Kamen Rider Gaim: Sengoku Battle Royale Review

Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard Sengoku Movie War continues with the second segment, this time involving the current Kamen Rider, Gaim as he ends up in a world where Kamen Riders battle each other to rule Japan, and Gaim is actually a renegade Rider!

Gaim (1)

The first scene involves the battle between various Riders of the Sengoku world, dubbed Bujin (Warrior God) Riders. What’s interesting is that these Bujin Riders serve a lord, and those lords are secondary Riders of their respective series or the Rider’s closest ally as seen in Fourze faction’s case. I think Kuuga’s lord is Ichimonji. Sadly, these lords are nothing more than a mere cameo, which is a waste considering that they are back in just a cameo.

Also, this Sengoku world is really unique, because it’s a sengoku era but mixed with modern technologies, or at least in OOO faction’s case. And all of the Heisei Riders gets a few seconds of screen time, with the most being Fourze which I think is because starting with MegaMax a Rider from the previous series would have an appearance, like it’s their last major appearance. ALSO, despite heavily featuring him in Wizard 52-53, Decade is the only Rider who did not receive his own screen time. He only appeared alongside all of the Riders and that’s it. Looks like there are still people who hates Decade huh?

Gaim (2)

This movies takes place between episode 9 and episode 10 in Kamen Rider Gaim, and it still feels out of canon. I’m a sucker for canon since in Double and Fourze all of the movies are related to the TV series.

Regardless, the Sengoku Battle Royale is a really fun event. It would make sense to see that as the way they were between episode 9 and 10, all of the Riders pretty much fight each other. And it’s really great to see the good ol’ days back in Gaim where they are the Beat Riders and dancing is a thing, and the most of all Mitch is not a bad guy yet! As such he spends the entire movie acting as Gaim’s sidekick. What’s funny is that he still looks innocent compared to what he is now!

A mysterious monster enters the stage as he attempted to kidnap Mai, calling her ‘Miko of Fate. Gaim, Baron and Ryugen chases after the monster, leaving the battle stalemate and Gridon and Kurokage as the only competitors. This is one of their only appearances in the movie, and they’re pretty much cameo characters.

Gaim (3)

Yggdrasill received word about their three test subjects wandering into an unknown world, with Takatora offering to investigate it himself. I really want to see how will Takatora fits into the movie, considering that during this timeline he’s an enemy to pretty much every Armored Riders.

Back to the Armored Riders, Kota found out that not only they are in another world, but everybody is afraid of Gaim. They ended up in Honnō-ji, which is Bujin OOO’s faction. They are led by Nobunaga who resembles Akira Date, and it’s interesting considering that both Date and Nobunaga were the users of Birth system. And out of all cameos, Date perhaps has the most screen time due to his interactions with Kaito, who takes interest on him while Gaim and Ryugen fights the monsters.

Bujin OOO also mistaken Gaim as Bujin Gaim, but the two didn’t fought for long, because the real Bujin Gaim arrives to consume Bujin OOO. After a brief clash with Bujin Gaim, the real Gaim escapes with Ryugen, only to be captures by another faction.

Gaim (4)

Apparently Gaim, Baron and Ryugen have been disappeared for a week now, in which I call bullshit because the whole scene at the real world seems to take place within one day, You’ll see why. But regardless Mai decides to search for the trio only to encounter Takatora entering the same portal that bought the three into the Sengoku world.

Kota and Mitch are held in prison where they met Ieyasu, who is the lord of Bujin Wizard’s faction. He explains that there are 14 Bujin Riders throughout Japan and fights each other to let their lords become the ultimate ruler. He also tells them that there’s a 15th Bujin, Bujin Gaim who is a renegade and serves no one but himself. As for why Bujin Gaim is red instead of the same as Gaim as any other Bujin Riders, well because you can’t have Gaim fought an EXACT copy of him, you gotta have to make a palette swap to tell the difference.

Ieyasu himself is a really likeable guy. Although I don’t understand why he represents the Wizard faction while he is not a cast member of Wizard. But if you look closely he somewhat resembles Nitou, only missing his bad luck and his love of mayonnaise. Plus they need to have more movie exclusive characters. Ieyasu enlists Gaim and Ryugen’s help to be his new Bujin, which both of them reluctantly agrees to, and they march on to take over the world. Or rather Japan.

Gaim (5)

Meanwhile, Kaito saves Nobunaga’s bitch- errr I mean right hand woman whose role is basically do nothing. Just to have more original characters and perhaps serve as the eye candy. The only thing she did in this movie other than serve Kaito is tell him that the Sengoku world suffers from drought and famine, and the only way to obtain food is to spread their territory to other places, which is why the Bujins fought each other. With this Kaito decides to become a Bujin Rider, but instead of serving OOO’s faction he unites the other faction and becomes both their lord and their Bujin, effectively creating a new Baron faction.

The remaining original Bujin Riders are Double and Fourze, in which Bujin Gaim strikes the former first. Bujin Double’s lord is Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider Accel’s counterpart, and he also have Akiko’s counterpart as his bossy wife. Bujin Gaim have a hard time fighting Bujin Double but achieves triumph when Kamen Rider Zangetsu aids Bujin Gaim, mistaking him as the real Gaim before finding out the truth. So in this movie, Zangetsu acts as an ally to the armored Riders simply because they are Yggdrasill’s test subjects and that if they were to fall it would be a grave loss.

Gaim (6)

Bujin Gaim wastes no time and attacks Bujin Fourze, and in the process also consumes Ryugen. Gaim and Ieyasu barely escapes with the help of Watermelon Arms, but before Bujin Gaim could do anything another portal appears showing Kamen Rider Wizard and Beast’s fight against Kamen Rider Wiseman and Phantom Ogre, which explains how he gets to consume Beast.

While the second segment is the final segment of the movie, I have to end my review here mostly because the next 30 minutes of the movie is basically the Movie War portion. So Gaim: Sengoku Battle Royale also ends on a cliffhanger, but this time a real cliffhanger because they didn’t have a final battle for that specific segment, and the battle between Gaim, Ryugen, Fourze and Bujin Gaim, Pitcher Plant monster is the closest thing to the climactic battle of this segment.

Overall, they did a good job introducing a world where Kamen Riders and Sengoku era are merged. My main complain about the segment is that the lords played by original actors are only a cameo which is a waste of time. But at least this is a little bit better than Wizard’s segment, and with that Kamen Rider Gaim: Sengoku Battle Royale is a Good ol’Popcorn Movie.


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