Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard: Sengoku Movie War Review

I’ve reviewed Wizard and Gaim‘s portion of this movie, now it’s time to review the part where everybody’s waiting for, the crossover Movie War portion! In this portion, Baron challenges Bujin Wizard’s faction to a fight, with Gaim as the faction’s Rider, while the mainstream Wizard enters the Sengoku World to chase after Pitcher Plant Monster who consumes Beast. Meeting Gaim for the second third time, the two joins forces to defeat Bujin Gaim once and for all.

SMW (1)

First of all yes, I know the title is inaccurate but it’s simplified and it’s better that way, since ‘The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle’ is just too long. Sengoku Movie War is more like it.

The segment starts with Kaito forming his faction and encounters Mai who also ended up in this world. Kaito doesn’t want to return to the real world simply because he enjoys having this much of a power, and sends Mai to be with Kota. On the way she is attacked by the Pitcher Plant Monster who again calles her ‘Priestess of Fate’, but this time she is saved by Kamen Rider Wizard. But as usual the monster ran away, and Haruto takes Mai to see Kota.

Based on Haruto’s reaction to Kota and the events later in the movie, it’s safe to assume that Wizard episode 52-53 are indeed canon. Yes, Kota doesn’t know who Haruto is, but remember that Kota never sees Wizard in his human form, so he doesn’t know. While they might have the longest screen time together in untransformed scenes, Haruto and Kota really didn’t interact much to make it memorable. The shortest is Tsukasa and Shotaro while the second longest is Eiji and Gentaro.

Meanwhile Bujin Gaim, having obtained the 14 Bujin Riders, went to the God’s Tree and prepares his plan for world domination. The only thing left is to obtain the Priestess of Fate, and Mai is currently located at Bujin Wizard faction’s castle.

SMW (2)

Anyways Kota and Haruto ask Ieyasu why did he become a lord and wanted to rule the country so bad to the point that his comrades sacrificed themselves, which makes Kota afraid to fight because he’s still young. Keep in mind that this is still the early incarnation of Kota, who is naive and reckless and can’t bear to see ‘adult’ realities. Ieyasu reveals that he wanted to rule the world so bad because, he wants to protect the people and save them. This is why his comrades and Bujin Wizard sacrificed themselves to protect him so that Ieyasu can fulfill his promise.

Haruto offers to aid both Kota and Ieyasu by revealing that he is Kamen Rider Wizard from another world, and it looks like Bujin Wizard’s identity is probably not Haruto’s counterpart, because Ieyasu did not know who Haruto is until he transforms into Wizard.

Kaito arrives to challenge Ieyasu, leaving Kota to fight him one on one. What’s disappointing is that Haruto completely disappears during this scene. At least show him watching the fight or anything! Regardless Gaim makes a bragain with Baron: If Gaim wins Baron will fight alongside him but if he lose Baron will be Japan’s ruler. Gaim wins the fight mostly due to his determination of protecting Baron from being Bujin Gaim’s victim, and Baron reluctantly agrees to fight alongside him just this once. Heh, little did he know that this is only the beginning of his many teamups with Gaim.

SMW (3)

Bujin Gaim appears to consume Baron but is thwarted by Wizard, who proceeds to team up with Gaim and Baron to fight Bujin Gaim and the Pitcher Plant Monster. They gain more advantage when Zangetsu also arrives to lend them a hand,telling them to focus on freeing Mitch and Nitou.

My main complain about this scene is that even though Zangetsu is aiding his enemy, he doesn’t even realize that Mitch is in the Sengoku World, let alone is also one of the Armored Riders! This movie takes place between episode 9 and 10, and Takatora finds out about Mitch being Ryugen in episode 15. I’ve explained before that I’m a sucker for continuity, so why can’t they include it?

Regardless both Mitch and Nitou are freed, and now Bujin Gaim and Pitcher Plant Monster must face the combined forces of Kamen Riders Gaim, Wizard, Baron, Beast, Ryugen and Zangetsu. Really, all 6 of them teamed up to fight Bujin Gaim, and it took Bujin Gaim’s finisher to slow them down which gives him time to escape and merges with the God’s Tree to assume Lotus Position, which basicaly makes Bujin Gaim looks like Poison Ivy from Batman. Wizard and Gaim went after him, in which Ieyasu gives Wizard’s an Infinity Ring that belonged to Bujin Wizard, further proving that episode 52-53 are canon. But even Infinity Style is not enough to defeat Bujin Gaim.

SMW (4)

Wizard and Gaim rejoins the other four Rider where the blonde haired Mai, the ‘Priestess of Fate’ aids them by summoning Helheim fruits, in which Zangetsu suggest that they merge it with the fallen Bujin Riders’ totem: Flame Ring, Rocket Switch, Taka Core Medal and Joker Memory. By how? Magical plot device that’s meant to sell toys. But hey, the Legend Rider Lockseeds didn’t look bad at all, although the Legend Rider Rings are still better in terms of look.

Regardless the Armored Riders test out the new Lockseeds, which dons them the armor of the previous Kamen Riders, with Ryugen Double Arms, Baron OOO Arms, Zangetsu Fourze Arms and Gaim Wizard Arms. Remember that during the rumors of what Fourze might be there’s one rumor that states Fourze is somewhat like Den-O that he has a base form that dons the previous Rider armors instead of transforming into them? Well I think this is what that rumor meant.

The Legend Rider Arms is actually pretty good looking even though they look toyetic. The armor blends really well into the suit with the best ones is Ryugen and Zangetsu’s. Baron looks a little basic and Gaim has a really weird helmet due to Wizard’s visor replacing the Orange visor.

