Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place Review

Welcome to the first part of my Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard Sengoku Movie War review. I’ve been wanting to review Kamen Rider/Super Sentai movies for a long time but never seem to get it right. And since I’ve started reviewing movies recently, this review will be different because it combines both the elements of my normal episodic reviews and elements from my movie reviews. As for the Movie War series which I am planning to do all, I will divide it to 3 parts.

Without further ado here we go. The first part of this movie is focused on Kamen Rider Wizard, acting as the epilogue to the TV series. Haruto is still looking for a place to hide Koyomi’s ring, but is hunted by a mysterious Phantom who seeks to obtain Haruto’s WizarDragon………

SMW (1)

Ahhh it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed Wizard. I know it was a rather disappointing series to many but as for me I’m okay with it. I didn’t hate it but it’s not my favorite either. Plus, this is my first episodic Kamen Rider reviews, and I had a blast doing it! Moving on to the movie, I have to say I am disappointed. One of the main flaws of Wizard is its storytelling and this segment clearly shows it. It tried to act much like Kamen Rider OOO’s segment in Movie War MegaMax, i.e an epilogue set not too long after the finale and shows what the characters are doing.

We start with Department Zero consisting of Kizaki, Rinko, Nitou and the three mages. As we all know only Mayu joined the department in the finale but here all of the heroes sans Haruto joins them. I guess this is probably because their new goal is to do a research on Phantoms and hunt any survivors. This was explained by Rinko when they captured BeastChimera. Now they don’t explain how, but I do have a theory on how they managed to catch him. They probably enlisted the aid of the other two mages and fight alongside Mayu and Nitou acting as a bait and then they capture him using the Beast Driver.

Department Zero came across a place where they stumbled upon three Phantom Carbuncles, which is assumed to be the place where artificial Phantoms are created. Sadly, they didn’t even bother to explain who the hell creates the Phantoms, as they only exist to have three Carbuncles acting as the monster because that monster has the least amount of fight scenes in the whole show. Also, they really wasted Mayu, Kizaki, Yuzuru and Yamamoto’s cameo, especially Mayu considering how big Erina Nakayama contributed to the show.

SMW (2)

The main villain of the segment is the Phantom Ogre and I gotta say, his human form is looks like if Harry Styles were a Japanese person in some shot. Ogre has the ability to consume Phantoms and gain their abilities, basically making him a Kirby Phantom. He seeks to be the strongest Phantom by basically destroying all the other Phantoms. What makes me wonder is how he consumed all the other Phantoms, considering that they were destroyed by Wizard and Beast? My guess is that he hunted those artificial Phantoms created after the real ones. Also, it’s interesting that when Ogre used Gremlin’s power, it shows the Evolved Gremlin, not the normal one.

Wizard used Boyband Style to fight Ogre, and since this is just the beginning of the movie, it’s obvious that he got defeated. But it is disappointing to see Boyband Style got defeated. And worse they didn’t really do anything, just fighting with their swords and no usage of magic or anything. After the fight Ogre steals the Hope Ring and plans to use it to make Haruto go into despair, because he wants WizarDragon to come out so he can devour it.

SMW (3)

Haruto returns to Japan where the Hungry Donuts manager serves fruit-themed donuts, an obvious homage to the next segment and to foreshadow Gaim and Wizard’s teamup. You know, I really love this kind of thing. See, in the first Movie War a Skull card appears, and in the second the Ptera Yummy fights Double and on and on.

Back to the story, instead of relaxing just a bit Orge went ahead and proceeds to bring Haruto into despair by showing Koyomi, alive and well. That is obviously not Koyomi, since she can use magic. Ogre reveals that he used the Hope Ring and some wire to craft another puppet, but this time imbued with Kamen Rider Gandalf’s powers. Aaaaaand, they didn’t even explain how and why Koyomi has her father’s powers. It’s just there for the sake of having Haruto and Koyomi fight each other.

