 by episodic reviews even though the season finale just aired a couple of days ago.

This review will be different because this review is from a fan who never watched the original Avatar: The Last Airbender. Nevertheless, here is my review of The Legend of Korra season 1!


Like I said, I never watched the original Avatar. I did watch a bit of it and knew some of the characters but I never followed it fully. I wasn’t a fan at first because the whole theme just doesn’t seem to hit me, and that horrible M. Night Shyamalan adaptation actually ruined my taste for the movie. I didn’t even plan on follow The Legend of Korra either, as I have only started watching it three weeks ago, hence the very late and possibly dated review.

The main reason I decided to watch it is because people everywhere loved it, and it’s the second best animated series last year after My Little Pony. The other reason I watched it is because of the animation, in which it was animated by the same studio who worked on the DC animated films and Young Justice, or at least might be similar studios

Nevertheless, when I finally watched it, I fell in love with it straight away. I remember I binge watched the first 5 episodes in on night instead of just watching one episode which I originally planned. Why? Because this show is seriously like nothing else. Some say it’s an american anime, but other than the animation which it’s inspired from anime I didn’t find much resemblance because it didn’t have your typical anime cliches.


The plot of Book One is absolutely one of the best and the most mature plot I’ve ever seen in an animated series, let alone a ‘kids show’. The decision of making a politics-related plot is absolutely brilliant, which pleases older audiences. And if you think the plot is too confusing for kids, here’s the thing, they make it plain and simple so that kids will understand and besides even if kids are ‘stupid’ which most of the executives nowadays think, they would rather watch the action scenes, in which this show has a lot of it. Not to mention fast and fluid as well as good camera work to simulate live action camera movements.

Another thing that I really liked about the series is that the show takes seventy years after the original. Now I am a big sucker for sequel series. Even Digimon 02 which I absolutely hated the ending had a special place in my heart. This is because you get to see another story in that particular universe, meet new characters and the best of all, seeing older characters grown up and guide these new characters. While I didn’t watch the original series for some reason I really get excited seeing the returning characters grown up. Back then I didn’t really like Aand because he was a child and I have a thing of not liking young protagonist, when I see him in the flashback I really enjoyed him. Not to mention Toph Beifong looks really hot when she’s older.


But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the new characters, because if I didn’t I would’ve dropped the series already. The new characters themselves are entertaining and multi-dimensional in every ways. As for my favorite character, I have to say I would go with Korra herself. It’s really rare to choose the protagonist as your favorite character because nowadays we will always pick the supporting characters  like Mikasa from Attack on Titan or Kamen Rider Ryugen from Kamen Rider Gaim.

As for Korra herself, she actually does have a little of anime cliches onto her, particularly the typical shonen-type. But the best thing is that she’s a girl. The decision of making her as the protagonist, the female protagonist is truly remarkable because the fact that she is a very strong girl is one of the reasons why I liked this show. She is rebellious and mischievous but she is a good person and does not give up easily and even if she did, it’s not whining or anything. That’s the perfect example of a strong female character and honestly if Lara Croft is one of the most iconic female video game characters then Korra should or already have been an iconic female animated character because she breaks the mold of your typical female characters.

There’s two other characters that I like besides Korra. The first one is Asami Sato. Now taking a first look at her you already know that she’s the eye candy of the series, as if Korra wasn’t enough (maybe because she was a little tomboyish). But what I really liked her is that they didn’t treat her like a bimbo, they made her into a really smart, skillful and and very valuable fighter despite not being a bender. Put it simply, her attractiveness is more of a bonus asset rather than a main one.


The next one is Tenzin. Truth to be honest, I think he is actually Aang and that this series is about Aang teaching Korra the ways of the Avatar. But because they have already established that there can only be one Avatar, Aand and Korra cannot exist at the same time which is why Tenzin is created. I mean look at him, he’s basically an older Aang. Heck when I watched the show’s promo I really thought that was Aang before I found out that he he was actually Aang’s youngest son. That being said Tenzin acts as a mentor to Korra, and his relationship with her is very interesting. And the fact that he was voiced by J.K. Simmons  is even more awesome.

The series consists of 12 episodes which is by today’s standards are pretty short. But here’s the thing: They make every episode counts. EVERY. EPISODE. Not a single one is a filler and not a single that is skippable. At first I thought it’s stupid for not having 26 episodes but Legend of Korra proves that less is more, literally.


Overall, I am so glad that I began watching The Legend of Korra because it is probably the best animated series nowadays and some people even consider this to be the Game of Thrones for kids! And speaking of kids, this show is a prime example of making a very mature story but still suitable for kids to watch. This is without a doubt the Batman: The Animated Series of the 2010s.

And even though this is not a movie review, I am still giving it a rating, and Legend of Korra Deserves an Award!!!…….. Although it has already won some awards…….. Nevertheless stay tuned for Book Two review.





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