SMW (5)

Wizard and Beast also joins the fray by assuming a new form for Wizard and going Hyper with Beast. To be honest I hope Beast gets a new form. He used Hyper thrice in the movie to the point that it looked weak!

As for Wizard, he assumes Infinity Dragon Gold Style, which I would shorten it to Infinity DraGold to make it sound cooler. This form is an upgrade to Infinity Dragon, and what’s disappointing is that they didn’t even explain why he was able to make it gold! But from what I’ve heard it’s due to the Hope Ring merging with Haruto, thus giving him more power.

And what’s more surprising is that they make the whole suit GOLD, even the black parts of the suit now have pale gold on it! Well except for the diamond parts. Honestly at this rate they should’ve just make those diamonds golden-colored, And the gold on the suit actually looks like Wizard just soaked himself in a mud, to be completely honest.

SMW (6)

Wizard and Gaim takes off to face Bujin Gaim, this time hitting his weak spot: the tree itself. While this happens Ryugen, Baron, Zangetsu and Beast destroys the monsters that’s created by the tree.

Each of them receive their own fight scene which is awesome. I love how they incorporate the suit’s function to make it more useful, considering that movie exclusive forms tends to be hit or miss (TaMaShii Combo anyone?). Ryugen Double Arms destroys the enemies by using the Trigger Maximum Drive, but what’s disappointing is that it’s just a normal blast, the fault which belongs to the Trigger Magnum itself. Also, for those who’re watching this alongside the current events of Gaim, it’s funny how Ryugen utters Double’s catchphrase, when it’s the fact that Mitch would end up committing more sins than those monsters.

Baron uses OOO Bash to destroy the monsters and I gotta say he does a really bad impression of the word ‘Seiya’. And the best one has got to be Zangetsu trying to use Fourze’s catchphrase, only to discard it because it would be out-of-character for him.

SMW (7)

After all of the other monsters are destroyed, Beast, Baron,Ryugen and Zangetsu initiates their Rider Kicks towards the Pitcher Plant Monster, effectively destroying him.

As for Gaim and Wizard, it’s actually really disappointing because while the secondary Riders get their own screen time and makes use of their newly acquired forms, Gaim Wizard Amrs and Wizard Infinity DraGold didn’t really do anything significant other than firing at the tree and when they are consumed by Bujin Gaim, they revert back to their main form and the that’s it for the previous two forms.

While inside the tree Gaim and Wizard are confronted by the Bujin Riders, who decides to give them a power boost by transforming into energies via their Rider Kicks. Oh, Bujin Wizard sound nothing like Haruto, which could mean that the user doesn’t look like Haruto at all. I guess this is to let the children tell the difference between Wizard and Bujin Wizard, while also backing up why Bujin Gaim doesn’t sound like Gaim at all.

SMW (8)

With this power boost, Wizard with Winger WizarDragon and Gaim Watermelon Arms destroys Bujin Gaim with an extremely cool soccer kick first and then their basic Rider Kicks. Truth to be honest I think they should use that cool-looking soccer kick and then destroy Bujin Gaim with their movie exclusive forms.

It would make those two forms a lot more useful and maybe makes their eventual SH Figuarts more worthy to buy, because those forms are meant to sell toys and people would buy them even more if they did something really, really cool. I just hope Gaim gets to assume Wizard Arms again in the Kamen Rider War movie.

SMW (9)

The destruction of God’s Tree causes the Sengoku World to rain normally again, effectively eliminating the drought and famine crisis. And not only that, Ieyasu is now the ruler of that world, all thanks to Gaim and Wizard for saving the world.

Later on, before Haruto and Kota parted ways, Nitou appears with a bucket full of Helheim fruits. He explains that BeastChimera likes Helheim fruits, so now Nitou doesn’t need to worry about starving as he has found another food source! Wait, does this mean that Helheim fruits also works on Fangire race? Or rather, why not make it easier by making Nitou live in Helheim Forest, thus allowing BeastChimera to stuff himself with all the fruits and renders the Invesion useless? Why didn’t they do that?! Well if they did Gaim would not be that epic though.

At last, Gaim and Wizard parted ways, and this is what disappoints me: this is the last time we see Haruto and Nitou in the movie. They didn’t even film any scenes with the cast of Wizard. The rest of the credits scene is Gaim-centric. It was disappointing because we won’t be seeing the supporting casts of Wizard again, yeah they weren’t that great but at least they are memorable especially for Wizard fans.

SMW (10)

Regardless the credits scene shows Takatora watching Kota, Kaito, Mitch and Mai while being approached by Ryoma and Minat- OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO MINATO’S HAIR?! Yeah…… I remembered that she has shorter hair before and I didn’t like her back then but now I liked her a lot because she’s finally a hero and she’s starting to look gorgeous. Anyways the scene was meant to tease the Genesis Drivers into the show, and that’s it.

And with that, marks the end of the movie. As with the previous Movie Wars, the third segment is definitely the best simply because it’s a crossover. We are entering the age of crossovers nowadays, and like what I did with the previous Movie Wars, when I’m re-watchingit I would’ve just skip to the Movie War portion because it’s the best part overall, except for MegaMax because that movie as a whole is awesome. so the Sengoku Movie War is a Good ol’Popcorn Movie!

For the overall ratings, I will mix both of Wizard and Gaim as well as this segment’s ratings. Wizard is Don’t Watch It. Gaim is a Good Ol’ Popcorn Movie. Mix all three and we’ll get the final rating of the movie.

And with that, Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard: Sengoku Movie War is Meh, Could’ve Been Better.


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