Tiger & Bunny the Beginning Review

For this month I’ve been tasked by Herotaku Animation Department to review two american animated movies and two anime movies. I already did one with Batman: Assault on Arkham and as for anime, I’m not really THAT big of an anime fan, but I still watch it. In particular one of the best animes I’ve watched is Tiger & Bunny, a superhero show with a really cool twist: They are heroes who worked for a TV show and has product placements all over their suits. That part was the one that got me into watching this show and boy it was totally worth it.

After the series ended, they released two movies which I will review both. The first on is called ‘Beginning’,which is not a prequel but rather a retelling of the first two episodes of the series. So, was this movie worth it? Check it out.

T&B (1)

This movie is actually divided into two parts. the first half is a retelling of the first two episodes and the second one is a brand new never before seen footage. What’s great that during the retelling, instead of just watching the same thing over and over they added some new scenes to make the movie longer and more interesting, such as the scene where they are introducing the other heroes, we get to see Kotetsu gear up in his Wild Tiger ‘crapsuit’.

This is really great considering that I’m not a fan of showing the same thing on the big screen. I mean you already got the TV series which is popular but you decide to re-air it into theaters just to make more money. The same thing will be addressed towards Attack on Titan compilation movies.

But that doesn’t mean that the movie is bad, no, it’s great. It’s just that fans of the series will be disappointed by the first half of the movie. And with that said the movie itself acts as gateway for new fans to get into the series, which I will say is a good way to begin the series.

T&B (2)

Now the second part is really interesting. It basically acts as what happened between episode two and three, and shows the heroes spending time with each other more. The plot is about Kotetsu arranging a party between his fellow heroes so that they could get along more. And since this is the beginning, most of the heroes weren’t fond of each other. Not that they’re bitter towards each other, well except for Blue Rose, but they don’t really feel like best friends like we saw them later in the series due to their nature as rivals in scoring points.

The party went horribly wrong and all of a sudden the heroes are called into action as a thief just stole the Statue of Justice which is a symbol of the city and the heroes, and if it is stolen the heroes’ reputation will be damaged. The problem is, the thief is no ordinary thief, he’s also a NEXT, the people who have superpowers, basically a more public-accepted mutants.

T&B (3)

His powers is a rather unique for of teleportation, in which instead of popping in one place to another, he needs to switch places with another person, basically substitution powers. I have to give credit to people who came up with this brilliant idea, because he makes the villain really unique.

And because of his powers much of the film centers on the heroes chasing him only to end up in shenanigans. While what I’m saying might make you think it’s stupid, but no, it was really clever. See, the best thing about Tiger & Bunny is that it’s not really an action-centric series. Most of the heroes’ work is centered on capturing the bad guys and rescue civilians. As such, the second half of the movie is entertaining because instead of your typical superhero and/or anime fight scenes you get this. The heroes had a hard time catching the thief because each of their plan didn’t work on him.

T&B (4)

Also, the movie did a really good job in enhancing Tiger & Bunny’s chemistry but not to the point that they are willing to accept each other as partners. Yes, Bunny spend the whole movie denying Tiger’s plans and Tiger desperately convincing Bunny to work with him, and in the end the two is still an uncanny duo, but you can see that their chemistry have increased.

The only downside of this movie is that other than the first half being a rehashed episode the movie itself does feel like an extended episode. This is because the quality of the of the animation is the same as the series. But that being said the animation itself is one of the best. It feels like it’s a merging between any anime and the styles of DC Animated movies and Legend of Korra, which makes you feel like you’re watching an anime-ish american animated series but the fact is that it’s actually an anime!

T&B (5)

Overall, Tiger & Bunny the Beginning is mostly suitable for people who want to get into the series, and this is the perfect place to start it. Fans of the series might be disappointed by the first half because they already watched it, but second half is enjoyable. So for those who wanted to pick up this series, I highly recommend this movie and then after watching this you continue on with episode 3 until the end. Also, this movie is a perfect material for a people who wanted to make a live action movie about this series, because I think this series is really unique to be introduced in Hollywood.

And with that, Tiger & Bunny the Beginning is a Good ol’ Popcorn Movie!


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