Surprisingly, Koyomi in her Kamen Rider Wiseman suit is actually very fitting, which makes me think that they created a variation of the suit for her suit actor to wear. It’s really great because I’m seeing a female version of Kamen Rider Wiseman, unlike Kamen Rider IXA where even though the suit actor is Yuichi Hachisuka who is famous for serving as suit actor for females, it still looks like male thanks to its design.

SMW (4)

Ogre’s plan is to force Haruto go into despair by forcing to kill Koyomi to prevent her from harming civilians, or to go into despair because he just can’t do any harm to Koyomi, letting her harm the civilians. Either way, Haruto is helpless and this forces Nitou to don the Beast Driver again and fights both Ogre and Koyomi.

Later on, Haruto tells everybody that Koyomi now is his strength and his weakness, because he just can’t let go of her. None of this was supposed to happen if he didn’t hide Koyomi’s ring, but he didn’t do it because he can’t let her go. But Rinko, Shunpei and Wajima tell him to used this weakness to make him stronger, and Shunpei even offers his aid through his newly-crafted Chichin Pui Pui Ring.

SMW (5)

However, the ring is completely useless just like its creator. And I gotta say the comedic timing of that scene is poorly done. But that didn’t stop Wizard from defeating Koyomi by reminding her that she’s his hope and that they share a special bond. Thus, Ogre’s plan is thwarted as Koyomi returns to her Hope Ring state.

Ogre decides to go into another alternative which is using Legion’s power to went directly into Haruto’s Underworld which makes me think, why didn’t he use this method from the beginning? Plot device, that’s what. Anyways Beast is occupied with the three Carbuncles earlier and Haruto is on the verge on despair because no one is there to help him, not even the three Mages who’s supposed to be healed now because they are freaking magicians!!!

And then the Chichin Pui Pui Ring reacts, and it’s function is basically to allow Haruto to go into his own Underworld and fight Ogre who is already torturing WizarDragon.

SMW (6)

And then comes the best part of the segment, Wizard fights Ogre while going through each of Haruto’s moments with Koyomi. What’s really awesome is that they recreated the scene where Haruto meets Kamen Rider Wiseman and Koyomi for the first time and the scene where Haruto buys Koyomi a hat, complete with the clothes and such. In the end, Wizard destroys Orge with a simple Flame Slash Strike with WizarDragon’s help. I was surprised because I thought he was going to use All Dragon or initiate the Dragon Strike End (the finisher where Wizard gives a Rider Kick with WizarDragon as the feet) or anything but nope, just a slash which makes Ogre actually a weak Phantom!

With Ogre destroyed, Haruto decides to let go of Koyomi by giving the Hope Ring to Koyomi in his Underworld. There’s two things: First it’s like Haruto going back to time to hide the Hope Ring in the past so that no one can find it in the present, and the second which is the real thing is that Haruto hides the Hope Ring inside his Underworld, basically fusing the Ring with himself.

SMW (7)

Haruto returns to the real world, but just as he thought he could finally rest, Nitou is swallowed by a green monster who is accompanied by the Rider whom Wizard fought with previously, but this time he’s red instead of orange. But why is Gaim evil? Ironically, Nitou himself got devoured, because he was known as a monster devour previously. Looks like Bad Luck Nitou strikes again huh?

And that marks the end of Wizard’s segment. Overall, it’s a wasted potential because I understand what they’re doing with the story, making Haruto moving on and such but it’s executed in a poor way. Heck, the epilogue thing was executed poorly. I mean comparing this to OOO’s segment in MegaMax again, it really feels like an epilogue and when you see the characters, it’s good to see them again because it’s been a long time and they even showed what are the characters doing. But here they didn’t even bother to explain why they captured BeastChimera and how come they stumbled upon a lab where artificial Phantoms are created. They would’ve make it easier by having a narrator telling what happened after the finale.

Since this is a movie, I will rate each of the segments with my ratings, and by the third segment I will give the final rating that sums up the whole movie. And with that, Don’t Pay and/or Watch Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place. If you’re a fan, watch it but if you’re not, skip to the next segment instead.



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