Kamen Rider Gaim 37: That Damn Movie Tie-In

While Kota went to stop the fight between Takatora and Mitch, Kaito is transported to an alternate world where the Kamen Riders fight each other through……… soccer?

Gaim 37 (1)

Remember back then when I said that Gaim had a small amount of flaws? Well I just found out that this is one of it: the series often have movie tie-ins that contradicts with the continuity and the plot of the overall series. Back then I don’t want to review episode 30 because it gets in the way of the storyline, and the actual episode takes place before episode 29. I was going to do the same with this episode but decided to do it anyways since it takes place during and slightly after the previous episode.

Why? Because Kota spends the episode searching for Takatora and Mitch, and that was probably when the two are still fighting and my guess is that at the end of the episode Mitch just defeated Takatora and leave the site.

This episode also acts as the way to add some light tone to the series, since the episodes have been getting darker and darker. And it’s tied in to the summer movie, which I don’t know if I’ll like it or not because it takes place in a different universe, and it was directed by Osamu Kaneda, who notoriously directed bad Kamen Rider movies. Surprisingly he directed a few episodes of Gaim that is actually one of the best!

Gaim 37 (2)

The episode introduced us the the world where the Riders played soccer instead of fighting, and it really reminds me of Super Mario Strikers series, where one main character (the Rider) was aid by a few team members and the main gets to do a special shot.

One thing that peaked my interest is that since this is a Gaim-centered cup and the guest stars are football players from the clubs instead of the national team, I wonder if they have a World Cup style where the Riders played against all Kamen Riders? I mean they did that kind of style in the Sengoku Movie War, so why not?

Gaim 37 (3)

Anyways the episode centers on Kaito who learns to play soccer with the help of Kawasaki Frontale’s Kengo Nakamura. I’m guessing that they couldn’t get the Japanese national team to guest star is because this was probably filmed before or during the World Cup, which this episode and the movie ties into.

Also the episode features the return of Hase, the deceased Kamen Rider Kurokage. Unfortunately he has a very minimum role in the episode and what’s worse is that Kaito didn’t even react upon seeing him alive and well! And my guess is that he has a minimum role in the movie as well. Poor, poor Hase.

Gaim 37 (4)

Meanwhile Kota is attacked by a mysterious blue monster that is looks a lot like Kamen Rider Black RX, if he were blue. Also this monster was not identified as an Inves, which is pretty confusing. At first I thought he was the monster from the movie or maybe Kota’s Overlord counterpart, because come on he resembles a Kamen Rider, why not? But nope, he gets destroyed in the episode.

As for Kaito, Team Baron prepares to have a rematch with Team Charmant, who was aided by Kosuke Ota, while Kengo from earlier aids Kaito. Sadly the episode didn’t really focus much on the match, sine the often focus on Gaim’s fight with the Grasshopper Monster instead.

Gaim 37 (5)

Also DJ Sagara returns in this episode, possibly due to him having his old DJ role in the alternate universe.It’s nice to see him acting as DJ again. And surprisingly if you look at the shot above, Sagara appears taller than Gaim, whose suit actor Seiji Takaiwa is pretty tall. But I think they actually have Sagara to wear platformers.

Baron wins the football match and gets attacked by the Grasshopper Monster whom he fights back after Kengo and Kosuke delivers a fireball kick which……….. I was going to say it’s stupid but I understand. They need to make the athletes to look awesome. So I take back what I was going to say.

After Baron destroys the monster a boy named Lapis is revealed to be the mastermind behind Kaito’s arrival into the universe. As such he sends Kaito back to his world, which is interesting because he actually sends Kaito through his consciousness, and it mirrors X-Men Days of Future Past where Wolverine gets send back into time through his consciousness! Whether this is coincidental or not I don’t know.

Gaim 37 (6)

As for Kota he was watched by a mysterious gold and red rider, who also seeks for the forbidden fruit. Well, time to wait for the movie!

Overall, this is probably my least favorite episode of the series, mostly because it gets in the way of the storyline and only teases the movie. At the very least they will have some form of continuity with the movie, which is a good thing because I like movies that are canon within the series. But I would recommend skipping this episode and watch it when the movie comes out.


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