Kamen Rider Gaim 36: Zangetsu VS Zangetsu

Takatora intervenes the fight between Mitch and Kota, revealing to both that he is indeed alive. Both him and Kota are devastated with the revelation of Mitch being evil, with Takatora completely blaming himself for it. As a result, he wants to stop Mitch on his own.

Gaim 36 (1)

This is one of the biggest episodes of the series. Yes, Gaim has been pretty solid with every episode counts as important, but this one will be one of the highlights, i.e. the must watch episode. I’ll begin with the minor details first, starting with Kaito. He attempts to aid Kota in fighting Mitch, but ends up getting injured by Redyue, with his wounds infected with some sort of venom. While we don’t know what it is, it will obviously be crucial later in the series. My guess is that it will be life-threatening to Kaito. Also, it’s funny that Kaito meets Takatora in the flesh for the first time, yet none of them talk to each other. Heck, they don’t even look at each other!

Mitch and Takatora are the highlights of this episode, simply because Mitch is now known as a traitor in front of his friends, and Takatora finally reveals himself to his allies after being presumed dead. This episode provides a backstory to the Kureshima family, and surprisingly, this episode also makes Mitch a sympathetic villain even though pretty much everyone hates him by now.

Gaim 36 (2)

Everyone who learns of Mitch’s betrayal (Zack, Peko, Chucky and Jonouchi) is devastated but surprisingly Kota and Mai still thinks there’s a reason behind his betrayal. This is not because they’re too naive to believe it, but rather it’s because they know Mitch is not completely a bad guy, and their reason will be addressed later in the episode. Regardless, Kaito is again pissed with Kota being naive, but this time Kota finally gave a response to him instead of being oblivious. It will be a matter of time before Kota starts punching Kaito, believe me.

Takatora learns everything about Yggdrasill’s downfall and Ryoma’s intention from Minato, and he considers her as an ally without having a grudge on her for trying to kill him before. Personally, I don’t think he is vengeful towards Minato at all, considering that she’s been following orders, unlike Sid and Ryoma who’s completely evil. And he also considers anybody who sides with the Overlords are evil, even if it’s Mitch, his brother. 

Gaim 36 (3)

As for Mitch, he asks Redyue if the Femshinmus have any family, and here’s the shocking moment: not only did Redyue had a family, THEY were the first ones that Redyue killed. This is where we know that Redyue is truly dangerous, further fueled when he said how enjoyable it was to see her family’s expression when she betrayed them. I can honestly feel what she’s talking about. I mean try to imagine you’re evil for a moment. Just look at how the people who trusted you feel when you betrayed them, THEIR expressions. It also signifies that you have crossed the ultimate line in which it will very hard to redeem yourself should you want to. Why? Because I believe everybody should redeem their mistakes, no matter how big it is. Sure, the bigger your mistake, the harder it is. Also, Redyue tells Mitch that if he did the same as she did, killing his own family, the Redyue will consider him as an equal. To be honest, Mitch just looked at his own grave in front of his eyes. I mean if Redyue is so evil that she killed her own family, then why Mitch would be an exception, even if he’s an equal?

Kaito confronts Mai about Mitch, and here’s why she believes that Mitch is not evil: She, along with Kota still has some hope for Mitch. She believes that he’s their friend, he’s just lost. And this also proves that even Kaito can have a weakness, that he’s not forgiving to other people. This is also why Mitch is evil, since almost everybody gives up on forgiving him.

Meanwhile, Kota still have troubles with his appetite, and Takatora approaches him to tell everything about himself. Funny thing is the way Takatora treats Kota, giving a Lockseedto him is very brother-ly. Now this is where we learn about the Kureshima family. Turns out that Takatora and Mitch are pretty much the same like Kota and Akira, that the elder sibling takes care of the younger. In this case the Kureshima parents are always working, so Takatora has to raise his brother. The problem is that due to their status, Takatora raised Mitch to the point that Mitch is not allowed to become whatever he wants to be.

Gaim 36 (4)

That is probably one of the main reason why Mitch is easily twisted: because he’s been a shadow. He considers himself nothing but a shadow, to his brother, and even to Kota. And because of that he tried to break free, tried to be stronger than them, which is why he is obsessed with destroying Kota and showed envy when Kota gains new power. At this rate I pretty much sympathize Mitch. Sure, he’s a psychopath, but it’s because he’s been shadowed by everyone, and no one really pays attention to him. Sure, his brother and friends did, but they never looked deep inside his heart, and that’s why developed a dark persona that signifies his loneliness.

Takatora blames himself about Mitch and tells Kota not to worry about a thing, as he will handle it. He went back to his home, takes his personal Sengoku Driver, and challenges Mitch into a battle. Of course this worries Kota, and he sets out to find Takatora before the latter does something stupid. However he is stopped by Redyue, who hopes to see some bloodshed by brothers.

Gaim 36 (5)

Mitch meets Takatora, and the latter went ahead and admit that Mitch is nothing more than a shadow. As a person who understands Mitch, what Takatora said adds insult to the injury. I mean he knows that Mitch isn’t stable, and he even makes him close to exploding. But I get it. He wants to settle it because he knew Mitch had to die or else the world cannot be saved. See Takatora is one of the people who gives up on Mitch, not giving him a chance to repent. Guess only Kota and Mai can do that.

Anyways, this is the moment we all have been waiting for: Zangetsu VS Zangetsu Shin. It is truly marvelous to see Zangetsu Melon Arms again. I just love the suit design being a variation with Gaim, not to mention the white motif fits this one even more than Zangetsu Shin does.

I’ll talk about Gaim VS Redyue first, since it gets in the way of the epic battle. Redyue reveals that Mitch is indeed her pawn, that she wanted to see Mitch breaks. But Gaim thinks that Redyue is actually the one who have been manipulating Mitch this entire time. He is half-correct, as Redyue only adds fuel to the fire, nothing more.

Gaim 36 (6)

Gaim gets angry and assumes Kiwami Arms, and this time the weapons summoned are presented as CGIs, as they highlight the bubblebeam by Grape Gun and Kiwi Gekirin being completely CGI. Redyue is shocked at how strong Gaim is, but retreats because she wants to see how this will end. My guess is that Kiwami Arms will turn Kota into an Overlord and lose control. If that’s true, then great. We got another Eiji Greeed.

Now back to the main highlight of the episode. The fight between Zangetsu and Zangetsu Shin is totally epic and emotional. They featured wire-fu, although it’s nowhere as Koichi Sakamoto’s level. Regardless, it is tremendously well done. And another thing is that the two really gave everything they got, Takatora using his strength while Mitch, uses sand to distract Takatora! The fact that he uses sand as a weapon signifies that Mitch is a cowards and will use literally anything in order to get away and/or to win.

Gaim 36 (7)

And the two even spams their finisher. While Takatora is weaker in stats due to Mitch wielding an Energy Rider power, Takatora gains the upper hand and prepares to kill Mitch and ends it. HOWEVER, at the last minute Takatora remembers that Mitch is his brother, and he was innocent back then. Because of that damn flashback, Takatora couldn’t bring himself to do it, only to be struck down by Mitch!

Mitch’s attack strucks Takatora’s Sengoku Driver, and worse Takatora is thrown into the sea, presumably killing him. AGAIN. I’m not buying it. I don’t think this will be his last appearance. I just don’t think so. Sure, the fight and the ending was climactic, but it would cause an uproar if Urobuchi indeed Urobutchers Takatora in this episode. I don’t think he’s dead. He’s not dead. He’s NOT!!!!!

Anyways, Mitch has now crossed the same line as Redyue’s, and now it will be even harder for him to go back…………………….


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