Edge of Tomorrow Review

Again, this is a very late review. This time it’s Edge of Tomorrow, another Tom Cruise flick that happened to be an adaptation of a Japanese light novel called All You Need is Kill. We all know that American adaptations failed miserably, so is this film on of it? Find out.


I was very surprised by how this movie turned out. First if all, when I watched it, I was expecting for Good Ol’ Popcorn Movie but no. Hohoho not at all. Why? Because this movie is astounding. Not only that, this film is probably the only adaptation that is not shitty.

The film is about a man who was forced to serve in a war against aliens (very Tom Cruise-ish) and discovered that he has a special ability that whenever he dies, time turns back to the point that he first woke up in the morning the day he arrived on the barracks. So he sets on a quest to kill the leader of the aliens so that not only the world is saved, but also restore time.

The best thing about the movie is that how they handled the time aspect of the movie. It was very well done, it felt original to me because I’ve never seen anything like it, and to top it of, it is humorous. Yeah, I thought the movie would be gloomy and dark, well they did play that, but the best thing is that how the comedy blends very, very well into the movie. Seriously, for a summer action movie, this movie probably has the best comedy. You see everytime he dies, that’s where the punchline is. They did it a lot of times, but it’s not repititive and/or overused, it was organized perfectly because when there’s ‘pointless’ deaths, it’s a funny scene, but sometimes, it’s a gloomy scene.


Tom Cruise, we all know that he’s a phenomenal actor, however I feel like I enjoyed Cruise’s performance in this movie the most other than his previous movie. The best thing about him is that despite being 50 years old, Cruise still feels like he’s 30. Unlike Stallone or Willis or even Will Smith who looks aged in their recent performances, Cruise is still in his prime time and can be. The fact that this actor still gets it crackin makes me want him to be in a Marvel movie, because he was supposed to be Iron Man.

As for his character, I really enjoyed on how they make someone who not only has no experience in a battlefield, but also afraid of blood, gets turned a total badass due to him repeating the same days over and over, so he gets a lot of practice to the point where he looks like a veteran.

The other character is Rita Vrataski, played by Emily Blunt. What I appreciated about her is that they didn’t try to make her into an eye candy. Yes, Emily Blunt is gorgeous and the fact that the film didn’t showcase her assets is a plus because as much as I like that, it is cliche and if you want to praise about that, you’re no professional. Not that I’m professional or anything.


Like X-Men Days of Future Past, what I liked the most about the movie is the plot and the execution, but this movie also excels in the action scenes. The exosuit, feels really good despite being somewhat cliched. The exosuit is very military-realistic because it was design as combat armor that allows for massive firepower but also provides a good protection against the Mimics. At first I thought it would be over the top like the exosuit allowing the user to leap higher ot something like that. No, it is an armor, a real armor for war.

The only thing that I don’t like about the movie is the ending. No, the ending is not bad, but rather it strayed away from the source material and ended up becoming a cliche Hollywood-style ending. Needless to say they don’t have the balls to use that ending, which is probably what Hollywood lacks in order to be awesome again.


Overall, Edge of Tomorrow is a near-perfect adaptation of the source material, and from that perspective should be regard as an example for adapting foreign materials. The movie felt original, the performances by Cruise and Blunt is stellar, the movie is essentially what a summer blockbuster is.

And with that, Edge of Tomorrow Deserves an Award!!!


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