DISK Wars Avengers 6: Rampaging Hulk

Spider-Man offers Chris a chance to be a hero with the Captain America DISK, but Chris is reluctant to do so. More like he doesn’t want to do it at all. At the same time, the villains are beginning to target Spider-Man to steal his DISKs. DISK 6 (1)

Just in case you’re wondering why Spider-Man goes to Chris first out of all the 3 remaining children, he’s not. Chris isactually his last choice. Spidey’s first choice were Ed and Jessica, respectively. But both of them declined the offer, Ed being too scared and thinks he’s unworthy, while Jessica is busy being a rich kid. A totally rich kid that will put Jaden Smith into shame.

Apparently Spidey’s in a bad day, as Chris also turn down his offer. What’s interesting is that Chris thinks that being a hero is lame. I look forward to see how this will be explained, although it’s mostly to make Chris look like the ‘bad-but-cool-boy’ stereotype. And to further worsens Spidey’s day, he gets ambushed by the Abomination! He looks really different here, mostly because he adorns a cape. Nevertheless, Abomination beats Spidey and takes the Hulk and Wasp’s DISKs, before targeting Chris because the latter holds Captain America’s DISK.

DISK 6 (2)

The villains have been abducting the children who was infected with the Biocode, as Jessica and Ed are taken captive. This is presumably to prevent them from joining the heroes, as well as using them as hostages for the heroes to surrender their DISKs. Also, it’s really convenient for them to put a comfortable bed and a television inside a prison!

Back to Chris, I really like how he knows Iron Man is coming to save him, as he took a leap of faith to escape from Abomination. Oh, and poor, poor Spidey. Iron Man was too late to save him, so he got taken as a prisoner as well.

DISK 6 (3)

Chris summons Cap’s hologram form to converse with the other heroes, before discarding it since he doesn’t want to join their gig. Here we get to learn about Chris’ backstory. Turns out that he is from a wealthy family, not as wealthy as Jessica’s, because his father is a lawyer. And apparently he’s also facing the same dilemma of children forcing to become something they don’t in order to preserve their family’s legacy. You know, the case where a kid are force to be a doctor since his family are one?

But the good thing is his father doesn’t mind that Chris doesn’t want to be a lawyer, because he’s more angry that his son is turning into a gangster. To me, Chris acting like that is because he doesn’t like being rich and he wanted to release his tensions of being in that particular family, which is why he acted like that.

Later on, news reports that Hulk is rampaging on an air base, at first I thought he was like that because he was D-Smashed by a villain, but no, he was under some kind of spell from Diablo, who probably is a D-List villain because I never heard of him. So that means even if a villain D-Smashes a hero, it would be pointless for them to achieve victory.

DISK 6 (4)

Akira, Hikaru and Pepper goes to the air base in order to contaminate the Hulk, with Chris reluctantly tagging along. His reason? If he stayed alone he would be attacked again, so having backup is essential. Clever boy!

Akira and Hikaru D-Smashes Iron Man and Thor, and knowing Hulk, a rampaging Hulk, an angry Hulk, it’s obvious that they would lose. What surprised me is that Iron Man’s armor is pretty durable that it didn’t broke to pieces, considering how strong Hulk is!

Akira proposes that they D-Smash Captain America, but cannot because they just did. So a Biocode wielder can only D-Smash one hero at a time, which is why they need the other children as well, otherwise it will be just Akira D-Smashing them all.

DISK 6 (5)

Akira begged Chris to play his role and summon Captain America, in which the latter is reluctant to do so. And then, Captain America appears a give a pep talk to him about what Chris wants to be in the future. And the answer is: They’ll see. That’s it. So what happens if Chris failed? Cap answers that they just laugh it off! Not only Cap is a terrible joker, but he also gives a pretty terrible advice, a rare for someone like him!

But it’s not really an advice, it’s more of a joke in order to make Chris comfortable with him. And indeed he is, as Chris summons Captain America, ready to take on the Hulk. Now this is interesting.

Overall, the series follows a 2-parter format now, and this episode will be concluded in the next one. To enjoy it fully, I recommend you binge-watch this and the next episode. Heck, why don’t marathon 4 episodes in a row? It’s the only way to properly enjoy this series without bitching!



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