DISK Wars Avengers 7: Captain America VS Hulk [400th POST!]

The title says it all, the soldier fights the monster! And while that happens Spider-Man is captured by the villains, and it’s up to Jessica and Ed to save him.

DISK 7 (1)

The episode opens with, obviously the battle between Cap and Hulk. And needless to say it was magnificent and surprising. Usually and mainstream-ly they would often pit Hulk with another hero or villain that has super strength. I know there’s gotta be Cap VS Hulk somewhere but this is the recent example and it was terrific.

The best thing about that fight is that it’s not you typical brute VS brute because Captain America is weaker than most characters that fought Hulk. Since Thor and Iron Man have already lost, how can Cap even win this fight? It’s through the clever usage of Cap’s ability as a master tactician and an experienced fighter. They really used it well here. First, instead of blindly beating Hulk he would instead devise a strategy and use different attacks to counter Hulk. Second, he would look for Hulk’s weakpoint, in this case even though Hulk is unstoppable, he is extremely predictable. Cap uses it to his advantage and restrains Hulk without beating him to a pulp. Now THAT’s what a master tactician would do.

DISK 7 (2)

While that happens Jessica went in to prevent Spider-Man from being confined into a DISK, and it’s her turn to shine when she summoned Wasp. Also, the best thing about this episode is that they showcased what makes Wasp a really good superhero despite her size. Because you know most people think size matters.

Wasp proves that she’s a total badass when she not only outsmarted M.O.D.O.K, but also free Spider-Man in the process! That’s the way to show that she is valuable on her own, because mostly characters like her would get ignored. Plus, she is not that famous for the viewers mostly because she is the only member that’s not been in Avengers (2012), which this show is largely created because of its popularity.

DISK 7 (3)

However the other masked members arrive and summon their villains, causing Wasp and Spider-Man to fight against four villains. And to make it worse Spider-Man volunteers to hold them off on its own while Wasp takes Jessica and Ed and send in SOS signal. Also thanks to Spider-Man, Hulk is released from his spell, causing him to be D-Secured by Akira.

Akira and the others receive the incoming SOS signal and make haste to rescue them, but Mister Twister creates a large tornado across the ship, preventing the heroes from entering it. Akira decides to D-Smash Hulk since he’s the only one who can withstand the tornado, but for some reason it failed when Akira D-Smashed it? Why? Well obviously they need to think of a way to make Ed use the DISK, otherwise Akira will be the only one who can D-Smash all the heroes.

DISK 7 (4)

Meanwhile Loki in his Senator Robert disguise plans to hand a certain document to the higher authorities, which supposedly will block the Avengers’ activity. What could it be?

Overall, the episode is enjoyable mostly due to how well they treat Wasp and how Cap VS Hulk is done. It’s definitely recommended.


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