TMNT S02E09: April-DERP!!!

The Turtles found a new ally who helps them uncover the secrets of the Krang……. as well as April’s connection to them.

TMNT 9 (1)

I really like how they began the episode with a somewhat noir-toned, particularly when they’re trying to chase the guy who’s been spying on them. Apparently the guy, named Kurtzman, has been spying on them for a very long time, since he got pictures of the Turtles fighting Spider Bytez. The problem is the very pictures of the Turtles battling Spider Bytez is when they are in the Krang facility, and it makes no sense as how Kurtzman was able to get in there.

As for Kurtzman himself, I’m glad that the Turtles finally get another ally that’s an original character and definitely not April and Casey. It’s just that it’s good to have another one joining them in their fight, and this guy pretty much acts as an informant to the team. Also, he was based on Jack Kirby, the guy who worked on Marvel and DC, being Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s idol. Funny, I thought he was based on the writer/producer Alex Kurtzman.

TMNT 9 (2)

Kurtzman tells the Turtles and April that he have been doing research on the Krang for a while now, and that the Krang have actually infiltrated our planet for decades, maybe centuries! He also tells the group more about why the Krang wanted April: Because the Krang have kidnapped April’s mother before and experimented on her, which is possibly what makes April unique. And just one thing. How come they always have to portray deceased mothers as good-looking? Especially when their husband are goofy-looking.

The Krang storms Kurtzman’s apartment, forcing him and the Turtles to flee. I like the action scene in the apartment, it’s just nice seeing the Turtles fighting in a tight space. However the Shellraiser chase was just meh, it was mostly centered on the Turtles escaping the fight, so there’s not much.

TMNT 9 (3)

Kurtzman instructs the Turtles to storm TCRI, yes, TCRI. They apparently have build another one in such a short time, without news coverage or such. What surprises me more is that the Turtles were okay with Kurtzman instructing them what to do. Usually any type of hero would have trouble accepting orders from a new guy they just met.

At TCRI, the Turtles find out that the Krang Prime is still alive, and April suddenly has telepathic abilities that allow her to understand the Krang. With this, she found out that the Krang is about to launch a full scale invasion on Earth, again. And to make matters worse, Krang Prime sense her, and a battle ensues. Oh, I forgot that there’s an ongoing subplot that April is pissed that she doesn’t get into action because she’s inexperienced.

However, April gets caught and worse, the Turtles were forced to fight April clones! To be honest, I really don’t get why the need of cloning April, because they didn’t explain it in this episode. It’s more likely to be explained in the future episodes.

TMNT 9 (4)

However, things got even worse when the Turtles fights a rejected, failed, horrendous clone of April, nicknamed, hear this, APRIL-DERP. Yeah, they named her that not only because she’s ugly, but she only says “DERP!” the entire time! I laughed so hard when the word “DERP” is uttered, especially considering that it was from South Park.

Only Leo and Mikey fights April-DERP, since Raph went on to save the real April, much to her dismay, and Donnie hacks the Krang computer in order to destroy each and every of their files. The fight between April-DERP and the two Turtles was a one-sided fight, as she was pummeling the two the whole time. Luckily, the tables are turned when April suddenly unleashes a psionic wave of some sort that diables the Krang, allowing the Turtles to win the fight.

TMNT 9 (5)

Thanks to April, who had been useless before, the Turtles are saved and escaped TCRI. Kurtzman offers his service to them anytime, and the Turtles gladly accept his offer. Back to the sewer, the Donnie found a shocking discovery about April: She is actually half-Krang and half human!!! Great, I’m starting to think inappropriate things of what they did to April’s mother……


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